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  1. http://printableteamschedules.com/NCAA/marchmadness.php Just looked at tv schedule for tournament. HAL doesn’t get those channels.
  2. I would suggest not booking during the tournament if you want to watch many games. In the past HAL gets very few channels that the tournament is shown on.
  3. Last month of the Kdam it was a set price of $15 per person. You ordered as many things as you wanted. We were glad that we went with another couple because we ordered several tapas to share as well as individual main dishes. We loved it.
  4. You connect with them by their name (I think the name they booked the cruise under). I think each person needs to go on Navigator after they board and set up an account. It is frustrating that there is nom”alert” that you have a message. You need to sign on to Navigator to check to see if you have any messages.
  5. Zero line dance classes on 21 day Kdam I was on last week The ONLY time I even saw a line dance was during B.B. King show and they came out on floor to start it. Sadly there were so many young children being allowed to take over the floor that there wasn’t room for others. Plus it’s a safety issue with children running amuck.
  6. There are 2 ships in Amsterdam this Sunday - Koningsdam and Prinsendam as far as the websites that list port schedules. HAL sent email saying that since there are 2 ships in port that it will be necessary to do check in by decks and then lists the time for each deck. Kdam sails at 5pm and Pdam sails at 6pm. Having a 2:30-3:00 check in time seems really late to me. Is this normal for Amsterdam checkin? Thanks for any info.
  7. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! Enjoy every moment! It should be an awesome time. The itinerary is amazing and we love the ship. We look forward to spending time with you guys. See you onboard!
  8. We walked to The Old Town Bridge and the adjoining neighborhood which is old buildings on wooden pillars along the river.
  9. Yes, you could do it the way you stated. Another option is to take disposable shower caps to the buffet and cover your filled plates with them to “schlepp them back to your cabana”. The plates are disposable.
  10. Great! We sail out of Amsterdam and thought about bringing them on board but wondered about a vase. I would love to have an arrangement there when friends board but I also like the idea of being able to have a better selection onboard. Hopefully the ship could get them there in a decent time.
  11. This is a thread from 2017 and I was wondering if being able to order flowers after you are onboard still has additional/better selections? We are sailing out of Amsterdam and I wondered about trying to bring flowers onboard.....but I prefer the convenience of ordering them once onboard.
  12. My guess is that they will gladly let you buy another wine package anytime during the cruise.
  13. Go on You Tube. There are some great videos as folks are on the trail.
  14. We loved our day with Anastasia of Urban Adventures. We booked for 2 of us on what was listed as a small group tour (10-12) but she also offers custom private tours. Imagine our surprise when it was just the 2 of us and Anastasia. Additionally imagine our surprise when she commented that we had made better time with the walking portion and so if we wanted to see additional subway stations that we had time. She booked our lunch at a unique restaurant and we sat in an old Volga car that was right next to an old wooden electric chair. It was a great tour. Since she is a small franchise, she doesn’t have the priority authorization to bring her transport right to your ship. We also saw various taxis having to pick up/drop off people at the port gate while other companies were allowed to drive on to the port area. Instead, you need to walk out to the port gate and she will meet you there. Not a problem for us.
  15. Thank you.....so I guess this means they haven’t gone to the unlimited/tier level?
  16. Question re internet: Does anyone know if Kdam has switched over to the new tiered pricing level that is unlimited amount of minutes? If so, what was the price on your cruise? We are also going on a 21 day Kdam cruise soon.
  17. Yes, sailing Hurtigruten is why I was asking. I wasn’t counting on Wi-Fi in ports but hoping. Previously I think it was you that told me Hurtigruten Wi-Fi costs aren’t that high. I can’t remember how much you said it was. Plus i’ll have my data plan to fall back on if needed. Thanks
  18. Curious as to how cell phone coverage is while sailing. How far off shore do you usually sail? At times when I’ve gone on ocean cruises, i’ve been surprised with my ability to still have cell phone coverage despite not actually being in port. I realize I’ve never sailed Norway before and that coverage can vary based on lots of variables. Additionally, will there be WiFi in ports? We are sailing Kirkenes to Bergen. Thanks for any information.
  19. Thanks! We are sailing Norway and hope the aft view will really be appreciated in the fjords. I’ve read that the room set up isn’t to some folks liking....the bed by the balcony. Was it that way for you? We’re the same deck as you were but on the other side.
  20. Where did you cruise when you had that cabin? What did you think about having an aft cabin? Positives? Negatives?
  21. In Sitka - go to the Alaska Raptor Center to see the rescued/rehabilitation of various eagles and birds. There is an admission fee or you could always become a member. We were there years ago. We walked from port (I think it might have changed locations since then), through the totem pole park and then you cross a road to get to the raptor center. They did a presentation while we were there and you can walk through the center to see the birds. Very informative. We walked back through the totem park and a gentleman was working on a new totem pole in a small open area with a roof over it. Once we got back to city center, there was a small city recreation building (or some type of building) that had a sign advertising a dance presentation of Russian folk dance and song. Small admission fee there and we enjoyed watching it. We had an amazing day in Sitka...hope you do too.
  22. Thank you for all the info. Just not sure if hubby would be willing to drive since it limits his chances to view. We aren’t in port as long as you were. How many hours did you spend on the road? We port 10-7.
  23. rittsail, I would love to hear how challenging/easy it was to drive yourself to Trollstigen. Anything thing that you did or didn’t do that you would do differently if you could? Thanks for any info.
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