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  1. We are searching for a cruise sometime in Sept, Oct or Nov. 2018. We have sailed once with NCL. Looking at the website the selection seems very small, we sail from any of the FLA ports, and the prices seem high right now. For example Port Canaveral is only showing me one cruise and its Thanksgiving week. It is normal for dates to be held back this time of the year and the prices be at the highest right now? Will more dates come available in the next couple of months and is there any chance prices come down?
  2. murph1031

    Getaway review Nov. 13th

    Le Bistro is French, I'm sure you can find menu online. I had mussels, and the fish main course, I think it was striped bass, which I had never tried before. Wife had the French onion soup and the beef tenderloin and it was also excellent.
  3. murph1031

    Getaway review Nov. 13th

    Cagneys was great, we got the prime rib and it was excellent. Le Bistro is also excellent.
  4. We recently sailed on the Getaway. Sailed out of Miami on Nov. 13th. It has taken me a little while to write a review. So here is goes. Excuse my writing, I never claimed to be an English expert. I'll start will a little cruise back ground. This was our fourth cruise. Our first three was with Carnival. Our last Carnival was on the Valor, which at the time we thought we were on a big ship. It was during this cruise while docked in St. Thomas (I think), that I noticed that maybe we were not on a big ship. You see the Getaway was docked right behind us., made us feel kind of small. Anyway we knew nothing about NCL, but after our Valor cruise we started searching. So anyway long story short we booked with NCL for this cruise. Day one, getting on board. We had a 10.30 arrival time at the port. We got there about10.30 and dropped our bags off. There was a line outside, it took us apx. 30 minutes to get though the line and get inside. From here we went to check in. All said and done, we were checked in within 20 minutes after clearing security. I would have been quicker but for the young man that checked us in. I guess he was new, and was fully familiar how to check in Green Card holders. He took his time and check with a supervisor quite a few times to make sure all was done right. After this point we headed back to the holding area. This is where we made an error in boarding, They have an area set up that they take a photo of you with a cardboard cutout of the boat, this is also the area that they give you a number, your boarding number. We didn't get one, because we didn't do the photo, and passed though an opening in the rope before the photo. Anyway around 11.45 they called the first boarding number. At this point I asked my wife was our number was, opps, we had no number. I went to find out where to get a number from, and of course we where given the same number as the people just arriving, which was 14. So this little mishap delayed us getting on the boat by apx. half an hour. Ok now to the boat. Beautiful boat, not tacky at all compared to the Carnival boats, once inside it doesn't look or feel like a boat. First stop was a drink, (wasn't interested in vibe passes), we had the UDP and it was great. No slips to sign, loved it. We took a walk around the boat and got a sense of where everything was. Went to buffet, and all we could say was wow. Huge and a great selection. Plenty of seating, great layout, loved it. We also had the dining promo. We ate at Cagney's, Le Bistro, La Cucina , and Moderno. We also did the magic show. Cagney's was excellent, as was Le Bistro. Moderno wasn't great, I just don't think lamb is great baked, as I think most the meats tasted roasted. the Italian was also good. The magic show was fun, good meal and the show was fun. Getting drinks during dinner was also super easy. Thy would ask ffo our card once and that was it. This covered 5 nights dining. The other 2 nights we ate at the buffet and Tropicana. Tropicana was excellent, great service. music (not to load) and the food was good. We also ate at o'sheas quite a bit. For breakfast I had bangers, rashers and baked beans with toast, a good Irish breakfast, it was great. Entertainment. We did Burn and MDQ. Burn wasn't my thing, it wasn't bad, just wasn't my thing. I had seen MDQ in the theater when it first came out, and loved it. This performance was great. I'm an Elvis fan, but just like on the mainland this performance was stolen by Jerry Lee. The role is just great. All the performers did a great job, this is a must see show. I loved the shows in the area atruim, but this area is really to small to handle the crowds. Some of these shows would have been great inside the theater. Deal or no deal, etc. You need to get there early if you want a seat. Pool area. We are not pool people, I hate pubic pools, but the area did look small and crowed, so I can see why people complain about it. We enjoyed the sun in one of two areas, Spice at the back or the area at the front just above the Vibe area. Quite plenty of chairs and a bar within walking distance. The kids pool area also looked great for those with little ones. The slides and ropes course are great. Our cabin. We had a balcony. I would say it compared equally to what we had on Carnival. The shower is very small. It was an enclosed shower, not a tub and curtain. I made a comment to my wife that a large person would likely get stuck in there, yea its small. I loved the coffee maker in the room. Plenty of closet and storage space. Getting off the boat. We did self disembark. We headed down to the area around 7.15. They started letting us off at 7.30 and we where sitting in a cab heading to the airport by 7.45 - 7.50, easy as pie. So after Carnival, what did I think of our first NCL cruise. Loved it! sorry Carnival won't be back unless you make changes. Been able to dine whenever you want, dressed however you want was great. The drink package was so easy, order and enjoy. No slips to sign. We purchased the drink package on our last Carnival cruise. That package was limited to 15 drinks a day. Now we never hit that 15 on Carnival, nor maybe on NCL, but then again on NCL we didn't have to count and time our drinks. If we wanted to try something new, we could, it was great. Oh and lets not forget The Waterfront. We spent a lot of time here, either during the day or at night. It was always so peaceful and relaxed out there. One other thing I wanted to point out. I had heard a lot about NCL nickel and diming people. We had pre-paid everything, tips, internet. How bill at the end of the cruise was $65.00. I love you NCL! I'm sorry if this review was allover the place, but hey I did write one, any questions ask away.
  5. Illusionarium and the wine lovers musical have a charge. We didn't do the wine lovers, but we did Illusionarium. Dinner was salad, beef tenderloin and shrimp and a dessert. Burn the floor and Million Dollar are free.
  6. I know its not New Orleans, but we sailed on the Getaway two weeks ago. We had an 11.30 flight out of Miami. We did self disembark, and we where sitting in a cab heading to the airport at 7.45 am give or take five minutes. WE ended up sitting at the airport for over 2 hours before we boarded. Still better safe than sorry.
  7. murph1031

