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  1. I’m interested in the same question for June 2020. We would do HAL expedited disembarkation if needed and have a Global Traveler card if that is used at Montreal airport. Thanks for any additional thoughts/input.
  2. Sorry if i’m being extra dense here. Your response of yes....did you mean yes you can get coffee from Explorations using your signature drink card or yes you have to pay for it? Thanks.....hmmmmm...maybe I need to go get coffee from my own kitchen right now
  3. Hi, saw this thread and thought I would ask a question as all of this is new to me. Is this way of having the different plans on all HAL ships now? Once someone books, will they be offered a chance to purchase a package in advance and at a reduced rate? I assume the posting of the prices chart is if you wait til you are onboard to purchase? Thanks for any clarification.
  4. http://printableteamschedules.com/NCAA/marchmadness.php Just looked at tv schedule for tournament. HAL doesn’t get those channels.
  5. I would suggest not booking during the tournament if you want to watch many games. In the past HAL gets very few channels that the tournament is shown on.
  6. Last month of the Kdam it was a set price of $15 per person. You ordered as many things as you wanted. We were glad that we went with another couple because we ordered several tapas to share as well as individual main dishes. We loved it.
  7. You connect with them by their name (I think the name they booked the cruise under). I think each person needs to go on Navigator after they board and set up an account. It is frustrating that there is nom”alert” that you have a message. You need to sign on to Navigator to check to see if you have any messages.
  8. Zero line dance classes on 21 day Kdam I was on last week The ONLY time I even saw a line dance was during B.B. King show and they came out on floor to start it. Sadly there were so many young children being allowed to take over the floor that there wasn’t room for others. Plus it’s a safety issue with children running amuck.
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