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  1. S.S.Oceanlover

    Carnival CEO, Gerry Cahill's email

    anybody know CEO Bob Dickinson' email address? Bill
  2. S.S.Oceanlover

    Contacting ship for emergency?

    Tyvm Bill
  3. Is there a way for somebody to contact the ship if there's an emergency at home? Bill
  4. S.S.Oceanlover

    Oasis Dining Question

    this is the 2nd post I've seen in the last week or 2 stating there were no early shows. I wonder what's going on? Bill
  5. S.S.Oceanlover

    Sandals Day Pass Info

    I had to email 3 times before I got a response but maybe she was off when I emailed or on vacation. Hopefully she will get right back to you. Unless your cruise is within a couple of weeks they won't give you a definitive answer. Bill
  6. S.S.Oceanlover

    Sandals Day Pass Info

    I got my pass booked by using this email: jcarryl@grp.sandals.com Good luck Bill
  7. S.S.Oceanlover

    Side by Side

    no tips but just wanted to wish you smooth sailings on your back to back cruises. Bill
  8. S.S.Oceanlover

    Sandals pass

    Thanks for the reply. Yes it was for 4 people. I did email them back and they sent me a reservation number. I have the email printed out and with all of our travel docs. Thanks again Bill
  9. S.S.Oceanlover

    Sandals pass

    Thank you very much for the quick reply. I just got a response but all it said was that they have availability for our date and the price of $420 payable when we get there. Is there anything else I would need ? TIA Bill
  10. S.S.Oceanlover

    Sandals pass

    what time did your ship leave the day you were in Antigua? How long did it take to get back to the ship? Bill
  11. S.S.Oceanlover

    Sandals Day Pass Info

    I emailed them about a month ago asking about the day pass but they told me to email again about 2 weeks before our cruise so I did twice to the same email address that replied to me earlier but I haven't gotten any responses. I am persistent but at some point I have to make a plan B. Bill
  12. S.S.Oceanlover

    Got " the letter" today about Journey cruise.

    On cruises with unmanageable number of plats/diamond are they still selling FTTF making it even worse? It used to be when FTTF first started it was based on the amount of plats/diamonds on each sailing. Bill
  13. S.S.Oceanlover

    Transfers, taxis, Ubers and refunds

    In your research about how much was a taxi? I thought I read they were fixed rates and resonably priced. We will be there in a few weeks and would like to confirm the taxi info Bill
  14. S.S.Oceanlover

    RCL Vs Carnival

    Thanks Sparks for the update. Appreciate it.👍 Bill
  15. S.S.Oceanlover

    RCL Vs Carnival

    are lip sync battles and the Hasbro game show considered 2 nights of the showroom entertainment or do they have other things in the main showroom those nights as well? Bill