    Comedy and Dueling Piano Shows on the Getaway

    We where on the Getaway last week. We couldn't make reservations for any of the comedy shows, it said all the reservations where gone. We went to each show. Stood in the stand by line, which they allowed in ten minutes before the show. We got in every night. One night after we got admitted there was only around 20 people inside the club. The opening act pretty much had the same act each night, but the headliners changed the show each time we saw them. The adult show got cut short because of a group or people from Canada wanted to be center of attention, and the performer got fed up with them, and quit. They where been asses. One night during the cruise they also had a comedy show in the big theater, that featured all the acts.
  8. murph1031

    Pink Carpets on the Getaway

    Just off the getaway this weekend. I didn't notice the color of the carpet. But I will say the ship is beautiful. This was our first time on NCL, all our other cruises have been with carnival. I found the Getaway way some stylist than any of the carnival ships, beautiful everywhere, nothing flashy.
  9. murph1031

    Ultimate Beverage Package question

    Just back from the Getaway this weekend. We had the package, and it was worth every penny. We tried many drinks that we wouldn't have risked spending money on. As for one card or two cards, it seemed like it all depended on the bartender. Most of the time they only asked for one card. Actually one time a bartender put a round of drinks, it was at least 6 drinks on our card by accident. We gave our card to the person that had ordered and received the drinks. We got our card back, the other person also had the UDP, so I guess it didn't matter. We where never charged.
  10. murph1031

    Morning of Last Day Earliest Disembark Time?

    We just got back this weekend on the Getaway. We did self disembark. We where sitting in a taxi at 7.45 am heading to Miami airport. We left are room at 7 am, got in line. The started letting us off around 7.30.
  11. murph1031

    Recent Cruisers on NCL

    Just off the Getaway Sunday. The only deal I saw was on Saturday, last full day of the cruise. I don't remember the price but it just a one day deal.
  12. murph1031

    Credit card for on-board purchase question

    Thank you for your answers, great help as always from the site. 5 more days :)
  13. We sail this weekend on the Getaway and I had a couple of quick questions. I did the on-line check a while back. I don't remember adding a credit card for any on-board purchases. I have tried to find a way to go into the booking to see what if any card I added. Can someone tell me how to do this? Also when we sail in the past with carnival I remember been asked how we wanted the bed set up in the room. I don't recalled getting ask on this booking. Would I have done this during the on-line check in? How can I make sure the beds are pushed together to make one? thank you
  14. murph1031

    Couple of quick Getaway quesytions

    Another quick quick. Le Bristo dress code, can I wear dress pants and a short sleeve button up shirt or do I need a log sleeve?
  15. murph1031

    Couple of quick Getaway quesytions

    I up=dated my post with the restaurant in question, I saw that after I posted. Thank you for your response, so we shouldn't have a problem walking off the boat and getting a taxi to the airport? Cost isn't really the issue, I'm scared we're cutting it to close with an 11.30 flight.