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  1. Recently cancelled two cruises due to brother's death.  Had Princess Platinum Insurance on both.  When reviewing cancellation notices, it says no cancellation fees, yet no FCC returned to account.  Called Princess several times, variety of answers.  Question:  has anyone ever "written" to Princess and actually received an answer?  Thanks for replying.

  2. Any advice from experienced cruisers on Future Credits gladly accepted.  I used four future cruise credits for my husband and me to book Alaska Cruises before and after Princess land tour this coming June/July. Booked August 2018.  The cruise credits were set to expire March 2019 if not used.  The cruise did NOT have a nonrefundable deposit.  As guardian of my brother, I got very caught up in his care as his conditioned deteroriated after New Year's.  Along comes May and i get notice to pay or cancel.  As brother's condition was worsening, i elected to cancel.  Brother passed on May 22.  Now reading in Princess "fine print" that credits are lost?  any ideas before i call Princess and plead my case?  we are platinum soon to be elite as if that makes a difference?!!!!

  3. I applaud you for the way you handled your tour. That is exactly the way most of us operate. There are others on your upcoming TA in April that have agreed to take over tours that were organized by someone no longer sailing. All of those tours have an undisclosed "up charge" per person. One of my friends on your cruise was offered the opportunity to take over all of the shore excursions and declined not wanting to make money at others expense.



    And I applaud your friend, Gail. Travel is expensive enough without someone trying to make money off others enjoyment. As was mentioned in previous posts, if someone said x amount was spent on phone calls or other legitimate fees for a tour, i don't think any participant would argue shaing the cost, but an "up charge" no.



  4. When I join a roll call and if there is a tour I want to do, I ask for interested people to contact me and whatever I get from various tour operators, I email it out to participants so that they can see the correspondence and prices quoted.


    For me, I think this helps build trust so that they know exactly what they are supposed to get and exactly the price quoted so there's no potential for misunderstanding or wondering if there is a price difference.



    Hi dougo,


    This is exactly what I did for my first time ever experience as a tour organizer for our upcoming TA in April. First, I limited the tour to 8 on the advice of several "seasoned" CCs, then I posted, and emailed the invoice to those who signed.


    I also asked anyone who might reconsider to let me know. So far, everyone's a go.


    I wouldn't think of charging more. Why? We are going on several tours that others organized and they are all fair and square with the prices. I thought that was what this site was all about:eek:



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