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  1. We are on the Embla 11-22 which is in the same situation. I called Viking last week and was given a very weak answer that its sold out to moving folks from the Prestige (we were originally booked on Prestige and then in August last year moved to the Embla as Prestige taken out of service). I then e-mailed Tell us at Viking, had a very pleasant conversation and she sd she would e-mail operations. She called next day and said no operations said it is sailing. I argued a bit, but nobody knows anything--maybe upper Management. As of today I can still access MY Viking, but I expect that to change. Everybody please keep reporting. Thanks,
  2. I booked our river cruise flight last month, but cannot ticket yet. Today I got e-mail from Viking stating will ticket only 60 days out, and also the air department is working overtime and try not to call them right now. Glad I called in June (air plus).
  3. We had an issue a few years ago as Viking put us on a tight layover from Dallas to Chicago. As it turned out the flight from Dallas to Chicago was late and we basically waved bye bye at the flight from Chicago to Frankfurt. We went directly to the United customer service--it took the agent some time but got us on a Lufthansa flight to Munich and then another flight to Frankfurt. I called the ship and let them know we were to be late (river cruise). Basically best to handle yourself if possible.
  4. Well in Dallas TX, pretty much same as Houston. The issues with the Indian Variant are really worrisome. Also our President now wants answers if COVID really came from animal to human contact or from the Lab in Wuhan (a little late). We just worked with Viking Air on our Nov. cruise, but only time will tell. We sure miss Spargel season in Germany, the Silvaner wine and DM as my husband loves their Shaving cream and I love the Rexonna deodorant, and the DM soaps. And of course our friends, and the vollkorn brotchen!
  5. I will, but my 11th Viking cruise--we do not generally go on the packaged tours as we have been to these places, so I hope we are allowed to go off on our own.
  6. I've done the Viking cruise to Normand twice, once from Paris and once from Le Pecq. I may be the only one to say this, but I enjoyed being in LePecq. We had stayed two days in Paris and it was rather relaxing, as there is another town (I forget the name) at the top of the hill (easy walk) and they had a small Christmas Market (samples of Pate, make my mouth still water). Very nice experience. But if you have not been to Paris before, you must start in Paris and the Viking ships now start in Paris again.
  7. I have Nov. 22 booked for 7 nights on the Danube and then land trip to Munich, Wurzburg, Karlstadt and Frankfurt--Had this booked two years ago. I just called Viking Air and made reservation. I hope this nasty COVID stays away!!! My husband and I are now a bit hopeful.
  8. If overnighting in Rothenburg, take the Nightwatchman tour. Leaves from the Rathaus--very amusing. You can get a Rick Steve's book and he has places to stay and things to do in Rothenburg and Frankfurt. We stayed at a really quaint Guesthaus over a restaurant---we really enjoyed it.
  9. I totally agree. President Biden now says 70% of Americans will have first vaccination by the end of July. Too many people refuse the vaccine, like the refuse the masks. Freedom is one thing but willful disregard of others is not right. Here in Texas it's just about business as usual. I did go to the hairdresser yesterday, masks still in place, thank goodness.
  10. I just saw the breaking news, Oktoberfest is cancelled this year too! (Not that I go there, too much drink and people). Not sure how that will bode for tourism this year in Germany.
  11. I have been watching that show on PBS and had a good chuckle.
  12. just read Modehaus Koch in Karlstadt is closing (large clothing store) until the restrictions ease. Right now in Karlstadt you can get an appointment to shop but must have a negative covid test.
  13. My friends in Karlstadt said lock downs till June 30, is that true in the Rhine area?
  14. Next time I am in Bamberg I want to tour the Neue Residenz. Thank you for the on line tour.
  15. My husband's cousin and wife have a Medicare Plan that includes international coverage. Quite a laugh when the wife ends up in hospital in Passau for 5 days. The total cost was around $2500 which is cheap compared to US. We had travel ins but he had to file his Medicare Plan first and it took over 6 months and much telephoning to get them either to pay or deny as travel ins was secondary. Now we take travel ins where the travel insurance is primary to any health ins so we don't have to go through any of that. Their plan just stalled them from day one---excuse after excuse, one of final was needed to be translated (labs all same, so nothing there needed translation) terrible experience. But the travel insurance was great, even paid one day they lost on cruise due to sickness as well as hotel stay and transportation in Passau.
