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  1. Good move on the bridge, I hadn't thought about the virus when I posted. Too much uncertainty in these days. Thanks for posting. Did you go to Veitshochsheim? Or perhaps Karlstadt?
  2. Lovely! But you should drink it on the bridge! Thank you for the nice memories.
  3. La Rustica, great Italian Restaurant close to the river. La Rustica Claimed Save Share 118 reviews#27 of 274 Restaurants in Wurzburg$$ - $$$ItalianMediterraneanEuropean Karmelitenstr. 23, 97070 Wurzburg, Bavaria Germany
  4. I've always loved that place. The Chapel is not to be missed. Since it is free we go look in the Chapel and then walk the beautiful park. We've been inside the Residenz many times, so when we visit now just go to the chapel and grounds. Good restaurant there too. B Neumann, we sit outside and have Silvaner and anything in season.
  5. I'm not disappointed, just a bit disappointed in Viking's communications of a loyal 9 cruises and two more upcoming customer. I still have not received their e-mail, I expect it will be in a day or two, so I will have to work with it and figure out how to shift the two weeks worth of hotel rooms and the Avalon cruise on Dec. 9. Just more work for me!
  6. I would love to meet you there (virtually). Ich mag Wurzburg, und Karlstadt ist nah. Silvaner an die Brucke! Viel Spass!
  7. Ok as I predicted, all sold out cruises have been dropped from Viking as of this morning. My Danube Waltz on 11-22-21 on the Embla is gone and my Viking Journey is locked. I am sure I will get the dreaded e-mail today or tomorrow. I just pulled my Viking folder and on 6-25 (a month ago I was rudely dismissed by a Viking rep). However, as a business decision, it was the right move---just not done in a customer friendly way.
  8. The Rolf and Rinda (the two 135 meter longships) were on the Seine 2018 and maybe 2019, but this year they are on the Danube and maybe Rhine, but the Rolf is listed with the Embla on the Danube Waltz and is sold out till the end of the season, which in most likelihood will not sail this year. I am probably the only one who liked the docking at le Pecq. Good store right by the dock to buy anything, a post office and up the hill, easy walk nice town.
  9. Yes, that is correct. Still plenty of sailings.
  10. I see they are doing all August now, will take a bit to get to November, but this is kind of last minute for you. If we were changed by several days it would impact all our before and after cruise hotels, that would take a bit of work on our part to change all the dates, especially last minute. Thanks for the update!
  11. Well lets look at it glass half full. All companies are consolidating cruises. The last two years have been hard on everyone. So when we get a second cancellation we have an opportunity to move the date--although for us means quite a bit of hotel cancellations and rebooking, but it can be done. Viking in general has always done right by us in general. I do not like how they handle the cancellations as right now it is obvious we will be cancelled but no one will tell us until the August, Sept and October people are advised. But yes a lot of folks over all cruise lines will be disappointed
  12. When I spoke to the Viking Rep from my e-mail to Tell us at Viking, she sd there was no restriction. Too much going on, no one really knows what is happening. I guess flexibility is the key.
  13. Remember this is not just Viking, the others are doing it too. As you can see all the other cruises are open, so more than likely they will try and move you to another cruise. No one expected Covid 19 last year and its lingering effects this year. However, I am not happy with the way I have to wait to get the call, I did that last year when the Prestige was taken out of service.
  14. I did that the first time when initially booked on the Prestige, now I know the signs and calling or e-mailing won't help--I will get the call and will have to make a decision. So for now just a waiting game. But the Viking Rep from Tell us at Viking did put notes in my record (she must have known something) indicating we have hotel rooms booked before and after that need to be juggled (independently) and are not too happy about that.
  15. We are on the Embla 11-22 which is in the same situation. I called Viking last week and was given a very weak answer that its sold out to moving folks from the Prestige (we were originally booked on Prestige and then in August last year moved to the Embla as Prestige taken out of service). I then e-mailed Tell us at Viking, had a very pleasant conversation and she sd she would e-mail operations. She called next day and said no operations said it is sailing. I argued a bit, but nobody knows anything--maybe upper Management. As of today I can still access MY Viking, but I expect that to chan
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