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  1. Great attitude and I wish you the best on your next adventure and I hope for all things are calmer in July.
  2. I think you know why it was cancelled....the Capt. explained it in his announcement.
  3. Have to weigh in on this as I was also on the 21 day cruise. I can only repeat what Poster Regnig wrote. The staff and crew were amazing.....they kept their smiles on their faces and their main concern was for us passengers. The cruise was very normal until the night before Martinique and the Captain announced that we would have out temps taken when getting off and back on the ship. St. Lucia was iffy and I really didn't think we would get off the ship. Port Authority was onboard meeting with Medical and it was a waiting game but we were finally welcomed to the island. We were constantly u
  4. Just off the Koningsdam , sitting at airport after 21 days cruise. The K’dam will continue on to South America to reposition. With no pax. This is from the Capt. Crew members were told they could go home or stay on the ship. They were given the choice after Captain had a late night meeting with them to inform them of all the changes. I shared a few tears with some crew members who were surprised with this decision . Some crew we talked to will be leaving as their contract is close to ending. Others are concerned because of their personal obligations. To say this is an easy time for all is an u
  5. When you board and get settled make a stop at the M'D station requesting a change in dining times and dates...it's all in their system. On longer cruises there is usually not a problem, short ones may be more difficult. I've never tried this but maybe someone who posts here has...If you have a special date and time you really want pre-book and pay in advance. Once onboard show your free dinner invitation and get a credit to your account. The credit won't apply to your CC but to your OB account. As I said, I don't know if this would work but the thought just popped into my head when
  6. Will be boarding K'dam in a few days...I'm in trouble I love those things.
  7. We are on B2B cruise in a few weeks. We have to physically get off the ship to zero out the ship. New pax will be boarding the ship, we will be doing a little sight seeing and reboarding. So the question....can I bring the allowed one bottle per pax onboard? (again)
  8. I love this service, DH loves his clothes with a good press and he uses this service frequently... he does all the ironing at home. The grandsons send their shirts over to him because he does a better job than their mom :):) I enjoy my home service also. He put a sign in my closet that says, Caution, sharp creases!
  9. Thank you for taking the time to do the fleet report..much appreciated.
  10. I understand your concerns, little ones do need their space that is "private". Try looking up pictures of cabins on the ship you will be on. We had our daughter on a trip and there was no area to put her where she couldn't see us, it was ok at the time but when we got home we had problems. Good Luck, I still miss those days...
  11. Will be sailing on the K'dam in three weeks and just received the usual update about the happenings on the ship. The Orange Party was mentioned and suggested to wearing orange, which won't be a problem for me as its my favorite color. We are looking forward to this event, always up for good music and meeting others in a casual setting. Maybe this doesn't appeal to everyone but that's the great part of being on a cruise, there is something for everyone.
  12. Would that be the 23rd? If so I will be joining you, and look forward to meeting on a sanitized ship.
  13. I’ve gotten some guarantees 3 weeks out, some closer to sailing. Seems to be no rhyme or reason. Always had time to print boarding pass and luggage tags. If for some reason you don’t get your assignment in time your bags will be tagged with your information at embarkation. Never had this happen to me and would think it’s not the norm after reading others reports on guarantees.
  14. I'm sorry for the wording in my post, when re-reading it I see how my words looked. I wasn't doubting what you witnessed, just passing along what I have experienced at mass on HAL ships. In regards to Himself posting it had more to do with his experience with HAL and how things work for him. Please accept my apology.
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