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  1. I just purchased the AARP Carnival cash $450 for $500 gift cards. 10% off.. Great deal as this will allow me more money for some cocktails. lol
  2. Does Carnival have other options for Pitchers rather than beer? I would love maybe Sangria's, margarittas!!! And if so do you know the price?
  3. I read somewhere that someone had a gadget or something unique to use in shower for shaving legs. Does anyone know what that was or is?
  4. None of the ports for Carnival is Cancun. So unless you choose to do a private tour and head over to Cancun, you will be fine. We always have fun in Cozumel. I have not once ever felt insecure of where i was and felt threatened. We have done tours through Carnival and not liked any of them except the Snorkel from Catamaran. We now hire a driver through Tours Plaza and they will take you wherever you want to go. The nicest people also. Good luck!
  5. thanks for all the recommendations. Looks like I am leaning on Nachi or Paradise Beach. I love the snorkeling but this time I want to just enjoy the day relaxing. will e on carnival Dream in May and so excited to go to a newer port like Honduras and Belize. But Cozumel has my heart.
  6. Oh wow! Looks like something i would love to do. Thanks for the info. I will definately look into this.
  7. yes done all those. done the catamaran, snorkel, been to mayans.
  8. I have been to Cozumel many times and seen most of it. We booked with Tours Plaza last year and it was AMAZING! Did the Punta Sur excursion and was a disaster. This year maybe a resort that is low key with all inclusive? Bar Hop? My husband thinks i am crazy and trying to go back into my wild days. But how does that work and who do i look at for something like that? Any other different things that a 59 yr old would love to do ? Mr Sanchos would have lots of kids i would think. DOnt want any water slides or things like that.
  9. ok thanks.. I want to try to do this and didnt know who to get with.

    Rony's Tours

    I have a tour booked with them and they messaged me very quickly when I asked questions.,
  11. you will love the sting ray excursion. G Cayman is my favorite destination as far as beauty so far. The sting rays look like a black wave as your boat approaches . Feeding them was a little scary, but fun.
  12. I am booked on Dream in May. Is this available on this ship?
  13. Does Carnival have this excursion, or do we book separate?. Now im worried!
  14. no quarantees. IF your ship is late coming in due to fog or other reasons, you are stuck. My last cruise i didnt get off boat until 9.
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