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  1. As you cruise more you get to know the crew and we all form opinions and its nice to know if its staff you really liked before you cruise. So next question is who is the staff of Refelection Jan 31st?
  2. He is a great CD sorry never asked who is replaceing him. I watched him and most of his team work so hard on a 14 day cruise with only 1.5 days in port, we were all going a bit crazy being cooked up. My first question to him was did he get a big fat bonus for that cruise because he did deserve it and he told me no.
  3. Back to Argentina after his break. Do not remeber which ship is doing south America.
  4. I think Alejandro starts his break that cruise
  5. Have seen him and there were a lot of out of the mouths of babies, looks like you are getting on the ship as we get off in Barcelona
  6. Can anyone confirm Alehandro will be the Cd on the constelation August 25th and who is hotel director?
  7. Anyone know if Alejandro will still be cd on August 25? We were on the Infinity in January 2018 very unhappy trip with one fully working engine sailing to Antartica and he did an amazing job as there was almost a mutiny on the ship and he bent over backwords to keep us entertaned.
  8. I remember her she was lovely it was her first cruise.
  9. Is it to early to ask who will be on the Connie in late August?
  10. They have had great entertainment before. It started the careers of many people i am sure
  11. Since she is good hopefully she is on Reflection jan 28th
  12. They used to hire kids fresh out of school as a first job and there is lots of talent there. As for others, seasoned performers are used to not having the best accommodations and if the rewards are good enough like good pay and perks and conditions they are entertainers and that is the job or is it they want them to work for peanuts then you get monkeys.
  13. Celebrity is not listening to their customers regarding entertainment. For a large percentage of the customers (Paying them and the bonuses) Their are lots of wonderful entertainment out there why are they not hiring them? This not ment to dismiss all the hard hardworking Cd and good entertainment staff, i am talking about the poor quality ones. I choose to cruise with them and entertainment is a large part of my holiday. Best entertainment on my last cruise was Jayne Curry, the cruise was a disaster and they brought her back for our last night thank god, remember you are suppose to leave on a high. It would be unusual for me to leave a show it has happened 3 times last cruise and several times over the last three years.
  14. Does anyone know the main staff on Celebrity Reflection Jan 28? Captain, Cd, Hotel director and Captain club hostess
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