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  1. We area also doing a surprise cruise for our kids, we leave on Harmony Jan. 19. We have been debating on telling them the day we leave or making it a Christmas surprise. I love the puzzle idea listed above but I also love the idea of doing a scavenger hunt the day we leave and letting them find out then.
  2. I'm on this cruise also and noticed the same thing a few months ago. After doing some research, the best I could find was that they actually put the disembark time for later in hopes that people won't schedule early AM flights. That might not be the case but I took it as a good enough answer. Have a great cruise!
  3. Hello, I am trying to plan my budget and I need one more thing. I will be taking a taxi from the cruise port (Norwegian Breakaway if that helps) to San Juan Bay Marina. Can anyone tell me how much that will cost for 2 passengers? TIA
  4. I will be flying to Newark with a 5 year old and I'm unsure of the laws pertaining to car seats in a taxi or Uber. Will I need to bring a car seat for my 5 year old? Can she ride in a taxi without one? Can she ride in an Uber without one? Thanks for any help!
  5. Hello, we were awarded a Haven 2 bedroom suite. My plan was to take a fan with me like we always do but I'm curious if I could get one from the butler instead of bringing my own. Is that something that may be available?
  6. I was wondering the same thing as I plan my Breakaway cruise but I have an extra question on top of that. We just got upgraded to the Haven and we usually bring a small fan. Would we be able to ask for one or should we still bring it?
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