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  1. irockadidas

    Getaway Cabin 11603?

  2. irockadidas

    Tax on food and beverage while docked in Miami?

    Irrelevant to the post.. If you buy it you pay tax. If you get it for free you get taxed on the cost. Either way you pay the tax.
  3. I was going to bring a pallet of bud light, NCL should let me carry that on right?
  4. Ha, A violation huh? Where is this terms of service I violated? What is the punishment for this violation?
  5. irockadidas

    Tax on food and beverage while docked in Miami?

    For those of you that want to look it up to make sure NCL isnt ripping you off: http://www.flrules.org/gateway/ruleno.asp?id=12A-1.0115&Section=0 Complimentary food items given to the customer free of charge as promotional, complimentary, or a courtesy are subject to use tax and the applicable discretionary sales surtax on the total cost of the items given away. The total cost of the complimentary food items includes the cost of labor and other overhead costs necessary to prepare and serve the food items.
  6. irockadidas

    Harvest Caye/Snorkeling

    Interested in responses..
  7. irockadidas

    What kind of liquor do you buy on the islands?

    My wife and I always get in a cab at a local port and ask them to take us to a liquor store they would shop it. Our first trip to Belize we got a bottle of One Barrel Rum and it was cheaper at the store then a pack of ramen noodles. Cost me $4.
  8. irockadidas

    Anyone on BA in Winter Storm Grayson off Carolinas?

    Awesome Video!!
  9. Thanks for the pictures!!
  10. Somebody should call them and add access to cruise critic to the plan so we can post live updates!
  11. Good to know. Thanks! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  12. Anyone stayed in this room and know if its a good location? Noise? Any pictures?
  13. irockadidas

    Do excursion go on sale?

    I have seen some third party companies like Shore Trips that have bundles...
  14. irockadidas

    Confused by Today's Balcony Bonus Day Sale

    I just contacted my TA and scored a $100 OBC for our balcony sailing on the Getaway next September.
  15. Sounds delightful! Sent from my iPad using Forums