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  1. In Vienna at the Christmas Market by the Rathaus, I had a pretzle with Mohn, decadent. My family has always loved Mohn kuchen.
  2. I've been on several. Most of the bigger cities have everyday Christmas Markets and Viking gives you time to check them out. Be aware most Christmas Markets start around the first Sunday in Advent--however there is a day during that first day of Advent when they will be closed (refer to Notamermaid). Now, I will take a cruise in November and then when I get off say in Passau or Nurnberg etc it will be time to start the Christmas Markets, and then I do a land trip to various cities and Christmas Markets. Let's hope all Christmas Markets are on next year and COVID is a t
  3. I was there in 1999 in May and they were cleaning the Cathedral. Really looked good! They do clean it every so often--maybe 100 years?
  4. I have just discovered, courtesy of Karlstadt's StadtMarketing, a lovely write up of Karlstadt am Main, our favorite place. We have stayed and eaten at zum Fehmelbauer and it is lovely, the food is great. Here is the link (in german but can translate to english) https://www.delicioustravel.de/karlstadt-main/?fbclid=IwAR3-2IZ2j83zamgJ16xs_etio-9qfWa-QvXS6JhrFhxuepNiOIwGD1gfTuo Good reading!
  5. Standard cabins are larger than the french balcony. so for space purposes the standard or veranda are larger. We go standard and like everyone says you go to sleep and shower. I've found the beds very comfortable and yes there is noise going through locks, but that is the fun of it. One year on another cruise line we were on the main and then on the danube and it was late in the season, we could see ice chunks floating by. We felt like we were on an ice breaker, now that was noisy but interesting!
  6. Entshuldige! We like Munich too! My husband loves the coffee shop at Dahlmyers. He has the Kannchen of Kaffee.
  7. And now Steamboats you are in Passau, another of our favorite German cities. Several years ago a travelling companion got sick on the cruise and wouldn't see a doctor, then we arrive in Passau go to our hotel and then she wants the Rote Kruez to get her and go to the Hospital. The Klinikum in Passau treated her very well. She was there for 5 days, then well enough to fly home. We thank the staff at the Passauer Wolf Hotel and the Hospital, they were caring and excellent in treatment. And I might say it only cost $2400 for 5 nights in the hospital with infusion, xrays etc--all paid by trav
  8. And don't forget Karlstadt am Main, a mere 15 min drive or train from Wurzburg. Lovely small walled town. Great people. We stay in rooms above a Restaurant at Zum Fehmelbauer -- a farm house from the 1500's. Lovely proprieters, the food at the restaurant is Franken, but oh so good. Especially during Spargel season. Wonderful Eis Cafe (ice cream shop), although they serve drinks too, the best Irish Coffee outside of Dublin, Cafe Venizia.
  9. Just got the e-mail and vouchers from Viking cancelling our Nov. 2020 Romantic Danube cruise.
  10. Just went on Viking Web site and all 2020 cruises are gone. Also went to my Nov. 22, 2020 Romantic Danube and cannot access my booking. It looks like a major announcement from Viking is coming today. 2020 has been a travel waste for us. I sure hope 2021 is better!!!
  11. Which ship were you on. We have booked the Prestige in Nov. 21 and all sailings now say sold out. That ship had a few single cabins.
  12. Deine Reise brings back so many memories of our November Trip last year. We had Mittag Essen at Quinta da Avessada and can never forget the Mr. Bean, one of the highlights of our trip. We have a Danube trip scheduled in November, however, it is not looking good for us here in the US to travel to Europe this year. I am enjoying your trip report.
  13. We had a Globus Polish escape with airfare in March which was cancelled by Globus, and they would not honor the desk we got. If we re booked for next year we would end up paying a couple thousand more for airfare. So good luck on Avalon. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  14. I"ve been to Lohr and the Schneewittchen Castle/House. Quite an interesting museum, and of course the famous mirror. Nice town.
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