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  1. I wouldnt want to risk going to find myself feeling insecure on a ship with people on board who arent complying and putting others at risk by their behaviour...so,

    I wouldn't cruise unless onboard measures, hand cleansing, social distancing mask wearing were compulsory and part of the cruise contract. Everyone should have to comply, no excuses or exceptions etc. otherwise, like other behaviour issues they would be offloaded.  It would be for the safety of everyone on board, crew and cruisers. If this meant some couldnt cruise for now, then they might have to live with that and chose another type of vacation. Just like those who are badly seasick wouldnt choose to cruise.

    Her in the UK we are now starting to go out, but are choosing to go where we are sure of high standards, and compliant behaviour by those who frequent those places. Its working out well for us so far. 

    Wash (hands frequently)

    Face  (covering or mask)

    Space (around 2 metres)

    Stay safe,

    Act like you've got it and stop the spread


  2. Disappointed of course not to be able to return to India and Sri Lanka. Cant speak for everyone, however in our case Celebrity and our Travel Counsellor have been fantastic. In the UK they have set up a special department to assist guests with issues stemming from this.

    We are doing a far East Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia in Jan 2020. Decided to return to Caribbean and Florida in Feb 2021 on Equinox. Got a great deal, great suite, aft S1, and kept the perks from our original booking plus $500 obc. 

    As far as we are concerned Good job Celebrity! xx

  3. 1 hour ago, vtcruising said:

    Just had room service on our teeny tiny table. It was pretty funny. The suite manager came to chat with us and apologized about the furniture - it sounds like she’s heard it a lot and they are going to do something about it. I think we may have some decent furniture later today though I said we didn’t want special treatment. She said some are happy with going to use the lovely Retreat loungers, but understands we enjoy some private lounging time. 


    Okay, this was our set up for breakfast. Notice that the Tom-Tom can be used for your coffee or tea!! 😀A744D27D-1ADB-480F-85E5-D372AD0C376E.thumb.jpeg.802b52155bef7c8990b5c6e52e538b79.jpeg47F3D7BF-CB7B-4DF3-916A-B213F07A3655.thumb.jpeg.5ec7319cff1a6adf53ce98eea90ceb4f.jpeg 



    Thank you for doing room service. As others have commented it is a total design fail. Also there doesnt seem to be a coffee table in the main suite  which can be raised to eating height. Not possible to have in suite dining without this. Someone corporate need to speedily get onto this to order suitable chairs and tables for all the sky suites....practicality first!

  4. I would have expexted something pretty spectacular for what you are paying. It seems that an understanding of the use of personal outdoor space is a little lacking in Celebrity thinking. We have an aft S1 booked. I love to lie out at night and have been known to sleep outside. Not possible without a lounger.


  5. 3 hours ago, vtcruising said:

    Thanks! I saw it! I got a couple of screen shots of outside dining venues that look pretty nice.


    Fine Cut Steakhouse:




    Eden Outside:




    I looked at blow ups of the Retreat from every angle and couldn't see the bus. I did see something that was yellow up there, but it didn't look like the shape of a VW bus. Maybe it will arrive tomorrow, Black Friday. 😊




  6. Eden sounds so much better than we thought. We have decided to take the plunge and book. We both are a little adventurous food wise and love modern art and theatre. I love Celebrity for trying something new.

    We have also booked into Raw on 5. Menus look very appetizing and it will be a complete change mid cruise when we usually hit the food wall!

  7. I'm a little disappointed to read some of the comments on this board. The ship isnt properly or fully dressed yet. I know people have different tastes and opinions, however it would be nice to hold the negativity until the ship sails for real with paying passengers and we can see the real offer on board and hear their cruise accounts.

    I for one like what I see so far, I like the changes in dining, i like modern and innovative art....i wont like everything of course but I will wait to see it for myself.



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