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  1. Yes , that is correct. You will use the same medallion for both legs. However , because you are in the USA you have to disembark in Ft Lauderdale and embark again. (USA LAW) This procedure takes as long as it takes the slowest person /group to arrive at your meeting spot, we met in the MDR. (This was a first for us doing a b/b. It took us about 3 hours.)
  2. We enjoyed the world market place very much and agree with AF-1 😎
  3. Such a tragedy . I also questioned why people were swimming and partying in and out of the pool as I walked past around 11pm . Why was there no netting on the pool? The pools are normally netted up. Passengers need to act more responsible. Such a tragedy.
  4. As others have said ...always be early for everything if you want a good spot 😎We went to Planks tonight 10/10 ,we could easily have shared one meal . No interest in the other specialities .
  5. AC has been fine , no complaints on the 25th 😎
  6. I can only speak for ourselves but this has been a very good cruise. Just finishing the Western Caribbean and next week is the Eastern . No worries with the medallion , we love them😎 I have the bangle bracelet and DH has black rubbery band 😎 No issues using old coffee cards 😎drinks are great 😎booked all Princess excursions and they were stellar 😎evening performances were very professional and I went early 😎this week was Shark week and we had a very knowledgeable speaker😎we booked the last and only cabin on the ship (L217) on the 15th and front and would book it again . First time with inside cabin and it wasn’t bad at all😎 We did anytime dining... food and service were excellent😎we do not do formal night so I can’t comment 😎my favourite spot was adult pool at the back of the ship 😎 Can’t find any fault on Princess other than our very full tummies 🤪 ... so anyone one coming on next week ... no worries ... it’s all Good! Thanks for for all the tips beforehand, they were all appreciated .Cheers and we’re ready for week 2😎😎
  7. Hi, Coming from cruise pier, where can I get Cayman (jamaican) meat patties and jerk? Someone said there are van vendors selling them close to pier? Thanks. Be there in a few days.
  8. We should boycott all Carnival affiliates 👏 Our next cruise will be with the competitors . Our oceans are in crisis and Carnival intentionally chose to back door without remorse , dump into our oceans . How dare they ??? Glazier Bay ?? Bahamas ?? Some our more pristine waters . I want my Grandkids to enjoy the Seas as much as I have 😞
  9. Don't do the crime if you don't wanna do the time! Our OCEAN'S are in CRISIS! THAT SHOULD BE OUR ONLY PRIORITY!
  10. I totally agree Don . We are scheduled to leave fr lauderdale June 8 . And I would see that as an inconvienience but we’ll worth it for saving our Oceans . I say nail Carnival Corp the Maximum !
  11. What are your thoughts ??? "MIAMI HERALD, today" A federal judge Wednesday threatened to stop Carnival Corp. from docking its ships at U.S. ports temporarily as punishment for possibly violating probation but said she would make a decision at a hearing scheduled for June 3. Carnival has been on probation for the last two years as part of a $40 million settlement for illegally dumping oil into the ocean from its Princess Cruises ships for eight years and lying about the scheme to U.S. authorities. While on probation, according to court filings, Carnival Corp. and its subsidiary cruise lines have sought to avoid unfavorable findings by preparing ships in advance of court-ordered audits, falsified records, dumped plastic garbage into the ocean and illegally discharged gray water into Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska. The company also has tried to lobby the U.S. Coast Guard through a back channel to change the terms of the settlement, prosecutors allege. The company has acknowledged these incidents.
  12. I love a good cappuccino for breakfast and to finish a delicious supper, so I am looking forward to using up those punches.😎
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