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  1. LOL, most definitely!! He's a meat guy, for sure!
  2. That seems to be the consensus here. Symphony is nice, but not $1800 nicer. My husband agrees too, LOL.
  3. I like Cats too! But the reviews I've read are scaring me, lol. Thanks for the info. My kids will def like the better pool deck.
  4. Thanks! Nice to hear from someone who has been on both ships. I do like the "savings" of Oasis.
  5. @cruisegirl 1 Thank you! Yeah, with a high price difference, my husband is wondering the same thing.
  6. Being hunkered at home has me thinking about our next tropical vacation! We've done Disney for our last 2 cruises and want to change things up. We want to do a western caribbean cruise to Mexico. During the time frame that we're looking at, Oasis of the Seas and Symphony of the Seas are going to the same ports. The only difference is cost - Symphony is about $1800 more. Our kids will be 7, 11 and 13. Both ships offer a lot of great activities for the kids, family and adults. I'll be doing some more research in the coming days, but wanted to get your opinion on your likes/dislikes of each ships, what to do/not to do, etc. Anyone know what the major differences between the ships? This will be our 1st time sailing on a mega boat and my little guy is super excited. Stay safe and well!
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