  16. I understand. We just spent $80 to send some flavored coffee beans (3 twelve ounce) and Hard Rock T Shirts, coffee mugs, keychains to our friends in Germany. The $80 was for express mail. It took 5-6 weeks to get to Germany. The cost to mail was almost more than what was in the small package. We had several more bags of coffee beans but couldn't fit in the package.
  17. Just got word from my friend in Karlstadt, Germany. She received the Moderna this week, shot 1. Her husband and 17 year old son will get Pfizer/Biontech this coming week. Her 80 year old parents got Astra Zenica and second shot scheduled June 5. It was good to hear.
  18. If you deviate on the back end, then the transfer is not included. But if no deviation on front end then included. We are going, I hope in November 2022, flying to Budapest and getting in two days before the cruise, so we will not have transfer, we will take shuttle or cab to hotel. After cruise we get off in Passau and spend 10 days in Germany seeing friends etc, we will be leaving from Munich (no transfer) but we will have been traveling in Bavaria and will use the Bayern Pass to return to the Munich airport. We do this all the time and the train is the way to go (2nd class). But sometimes we will have them take us home from Frankfurt (really doesn't matter to Viking--Munich or Frankfurt). Just work on your schedule, also pay the extra $50 for Viking air. I say all of this pre covid---so not sure how all of this will work in the new world order. I wonder if Viking will stop the deviations and send us all home after cruise due to German Covid regulations. We will see.
  19. I got the same e-mail and frankly thinking of cancelling my December Avalon cruise and we start with a Viking spend time on land and then do Avalon, I would have to get tested in Germany and just for me too much hassle. But I will wait a bit as they all may cancel us.
  20. Wow Fulda does look interesting, maybe we can visit sometime during a land trip and the half timbered trail looks cool too.
  21. Interesting video, can sure see the smoke stacks. Wonder what the Church looks like inside, as not too impressive from outside. I recently saw a House Hunters TV Show with a couple looking to rent a place near Frankfurt. They ended up in Fulda, which looked very interesting to me. Oh to travel again...
  22. Interesting to see the start of the Main, not so much about the cities though, I did watch part two but really went quickly over Wurzburg and then on to Miltenburg (which is nice, but I can pass it up). The owner of the Guest House where we stayed in Karlstadt would play a video of the Main Radweg, only music and showed a lot of video of the cities, not sure where he got that from. Thank you for thinking of me.
  23. I have it up, hopefully I will be able to watch it. I'm just binge watching Sturm der Liebe from last week right now. I would really like to see a documentary on the Main too. Thanks for thinking of me. Vielen Dank!
  24. Yes, living in Texas right now has been a bit of a nightmare. First with the non-preparedness of the cold with the electric grid and the blame game. Now the open up the whole state issue. So many people want to have a mask burning. I am not ready for that. We are both twice vaccinated, but still want to see the cases of covid go down further, so we all can start travelling soon. I will still be wearing my mask when in stores etc. In April, I will wear mask but may actually go to a restaurant, although I have a feeling, here in Texas they will be slammed and very maskless. Oh well---many doubts.
  25. Even with our bad weather last week in Texas, we got our second Moderna shot on time on the 24th. We did get just a tad of a reaction, chills, achy no fever but 36 hours later all good. We just took it easy the next day and slept it off. I am worried about our November trip--as we have travelled so much we do not want to take most of the offered excursions, and have a ten day land trip planned between two river cruises, not sure how or if will work. If we cannot get off on our own I cant imagine going. Oh well, it's a waiting game.....
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