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  1. Princess cancelled August 15 Grand Princess 14 Day Alaska, received cancellation notice April 17th. Deposit returned to credit card today June 22, not FCC posted yet.
  2. We've booked the same cruise, have pre cruise hotel booked, and are just thinking positive. At this stage, don't think there's much else we can do.
  3. Since we were to be on the same cruise, I'll be interested to see how your refund goes. As for patience????? Understanding????????
  4. DH and I were to sail on the Grand Princess August 15, 2020 cruise which Princess cancelled. So far received only Princess Booking Refund Request Receipt dated April 16th, and last week their generic email that our refund is "in their queue." The Receipt stated "it may take up to 60 days for your refund to be processed." When day 61 arrives without refund, I'll probably contact Chase Credit Card.
  5. My favorite memory has to be a 2013 transatlantic Fort Lauderdale to Rome on the Ruby, backed up with a Med Cruise. 26 days of absolute bliss, celebrating life with newly discovered cruise critic friends, in an upgraded suite!!!! The seminars on sea days, port talks, and local entertainment, were fantastic. Francesco our maitre d never ceased entertaining. We ended in Venice and then began a 28 day tour of Italy, then off to Paris and London, before sailing home on the Queen to New York. Once in a lifetime and never to be forgotten.
  6. Steve, I enjoy your lighter thoughts. Indeed, it is growing weary, watching/reading/listening to news that doesn't seem to get any better. We now have five cases in our county when we were told there was one! I'm also growing weary of getting up at 6:00 (because I'm of that group that may not be permitted to sail again without a dispensation from my doc!!!) and getting dressed to go to our nearby supermarket to shop for all necessities in the hopes I may get something before the regular end-of-the-world crowd rushes in and wipes the shelves clean. Rumor has it that the local gun shops sold out like Black Friday and even the farm supply stores have no ammunition. Visiting neighbors isn't fun anymore, toasting with a glass of wine six feet apart in the middle of the street, just doesn't get it...but then, hey, we ARE healthy, and can read these posts and smile, and conjecture on the cruise future, and hope for the best. Meanwhile, i hope everyone held over on any ship does indeed get some extra cruise day credit.
  7. and to that, fellow Buckeye, i say AMEN!
  8. Received ours and we are Platinum working very hard to join Elite and loving every cruise!
  9. Called Princess for the fourth time regarding this issue and lucked out with awesome Angela who listened carefully and took care of the credits. Thank you Angela and Princess. And thanks to all of you who took time to read this post and answer.
  10. Thanks for your replies. Wasn't non refundable deposits. I'll wait for Thrak and if don't hear by Tuesday will try Customer Service. Total of $400.00. would like it back as FCC!!!!
  11. Recently cancelled two cruises due to brother's death. Had Princess Platinum Insurance on both. When reviewing cancellation notices, it says no cancellation fees, yet no FCC returned to account. Called Princess several times, variety of answers. Question: has anyone ever "written" to Princess and actually received an answer? Thanks for replying.
  12. paid for them on a previous caribbean cruise, on credit card
  13. Any advice from experienced cruisers on Future Credits gladly accepted. I used four future cruise credits for my husband and me to book Alaska Cruises before and after Princess land tour this coming June/July. Booked August 2018. The cruise credits were set to expire March 2019 if not used. The cruise did NOT have a nonrefundable deposit. As guardian of my brother, I got very caught up in his care as his conditioned deteroriated after New Year's. Along comes May and i get notice to pay or cancel. As brother's condition was worsening, i elected to cancel. Brother passed on May 22. Now reading in Princess "fine print" that credits are lost? any ideas before i call Princess and plead my case? we are platinum soon to be elite as if that makes a difference?!!!!
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