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  1. Hi, I had to blink twice when I saw this post as I was the original poster. Just to update I will tell you things went very smoothly and if driving again to Ft. Lauderdale I would not hesitate to use them again. Trickiest part was the little turnaround getting into the lot. Easy off the freeway, parked car and pickup van was right behind us to grab out bags. No waiting for others, we were given a slip with our parking number on it, followed the advice of driver and took a picture. Delivered right to the door. Upon return it was a quick call and driver arrived promptly and drove us to our car. Upon exiting the attendant handed us both a bottle of ice cold water...how nice is that. Very Easy....
  2. Politely asked and received slippers on our last cruise, basic balcony cabin.
  3. Just wondering.....I have thought about doing this but never have. Go to the Lido and fill a bowl with fruit, pick up a container of yogurt, a container of Almond Milk and head to the bar. Ask nicely if they will blend it up for you.
  4. Keep checking in with your HAL agent, we had the same issue being waitlisted and after a phone call about another issue I asked to check the dining and we received our late dining slot, table for 2. The verbiage appears in the area in your DOC's under Special Requests. Your room card you receive at check-in has your table number and dining option printed on it.
  5. I enjoy reading the CC forum for information and help in areas that might pertain to our itinerary or future cruises. While on board the Eurodam in Feb. I purchased a FCC. I used it to book a cruise Feb. 2020 when I got home. Today while looking thru the forums I read about booking onboard etc. Then I noticed a posting about booking a new cruise within 60 days of prior cruise and receiving double SBC using a code ZPM. Well my friends I called my TA who called HAL and I was eligible for the extra OBC. Very pleased with myself right now. Thanks to all who take the time to post such good info and reminders....
  6. You won't be disappointed, we dined 3 times there on our last cruise. I love the service, food, atmosphere, and if you enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail make sure you give yourself time to sit in the bar area and enjoy a special cocktail. They have a very unique drink menu that you won't find in the other bars. We liked the area so much we went up there for our pre-dinner cocktail before going to dinner in the MDR a few times. It's got a real good vibe... We did book from home for our reservations as I wanted specific times and dates and didn't want to be disappointed.
  7. Contact me by e-mail zsandy25atcomcast.net, someone sent me some pictures, and I will forward
  8. Stan, do you happen to have any pictures of the cabin
  9. I see what you mean about the balcony, it will still be a chance to step outside. We booked the retreat cabana for the entire cruise so that's where we will be spending most of our time.
  10. We are booked in cabin VH4043 on the Koningsdam for a 21 day cruise, Feb. 2020. This cabin has a different footprint in shape. Just curious as to the interior layout. The balcony is larger and yes I know it is an obstructed view. Thanks for any information on this cabin, always appreciated.
  11. How awful, I’ve never heard of overbooking. So sorry you had this happen to you. We book cabanas and have never had a problem. I hope you follow up on this.
  12. We are booked on SD to Hawaii cruise leaving 2/3. Eurodam has the retreat area on the ship, we used the retreat on a K-dam cruise and DH loved it. I like a little sun, he prefers none, no walking around looking for a lounger etc. I tend to run around the ship he likes to find a spot etc. It worked out well and we enjoyed the area and service. We have never made this crossing before and have been researching about weather and temps., what has been your experience? I have reserved a Cabana for the whole cruise and paid upfront, I still have time to cancel the reservation but once onboard I'm locked in. For those of you who have done this crossing do you think we would get use out of that area or will it be too cold. We are from Michigan so a light layer to be outdoors would be a welcome. Thanks for any input.
  13. Thanks, I always look for my 4 star discount but didn't know if I cancelled that I would get shipboard credit.
  14. We had the pleasure of meeting and sharing time with the hostess of ATK on our Alaskan Cruise in late June. I love to cook and subscribe to Cooks Country Magazine and watch the show on PBS. So this was an added pleasure when we boarded the ship and I found out ATK had taken over the cooking segments. As other poster wrote its just like watching the tv program. The classes were very well attended and most times it was standing room only. I suggest you arrive about 1/2 hr. before start time. You will receive a copies of the recipes as you enter the room. They are nicely done on thick paper stock not flimsily paper. Also, we were given a free copy of Cook's Illustrated magazine. There are no sampling of the foods prepared. Our hostess told us she is not even allowed to taste the prepared food. They do offer some private cooking classes. There is an upcharge for those and if interested I would suggest you go to the front office when you board and sign up. I would have loved to have done one but unfortunately our cruise had an outbreak of Noro and the classes were cancelled. What I did love about the classes....the hostess followed the menu card with exactly what she was doing in the presentation. She talked about the utensils, cooking vesicles etc. I remember the old cooking classes where a chef from one of the venues would come and teach the class, then change things up with a little of this, forget this etc. We leave in a few weeks for another cruise and I will be attending the ATK classes. Big bonus is I just found out the ATK hostess we had on Alaskan cruise will be hosting on our cruise.
  15. On our last cruise I had to ask for a soap dish, don't know if it just got overlooked but really didn't want that bar of soap sliding all over the counter and ending on the floor. There wasn't one attached to the wall as was the case on a different ship. On our upcoming cruise I'm bringing my own hand soap, I prefer the pump foaming kind. Were in port a day early and I hit the nearest drug store to pick up all the stuff I don't want to pack, toothpaste, mouthwash etc. and this year the foaming soap😉
  16. I’m coming along for the ride, very enjoyable Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. We are on the Eurodam in March of 2019, 28 days RT San Diego Hawaii/Tahiti. We have 15 sea days and have been thinking about the Retreat on the Eurodam. Have any of you booked one of the Cabanas? If so do you have a recommendation as to where to like to be? We were able to book the retreat on the K'dam a year ago on sea days. My DH and I loved the whole experience. I know the retreat is not for everyone but would appreciate any comments from those of you who have experienced the retreat on the Eurodam.
  18. We will be driving to Ft. Lauderdale this year for our cruise. We will be on a 21 day cruise and would like some advice and recommendations regarding parking for that length of time. We plan on driving into Ft. Lauderdale the day of embarkation. Thanking you all in advance for your input
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