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  1. Mike thanks for taking the time to post. We leave on Thursday and I can't wait!!! Packing today. Thanks again for sharing your experience. Cassie
  2. Hi leaving on 7/22 cruise from Athens. Appreciate any info on the monetary situation in Athens. How was it?
  3. Mike so appreciate the posts here's hoping no more demonstrations with rocks and tears gas. Thanks for the boots on the ground info. Realized this am I am one month from leaving and can't wait! Cassie
  4. Thanks so much!!!!! Will check out those threads!
  5. Hi We (My husband and two teenage kids are headed out on our 3rd Star Clipper trip on 8/22 Greece and Turkey. This time we are being joined by my in-laws. While I am not worried in the least about our time on the ship, I am worried about pre-cruise (Athens) and post Cruise (Santorini). If anyone is sailing from Greece this summer I would love to hear how you managed the Money situation on land. Are restaurants and museums still accepting credit cards? Where did you need cash? I am assuming Greece still wants Euros (vs. Dollars). I know the news is reporting that tourists can take out unlimited amounts of Euros from the ATMs but do the ATMs even have any Euros in them? What are the lines like for the ATMs? Any boots on the ground info would be really useful.
  6. Hi SmokingMike, I think we met on a Star Clipper Caribean Cruise 3-4 years ago. I hope you enjoy your trip. We are doing Greece Turkey on 8/20 with my teenage kids and In-laws. Got the call from the in-laws today wondering how best to handle the money situation in Greece. They are coming in a few days early to explore Athens and then I had booked us to fly to Santorini for 3 days post the cruise. Would you mind posting when you get back with any tips regarding who is accepting credit cards (restaurants hotels etc). We are assuming ATMs won't be working and are trying to figure how much Euros we will need on hand. I am assuming while on the Clipper we are fine since everything can be charged to shipboard account. Love to hear what you experienced. Enjoy! Cassie
  7. Safe travels Smokinmike! We will see you on the 10th have fun on the first leg!
  8. Looking forward to seeing you there!:) Only two more weeks!
  9. I just came back from Costco to buy one more snorkel set for our time in Saint Martin. Didn't want to pay to rent in Saint Martin. Just have to get us all packed- can't wait! See you then!:)
  10. Hi we did Costa Rica to Panama on the Flyer last year and we did a cat 4 and cat 6 across the hall from each other. The 6 was the inside cabin. It was perfect for my two kids ages 9, 11 but for adults it might be roughing it. It has no TV, no marble bathroom and has bunk beds with very little room. We joked with the kids it was part vacation part scared straight. We also noticed that the kids neighbors in the 6's where all crew members so I don't know how often they get booked. The 4 was great with a double bed, nice bathroom and TV and DVD player. Like everyone else we spent most of our time up on deck. The only exception was when the kids where tired and all 4 of us went into the cat 4 and watched DVDs of the Pirates of the Caribbean. We where cozy but comfortable. Have fun! The panama canal was truly one of the coolest experiences of my life. We got off in Panama but we where in lake Gatun visiting the smithsonion tropical research station when the Flyer sailed by us. later that week we tranisted the canal and it was really cool. Have fun!
  11. Hi, We did this cruise last year and it was great. You are in for a treat! We did it with 2 kids in tow and 2 cabins. What you pack probably depends on what shore excursions you are planning. We had a great time doing the white water rafting, hiking Corcovado National park and hanging out on the beaches. Avoid the animal rescue center in Golfito. Not worth the money and pretty depressing. We heard the horse backing riding was great. We did the Zip-lining on the land package to Monteverde and it was awesome!!!!! Not everyone got to climb the crows nest. Demand exceeded availability due to some rough seas so if you want to do that get there quick. First night when you sign up for the shore excursions position yourself near the library because that is where the sign up sheets will be. Most landings where wet landings so you probably want some water shoes. The boat is pretty casual. Most people dressed in nice slacks and a collared shirt for dinner. Pirate night about 30% of people dressed up. They don't supply any costumes so depending on if you want to participate you may want to pack your eye patch. Insect repellent is good if you are going into the rain forest. The sun is brutal my daughter got sun sick on Isla de Coiba. Once you get to Panama if you have a few days to hang out its really great. Highly recommend spending the $100 to transit the canal. Beers in panama also go for about $0.30 its fun. Definitely try to see the Mira Flores locks at a minimum. Really cool. Have fun!!! :)
  12. Just got our tickets we are drooling!!!!!:)
  13. Thanks so much Mike. great suggestion to do the book/pool work at home. I will look into it. Cassie
  14. Hi has any one done the Scuba certification. Would you recommend it? How much extra was it? Do you know the minimum age requirement?
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