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  1. momoftwinboys09

    NFL playoff games on Carnival ships

    I'm sailing on the Valor the weekend of the championship games and ummmmm I was looking forward to watching my Panthers play in the EA Sports bar...however, I won't have to worry about finding a seat in there for it now. LOL. :( I hope that they do have it though as cruising is amazing yet who wants to miss the games??
  2. momoftwinboys09

    AA Meetings/ Friends of Bill W/ Carnival Valor/ Jan 18,2018

    Awwww thanks for all of the motivating responses! Yes I know this is going to be an amazing cruise. Hard to believe it's only 10 days away! Just a girls getaway with my BFF from middle school and we're going to have an amazing and relaxing time! Thank you again for your kind words!
  3. momoftwinboys09

    AA Meetings/ Friends of Bill W/ Carnival Valor/ Jan 18,2018

    Thank you all for the info! I am looking forward to my 1st cruise ever without any alcohol. My 19 year old daughter said she thought I would be sad or dreading it. NOPE it's going to be the best cruise ever! Not only will I be saving money I will also be able to explore and experience the vacation like I have not in the past. Missing shows, sales, events, good food, etc due to spending my time with too many cocktails! Thank you all! I'm soooooo excited to sail the countdown is officially on!
  4. Hello all! I have sailed several times in the past and have always noticed the information for the AA meetings in the Fun Times each day yet I was not a part of AA at the time so I never checked it out. I am sailing on the Carnival Valor on Jan. 18, 2018 and I am trying to see before going if there is anyone else on this sailing who is also in AA. I have read many posts on here that sometimes there are 0 people who show up to the meetings that are available on board and I hope to find at least one more person who is also looking for a meeting on this sailing. Thanks!
  5. momoftwinboys09

    Ensenada Massages??

    Thanks for this info! My friend and I are going to this port in February and I was hoping to find one on the island as opposed to the ship. This will be her 1st cruise.
  6. momoftwinboys09

    Behind the Fun Tour on the Inspiration

    I've done this before yet I am a cruise nerd so I loved it. I have heard people say it is worth doing it on every ship. Do you agree? I am taking a 1st time cruiser with me on this ship in February and I think she would enjoy it.
  7. momoftwinboys09

    Taxes, Fees and Port Expenses

    We just got off enchantment and there were 20 if us booked through a local TA. The taxes must have been less when we got on bc we had a credit on our cabin account for $4.88 per person. Sent from my ALCATEL ONE TOUCH Fierce using Tapatalk
  8. momoftwinboys09

    Freestyle Coke machine

    I want to also say I was with a party if 20 on Enchantment over the weekend and one of them got a soda from freestyle machine, grabbed food out of windjammer, then tried to grab a refill before coming back to the pool deck. The machine told him he had "x" minutes before his next drink. So you may want to find out how many minutes you have to wait in between soda refills with the machine. Sent from my ALCATEL ONE TOUCH Fierce using Tapatalk
  9. momoftwinboys09

    Carnival vs Royal Caribbean?

    You will have a great time on the Enchantment! Like I said it would take a lot for me to have a bad cruise. There was nothing wrong with the Lego movie but for me if I'm by the pool, I'd prefer music. The Fascination was our 1st cruise in 2011 and we loved it! It does seem like Carnival caters more to kids but we were kids free on the Enchantment so I really can't say on that. We wanted a trip to relax and that is what we got! It was great. It just seemed to me that for us Carnival was the route we will still take next time. I am glad that I got to experience Royal. But Carnival seemed to invite us on the ship and welcome us all week as opposed to Royal just seemed to be going their job. Have a wonderful time though and be sure and let me know what you thought when you come back! Sent from my ALCATEL ONE TOUCH Fierce using Tapatalk
  10. momoftwinboys09

    Carnival vs Royal Caribbean?

    Having only been on 2 Carnival ships in the past, and both of them Fantasy class ones, I just got off of Royal's Enchantment yesterday. I have compared them in my mind as they are both older and smaller ships. I went with a group of 20 of us for a 10 year Anniversary trip for our company. I agree that I don't think I could have a bad cruise, but I am glad that I got to experience a Royal ship. It may not be the newest or the biggest, but having only sailed small ships on Carnival I have compared them. And for me, hands down Carnival was better for me and my family. We did not go to any shows on Royal, but did hear that the comedy show was not all that great. The friendliness of the staff was much better on Carnival. Not to say there were not great employees on Royal but as a whole Carnival employees make us feel good about being there and wanting to take care of us. I also liked the food better on Carnival as the 24 hour pizza was easy. The omlet station in the Windjammer (actually the whole set up of the windjammer) was complete chaos. It was much smoother for me on Carnival. The pool deck on the Enchantment was much more spacious than on the Fantasy class ships. They did have an outdoor big screen but I would have rather had live music all day instead of watching the Lego Movie each day in the afternoon. All around it just wasn't a 'Funship' and we will be booking Carnival as we have in the past.
  11. momoftwinboys09

    Royal Caribbean A Step Above

    I just got off the Enchantment today. Having Carnival 2 times in the past I agree that there are many similarities and many differences. I am glad having the experience of sailing Royal but for me, Carnival was better in all aspects. Food, entertainment, customer service, and plain Fun. I had a great time and could not imagine having a bad cruise on any ship but just prefer Carnival. I must disagree with the comment about Windjammer better. I think the Lido wins plus it's not as chaotic as Wind Jammer seemed to me. The omelet station was a complete disaster with the set up but it did taste good. One thing I liked on Royal was the space on the main pool deck. It seemed better utilized. Sent from my ALCATEL ONE TOUCH Fierce using Tapatalk
  12. momoftwinboys09

    EOS Drink package question --- Red Bull???

    I just wanted to share that RCI responded to my Facebook post and told me that Red Bull is part of the Ultimate package, based on availability. I'm hoping this means that as long as there are cans on board! ;)
  13. momoftwinboys09

    EOS Drink package question --- Red Bull???

    Thanks for the info! Just kind of stinks because I had hoped to pay for it now. I guess you are right though. =( Oh well...very excited to sail in 9 days and my 1st time with Royal so anxious to go!!
  14. I have read all over these forums and even called RCI directly. Seems as though everyone has a different answer. I've seen some on here saying that the $55 & $65 package includes Red Bull in a can by itself. Then have seen some that say just the $65. Then when I called, the agent said there is no Red Bull included --- well it was not on the list he has seen. I just would like to know what packages include Red Bull from a can. I have emailed them to find out but we are sailing next week and I would like to find out if it is and where can you get them on Enchantment of the Seas? I will be drinking Sugar Free ones. Thanks!!:confused:
  15. momoftwinboys09

    Ready to book not sure which ship...Breeze??

    Thanks for the quick replies. The 8 hour drive would be doable if we weren't on a time limit. We live in Charlotte, NC so we'll be driving 6 hours to Jacksonville to drop off the kids. After that, I'd much rather fly then we'll have to drive back to Charlotte after we pick up the kids. My hubby had a friend who sailed on the Dream and he didn't really like it as much as the others so I'd like to choose a different one. I've heard good things about the Freedom also.