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  1. Does anyone know if the solo lounge has the cappuccino machine like the Breakaway? Thanks.
  2. Good evening. I've searched but haven't been able to find the answer. 1) Since the Revolution, do you need a light card for the Equinox staterooms? 2) Who is the current Cruise Director? (I know it may be different when we sail.) Thanks.
  3. Would you mind posting the cover charges for the restaurants that had them (rather than a la carte)? Thanks.
  4. Would you mind posting the cover charges for the restaurants that had them (rather than a la carte)? Thanks. Sorry for the double post - don't know why it did that.
  5. Thank you all. While it was easier to do it when the feature appeared under the forum, it's nice to know there's an option.
  6. There used to be a "Search this Forum" (say, for a specific cruise line) function, but I can't find it anymore. The search at the top brings back results from the entire website, not just a particular forum. Am I missing something, or is the function gone?
  7. Legal notification of what? Maybe a lawsuit or intent to sue (and that will vary from state to state), or threat to turn off your utilities or other necessities of life. But there is no legal requirement to notify you that you may be about to breach a contract and suffer the consequences. Nor that you have breached a contract. What you wanted is a reminder, not a "legal notification." (And by the way, if you don't pay your credit card bill, "I didn't get a bill" is not a legally-recognized excuse. You are expected to know when you usually get the bill and to follow up on your own if you don't.)
  8. I'm going to be cruising for 2 weeks for the first time, so I'm bringing this. Don't know if I'll use it or not, but I'll have it. https://www.amazon.com/d/Clotheslines/Nasdom-Clothesline-Retractable-Adjustable-Clothespins/B074S64TW8/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1541013505&sr=8-4&keywords=travel+clothesline
  9. In Hebrew, it's "sevivon". And of course in both languages, there's only one way to spell the words, but since they both use a different alphabet, and have sounds that don't exist in English or the Latin alphabet, it's hard to write them.
  10. I download a virtual menorah onto my phone.
  11. "Mexican Caribbean" usually refers Cozumel/Cancun/Costa Maya and such, which cruises labeled "Western Caribbean" visit.
  12. Do you know the name of the app? Going on Equinox soon. Thanks.
  13. I've been able to pay only an individual deposit when traveling solo in a double stateroom. Of course, in some cases that may not work, and then there would be no refund of the deposit.
  14. Another thought - since Bath & Body Works is a chain, ask the manager while you're shopping if you can purchase the candles there, and pay for them, and then pick them up in the Miami store? I know you can do such things at other chains, like Bed Bath & Beyond. Then after the cruise, you just hop out, collect the already-chosen and paid for candles (so no rush), and go to the airport. Couldn't hurt to ask!
  15. I would simply let security know you have them (maybe have them bagged up so they're easy to inspect). The port agent will likely take them (you'll never even get them on the ship), give you a claim check, and keep them until disembarkation. After you disembark and go through Customs, there will be a place for you to reclaim the candles. The security teams at the port do this sort of thing all the time for surge protectors, irons, knives, and all sorts of other items that are perfectly legal but cannot be taken onboard. You should have no issue.
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