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  1. I have used the Hyatt Place MIami Airport/ West- Doral.. park and cruise one night prior. Up to 14 nights parking. Extra night you can pay for. Free Shuttle to the pier. I take a taxi or Uber back to the hotel. Used several times. Works great If I'm leaving out of Terminal A in Miami I do just park at the pier. Any other terminal... I never park at the pier
  2. Also, my phone works on Wi-Fi with no extra fees (most of the time). I can't pick up messages, but I can accept and make calls through the Wi-Fi. Sometimes, depending I guess on the location this service goes down... but you can contact your neighbors or family or friends if you think something is going on at home.
  3. I have Ring and yes I get alerts while sailing (on several ships). I've even carried on conversations with people ringing my doorbell. Just a suggestion... add a trusted person to your ring account while you are not home. Often while on shore, or if the service is acting up you won't get alerts. My sister is on my account and she can see my ring and answer door bells or call the police if something is happening. I'm sorry you had such an experience... but glad Ring came through for you. Our local sheriff's office circulates ring videos and I love my system.
  4. Did you reach them through facebook? I can't seem to find an email. Also, do they do the deposit on your Credit Card or is it best to do the deposit and rental fee in cash? Thanks for your answers... just trying to plan.
  5. Also, you can use your 3 drinks in the dining room. Just tell the waiter you want your drink on your Diamond... Last week our waiter even reminded us if we wanted another round we needed to do so before the 8:30 cut off. :)
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