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  1. Didn't mean to leave y'all out! You must have been posting as I was writing. :cool:
  2. We are with Cruzincanuck. We love the time of year and also the itinerary. I, too, have been wanting to go to the ABC islands. Hoping that things work out.
  3. dkbryan

    First time cruiser, booking private excursions?

    I have booked nearly all of the excursions for my family privately and have never had a problem. As a matter of fact, our very first excursion was with Peat Taylor in Ocho Rios. We are planning to be in Jamaica again this April and are hoping to do another tour with him. Like a previous poster said, do your homework on these boards and you will be fine. :cool:
  4. dkbryan

    parasailing in Key West

    No, they just dip you in. If I remember correctly, it would sort of be similar to standing in the ocean and feeling the current. You are only in the water for a few seconds. It's refreshing!:D
  5. dkbryan

    parasailing in Key West

    Cruiselines generally charge more because they want their cut. The cheapest I have seen for parasailing through the RCCL, for example, is $79 for a single person. When you book privately, you pay only what the local economy will permit based on supply and demand. In six cruises, I have booked several private excursions and have never had a problem. Just do you homework on CC and you should be fine.:cool:
  6. dkbryan


    If I'm not mistaken, I believe that there are lockers that can be rented for $3.49 using your setsail pass. However, you can only take your stuff out once instead of continually going back all day. Of course, once you get back from the waverunners, you should not have to worry about that. BTW, my DW and I did the waverunners in May and had a blast! They take you island hopping and actually cover quite a bit of territory. If you like to go fast, make sure you get toward the front of the line. They put the slower people in the back. They space you far enough apart, though, that you are able to go as fast as you like.
  7. dkbryan

    Best Island for designer hand bags?

    My wife and I bought some Coach "knock-offs" at the Straw Market in Nassau. There are so many people selling them that you can just walk away and they will keep coming down in price. They also see Prada, Kate Spade, and other brands.
  8. dkbryan

    parasailing in Key West

    There is a weight limit of about 450 lbs for a tandum ride (of course, this depends on the equipment that is being used and the guidelines of each individual company). Having said that, my DW and I would be closer to 500 lbs together (I'm a big guy) and we had no problems. It was a great time! I might add that even though I do not care much for heights, it didn't bother me at all. There's a great view from up there and it's very peaceful.
  9. dkbryan

    parasailing in Key West

    Yes, you would be able to go parasailing by yourself, but your grandmother may have to sign the release forms (or better yet, get the release forms ahead of time and have a parent or legal guardian fill them out). The 3 names that I have come across are Sebago, Sunset, and Fury. You can do a search and find information on all three of these companies. We went through Sebago and had a great time. Hope you get a chance to go! It's a great experience!
  10. dkbryan

    Royal Carribean or Carnival in October? Help me decide!

    I guess that it just goes to show that what cruiseline you like best depends on what you like to do. For example, I'm sure that some really enjoy the freestyle cruising while my DW and I really enjoy sitting at the same table each night, having the same waiters, and the formal nights during the cruise. In the end, who really cares? A bad day on a cruise is better than a good day at work!
  11. dkbryan

    parasailing in Key West

    My DW and I went parasailing with Sebago last week and had a great time. We had a 10:00am time and we were the only ones on the boat so you might say that we had a private charter. Captain Hans and Mikey were great and they provided us with a great trip. We spent about 15 minutes in the air. I might add that I don't like heights, but I was never bothered by the experience. It was very peaceful. Mikey also took several pics that he put on a mini-DVD. Of course, it was $20, but he took some great pics--and he had a great time doing it! You can see some of the pics here: http://good-times.webshots.com/album/563649252HgpTWT?start=60
  12. dkbryan

    Royal Carribean or Carnival in October? Help me decide!

    We just returned from a 4 night cruise on RCCL's Majesty of the Seas. While the rooms were small (even when compared to other RCCL ships) we didn't really mind as we don't spend much time in the cabin while cruising. The water was mostly calm, but, of course, that can change no matter where you go. We enjoyed our day on CocoCay. It's just a nice beach day. They have a very shallow beach on the right side of the island. We also enjoyed Nassau. We ventured into the Straw Market and were able to buy Coach "knock-offs" for our girls for about $35 each. They also sell Prade and Kate Spade purses there for similar prices. It's quite an experience, but can be worth it if you don't mind doing a little dickering. (I think the price on the purses started at around $60 and we kept working them down.)
  13. dkbryan

    Reserving snorkel gear on Coco Cay

    My DW and I were at CocoCay just last week. The water was refreshing. There is a rather large building the holds the snorkel gear. When we were there, there was plenty to go around. Let me just say, however, that the snorkeling there is nothing special. If you've never snorkeled, though, I would still try to go. You will probably see about a dozen or so of different kinds of fish. You won't get to see much in the way or coral, sponges, or anemones, though.
  14. dkbryan


    My DW and I just got back from CocoCay. It's a great stop in the middle of the Bahamas. As mentioned, everything there is owned by RCCL, but you can make what you want of it. We rented waverunners in the morning. It was great to visit a couple of the nearby islands (Norwegians Great Stirrup Cay, for example). The water was calm which allowed riders to run full out. It was great. I did some snorkeling which is not great there. However, if you've never snorkeled before it would be a good place to learn, even though the small dock is quite a swim from shore. There is the opportunity for sun or shade, depending on your pleasure. The island is small enough where you can walk around the entire island, but it's big enough to get away for a little privacy or stay with the rest of the group. I think you'll enjoy it! Later, Doug
  15. dkbryan

    What Is There To Do In Ocho Rios?

    We did a tour with Peat Taylor which includes a tour around Ocho Rios, as well as a trip up Dunn's River Falls. My DW and I enjoyed walking up the falls. You have a guide and you go as a group which makes it a lot easier. However, you want to get through the flea market afterwards as quick as possible. The cost for Peat's tour is now $35, fifteen of which goes for the fee at Dunn's River. He's also an honest tour guide. I had left my camera on his van and when I contacted him after our cruise, he sent it back to me. He was even going to pay for the shipping ($25), but I reimbursed him. I would highly recommend his tour. You can click HERE for more info.