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  1. thank you for your super review - im gong to miss reading of your adventure. its been interesting to see how you felt about cruising with us brits. i love meeting American cruisers and the ones ive met have all been really friendly and chatty. wishing you both all the best x
  2. i had cause to go to guest services on my last cruise and while chatting the member of guest services said to me - i can see youve never spent much onboard in previous cruises, just an occasional baileys! i wonder if waiters etc get their knowledge/memory from the info royal caribbean hold about us from previous cruises - ie good tippers, favourite drink etc.
  3. would someone tell me the correct etiquette when tipping bar waiters - is it acceptable to give cash as a tip when the waiter brings your drink (would you hand it to them or place it on their tray) or should you write the amount you wish to tip on the bill? i ask because ive never actually seen anyone give money direct and i would prefer to do this when a bar person brings me my drink.
  4. just a quick question - if you are lucky enough to be accepted for a grand suite would you get all the perks - specifically in respect of the cordoned off area for sunbeds.
  5. thanks everyone. ship stops in barcelona for one day only and we didnt really want to do any of the itineries for barcelona - we just want to wander around for afew hours and do our own thing.
  6. hi i am just trying to figure out what to do when we dock in barcelona in august. Does anyone known if RC provide a shuttle bus into the centre as i have no idea how far the centre is from the port. Thanks.
  7. classic soda package for 2 weeks in August was £122 4 weeks ago but is currently showing £117 - does anyone think this likely to go down any further?
  8. not on this cruise - guest services told me it used to be. maybe it was just a problem on this cruise.
  9. For anyone worried about the bad reports from Azura please dont be - we had a lovley time. the ship certainly needs a refit but the crew were ALL amazing - we never had to wait to be served, the pool attendants were great - never had to ask for blankets, was told without asking which pool was the hottest, and they were all engaging and seemed happy. Entertainment - was fine although nothing outstanding (apart from Tom Binns who was great - although im biased as i find him funny in everything he does). Food - again was ok, nothing special (we didnt try any of the cover restaurants) Cabin - we had B748 which was a corner aft suite - amazing balcony would book this again although quite noisey at times CPS parking - absolutley no problems and would book them again. This was our first p&o cruise - all our others were Royal Caribbean. some differences ive noticed are: Daily tv show on RC hosted by the cruise director which gives info on whats happening - really fun and interesting Cruise director more visable on rc Onboard account is shown in your tv screen on rc - i had to ask at reception on this cruise. pool towels are available by the pool all day with rc There are more but they are just some which came to mind just afew thoughts but want to reassure anyone going on Azura that it seems to be a ship with a good vibe to it. i would book p&o again but do prefer rc.
  10. im not a big drinker but am partial to a vodka and lime (comes in a can from Tesco) .... dont judge me!! would i be able to take one or two in hand luggage along with a bottle of fanta for daughter?
  11. i sail on saturday and will remove auto gratuities. should i tip daily or is there an envelope left out on the last night?
  12. oops just found the link above
  13. Thank you - we definitely will x thank you - thats good to hear. have a great time x
  14. hi ive been following this thread with interest as we are going on our first p&o cruise next saturday on the azura (usually cruise with royal caribbea). am wondering what weve let ourselves in for - im a 55 year old mail online reader - hoping to leave brexit behind for a week!
  15. thanks biker19 - i thought that too but they seem to go from having nothing to then releasing a big block of cabins. ive noticed this happening since Dec. currently not able to pick an ocean balcony - guarantee only, but feel sure they will release some more - they have loads of spacious ocean balcony's available. just hoping to catch a good deal.
  16. quick question for uk cruisers. Have seen the price for this holiday change from £5,000 for ocean view balcony with free obc and free drinks when i first looked to £4,000 price today with free wifi and gratuities. Does anyone with knowlege of price changes etc think the price will significantly change again - not being stingey but every little helps. thanks
  17. hi, can anyone for the uk advise. on my last 2 cruises with RC last year they voided/blocked my credit card once it had been used onboard. i spoke to my credit company (barclaycard) to find out why as there is never any problems with my account but it seems RC have an issue with barclaycard. im looking to get a differnt credit card to avoid any problems again. apart from mastercard has anyone one had a problem using post office or virgin money credit cards?
  18. Hi - we've never been on p&o before (usually go Royal Caribbean) but I thought we'd try p&o so we booked Norway in April on the Azura. I would really appreciate some advice on disembarking / parking. We prefer to get off the ship at the earliest opportunity and do our own carry off. Could anyone suggest which parking company would be the best for us?
  19. We've been on anthem, independence x3 and navigator - all deck 4. I wondered if deck 3 had the captains table as there always seem to be a large round table in the middle
  20. we've been on 5 rci cruises now and each time we've been given the 4th floor dining room. I wondered how is it determined which floor you are allocated or is it just pot luck.
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