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  1. A few years ago we were on a cruise that included two segments, either the Voyage of the Vikings or the round trip Med cruise out of Fort Lauderdale (which sadly has been discontinued). We asked and after the first segment we were upgraded to 4 star and free laundry!
  2. Another reason to wait until one goes to the dining room the first night to purchase a wine package is that the wine steward gets credit for what you purchase, and they appreciate that, of course. We've ordered ours online before the cruise and then realized that wasn't the best idea.
  3. HAL has absolutely the worse website. I always wonder if someone at the top has a son-in-law with a degree in anthropology running the department. It's so frustrating....and embarrassing. I would never recommend the site to any of my family or friends.
  4. I received from an email from HAL offering special fares. I clicked on it, went to the site and got the message that said "These special fares, not open to the general public, are available on select sailings. For a limited time book a suite and receive prepaid gratuities! To receive these offers, please login. Offers expire April 26, 2019." The page shows page 1 of 1155 cruises but nowhere to log in to see the "select sailings for the special fares!!!! The HAL site is terrible. I sent a feedback message, but it never helps.
  5. I don't book online, but I like to peruse the HAL itineraries and costs on their website. I want to have a good idea what I want before calling her. Doesn't seem like too much to ask to be able to do that......
  6. I agree completely, Roz. But they don't make it easy to get to the point where someone can enjoy the ship, the service, cabin and food!
  7. An acquaintance of mine in his 70s asked on Facebook for cruise line suggestions for an Alaskan cruise not long ago, and I was too embarrassed to suggest checking the options on the Holland America website. Thankfully, the experience on their cruises is nothing like the website!
  8. My husband and I are 4-star Mariners with HAL, but we continue to be frustrated with the terrible website. The situation should be an embarrassment to the company. I like to do my searches online before calling our TA. I've sent endless negative comments on the site but to no avail. We were disappointed with the Promenade on the Koningsdam, so for those who find a place to walk with a view important, check out deck plans first. Also, we've found that with the new staterooms that open out onto the Promenade, the deck chairs are mostly reserved for those staterooms. However.... we still sail exclusively with Holland. My husband won't let me book with any other line!
  9. Yes, that's another issue. Don't dare go back and change anything or add anything. The site reminds me of someone with a terrible case of absentmindedness! It gets all confused and can't operate unless I go back the the very beginning, log in again and begin my query all over again.
  10. I can't even get that far. As soon as I click on the option to change/select a new stateroom, the ball starts spinning and will continue for forever and a day. I just tried again. So frustrating.
  11. This same problem with the website has been going on for a long time. It gets better and then reverts again to a high frustration level. I can't understand why Holland America continues to employ the same inept website managers. I don't see how it could not be costing them money to lose potential customers who search their cruise itineraries on the Internet........or should I say try to search their cruise itineraries.
  12. Is anyone besides me having a problem with the HAL website? Sometimes the headings for the cruises will show conflicting itineraries. Sometimes not the correct search criterion, such as specific ship, month, etc. Today I tried to go through the process of trial booking a cruise and then changing the guarantee cabin to one of my choice to find out what the price would be. Yesterday I got a message telling me to try another time, and today all I am getting is a spinning spinning spinning ball. This is not the first time the site has given me fits.
  13. I meant to add that we received the news onboard that HAL is leaving the Port of Tampa next year. We were told that cruises out of Florida will be sailing from Lauderdale after the Rotterdam sails out of Tampa in April.
  14. I don't know the answer to your question. I should have asked the Cruise Director. I hope someone who has sailed on another HAL ship lately will comment on the singers and dancers and the other entertainment.
  15. If you read the prior posts, HAL didn't "allegedly" cancel the wine package discount. They cancelled it and then reinstated it. I'm not going to argue the point any further, but I felt the need to point this out.
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