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  1. According to the SW website they will be releasing their schedules for your dates on May 23rd. I recommend checking for the flights you want the morning that bookings open as they only go up from there. The last time they posted the release dates of bookings they actually released them a week earlier than posted so check often. Good luck with whatever itinerary you choose. Bill
  2. Nothing to see there. Very sandy bottom with no plant life
  3. I agree with you here. We tried that with Princess a few years back when the previous cruise had a big outbreak. They wouldn't let us cancel. So we went, didn't board until 10pm due to the extra cleaning which was fine by us. Unfortunately we never made a port as the ship had another major outbreak and we returned to port after 5 days of a 7 day cruise. They paid for our airfare home, full refund and a discount on another cruise. Bill
  4. Don, Hope you get in and hope you have a great time on the Escape. Getting away for 14 days in the winter would be awesome. Bill
  5. You are very welcome. We just got back last Saturday and we were on the Jewel of the Seas. Had a great day at Sandals.🍺 Bill
  6. OK that worked out then since I'd prefer the water to caffeine. that was the only disappointing thing on our cruise which was the lack of access to the soda machine where they have caffeine free drinks. I like the creme soda with vanilla. Not much of a ginger ale person. Thanks again Bob Bill
  7. Thanks wasn't aware of that. We got 2 bottles of water. I'll have to remember that for the next cruise. Bill
  8. Congrats on moving up! What welcome beverage would that be? Bill
  9. that seems like it would be more than suitable. Heck last week on the Jewel we saw some who had shorts, tees, and flip flops, ball caps etc. on formal night. Bill
  10. Same on Jewel last week. He was there every day of the cruise. One guy came up to us while eating in the WJ and asked if we would like to book Giovannis for 50% off. Bill
  11. Not sure what you are talking about. My post said we were in Crown Bay. I didn't say there were Carnival ships docked there. Bill
  12. We just did this tour December 11. It was great. Lots of stops with lots of different things to do and see. One of the best excursions we have done in more than 30 cruises. We also had yellowbird who was great. Our back onboard time was 4:30pm and he had us back at about 3:45pm. Bill
  13. Just off the Jewel this morning. I was very disappointed with the machines. On day one both machines were out of order. On day 2 one of the machines was working but only had 4 options for caffeine free. The other machine was out of order all week. I like to get the drink package so i can get creme soda with vanilla. The Jewel is a port intensive cruise right now with only 1 sea day and as mentioned by BillOh the Windjammer closes at 9:30pm so you have no access to the machines after that. Other than that our cruise was great and now i need a vacation to rest up from our vacation. Bill
  14. We were just there yesterday and we only had 2 ships docked in Crown Bay. I don't know how many were docked at Charlotte Amalie but there was no problem getting chairs and the beach is so wide I don't think you'll find it that crowded. Bill
  15. anybody know CEO Bob Dickinson' email address? Bill
  16. Is there a way for somebody to contact the ship if there's an emergency at home? Bill
  17. this is the 2nd post I've seen in the last week or 2 stating there were no early shows. I wonder what's going on? Bill
  18. I had to email 3 times before I got a response but maybe she was off when I emailed or on vacation. Hopefully she will get right back to you. Unless your cruise is within a couple of weeks they won't give you a definitive answer. Bill
  19. I got my pass booked by using this email: jcarryl@grp.sandals.com Good luck Bill
  20. no tips but just wanted to wish you smooth sailings on your back to back cruises. Bill
  21. Thanks for the reply. Yes it was for 4 people. I did email them back and they sent me a reservation number. I have the email printed out and with all of our travel docs. Thanks again Bill
  22. Thank you very much for the quick reply. I just got a response but all it said was that they have availability for our date and the price of $420 payable when we get there. Is there anything else I would need ? TIA Bill
  23. what time did your ship leave the day you were in Antigua? How long did it take to get back to the ship? Bill
  24. I emailed them about a month ago asking about the day pass but they told me to email again about 2 weeks before our cruise so I did twice to the same email address that replied to me earlier but I haven't gotten any responses. I am persistent but at some point I have to make a plan B. Bill
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