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  1. We were on the Magic at the end of July. The only thing I can comment on is the internet. I got the social package and it was pretty much useless unless we were at the back of the ship. Our rooms were forward, and it never worked in the room. It also kept kicking me off and I would have to go through the login process over and over. But if we were in the back of the ship, it worked fine. Reading some of the other comments, it makes me wonder if they were having problems on our cruise.
  2. We had Ketut on our July 20th cruise on the Magic. We loved him! And being on the Lido deck was pretty nice. The kids got ice cream every time we left the room!
  3. I thought he was good! Very energetic and played all the singalong songs you would expect. He was fun.
  4. When we were on in July it was Russell Blues, I believe.
  5. I have two sons, ages 14 and 11. They had fun, but their main complaint was that the basketball court closed at sundown. They would play basketball 24/7 if they could. On Royal, the court would stay open until 10:00 pm, so closing at sundown doesn't give a lot of play time. Especially if you are in port all day, then going to dinner at 6:00. But other than that, they played a lot of putt putt and Foosball. They also enjoyed the dive in movies by the pool.
  6. So would I come out ahead by waiting and ordering my bottled water once we are sailing? I would still pay the delivery fee, but not the taxes, right?
  7. We tried to do that, but since their system was down they couldn't tell us. But the girl assured us that she had checked our towels back in by noting it on the paper. They didn't actually charge us for the towels until almost midnight, and we had already gone to bed by then. And since our room steward didn't give us a copy of our invoice, we had no idea of the charge when we disembarked. Just a whole comedy of errors! But we learned a lesson, and will probably just bring our own towels from now on. I don't need to deal with that hassle again.
  8. Well, the Royal rep called me back last night and said they would be refunding the $100 charge for the towels. So I'm happy now. But I can only imagine how much money they are making off these towels with people who don't pay attention to their bill!
  9. We just got back from Oasis on June 10th. We had checked out 4 towels for Labadee and returned them at the gangway when we got back on the ship. Their scanner wasn't working so the guy wrote down our room number and said we were good. Our room steward did not give us a copy of our invoice on our last night, so I had to request one from Royal today. Of course, I find a $100 charge for 4 towels. I called them and they said it would take 3-4 days for them to research the sign in sheets and get back to me. I will fight this if they don't refund the money.
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