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  1. Loved the cruise, loved Turkey, felt safe and welcomed at Ephesus. This was a great excursion, magnificient ruins. So worth it. Happy Sailing.
  2. Thank you and happy cruising to you. I believe what I said. My opinion p, if I can sail on the Surf life is very good, no reason to gripe from my end. Enjoy the sails.
  3. Go up the gangway, look around and say thank you life, Embarkation is 5 minutes with either a rum punch or a glass of champagne, toast yourself and your fortune, go to your room drop off your carry ons, go up to the Veranda sit in the outside and relish the delicious lunch you are about to have, and do not forget sail away at the Compas Rose. Have a great time.
  4. Milepig is right. “The laundry rocks.” We have not checked luggage in 30+ years. We have been traveling solely with WS for 20 years. We travel before the cruise and afterwards. All my clothes are cold water washed, line dry, never has one thing come back damaged, shrunk, discolorec etc. Great service. Happy Sailing.
  5. I think it would be difficult to get 10 passengers with such small ships. If all 10 do not show you are in for the money. I would never do this with people I did not know. Even when traveling with friends if I set it up I would ask for answers in X time, I make sure it us paid up front even if it is not required. Burned once! We are not tour people so when I go to search for a driver/guide I have had tremendous success with Tours by Locals, I go on Trip Advisor, researching on tourism sites for where we are going. Takes a bit of sleuthing but in the end worth it. It is a great trip. We did Barcelona to Lisbon on the Surf. Fabulous. Happy Sailing.
  6. There is a great walk on Ils de Saintes that takes you to Plages Pompiers from the center of the town. This is a lovely bay beach, great swimming. It is about 1.5 km. When you go to the little Main Street take a left and take any of the side streets on the right up, they will come to an end and take a left, you will go up and it will come to the end, follow the road to the right and it takes you to the beach. Pretty views as you climb up ( not that bad as you go up, plentry of shade to stop under ) and once at the top you will probably meet the cows and goats. There are people selling water and sodas along the way but bring water. Very pretty, the walk is down hill going back. A few restaurants near the beach I have never tried them. We love this beach. I have some beautiful photos of the Surf from the hill. Also in town if you go right on the Main Street on the left is a very authentic tiny crepe stand, authentic I mean by they use the proper flour which is critical in crepe making, delicious, the man is grumpy but disregard, great crepes. Happy Sailing.
  7. Agree, going under the bridge in Lisbon is so important, an optical illusion like you have never experienced. We did it at 5:30 am everyone was on deck in their pajamas and WS bathrobe. Very funny. A must not miss at any time. Low tide and they stop the trains using the bridge. Wonderful memories we did it twice. Happy Sailing.
  8. I can not imagine being on any other ship in Polynesia. Our trip was perfect and magical. Totally agree with Milepig. Happy Sailing all.
  9. We love sea days. We take advantage of the views, we read, we circle the boat on deck, sometimes we are under sail without the engines people actually whisper, we talk about our life together and how lucky we are to be experiencing this ship and sailing the magnificient ocean, we contempate how small we are and how huge the ocean is, we are joyous in the moment. It truly is the best of days. Embrace it. Happy Sailing ( read, excerise, think, do puzzles, work on the ship’s puzzle, eat, drink, socialize, listen to music, talk, swim, take a hot tub, visit the spa, visit the bridge, make a friend, or not..... )
  10. Strenz


    Hi, new_cruiser, We love the Surf in the Caribbean and the Med. for us it about the sails. We are on the Surf 1/18 for 14 days. We will have to introduce ourselves. My sister used to live in Auburn and she was a nurse manager at Sutter Hospital for years. She lives in Sequim WA now, less heat. Also, a big fan of WS. My other sister wants to do the Spanish Coast cruise on 10/29/19 8 nights $ 2999 pp, I think that price is crazy and I do think it will go down. She is a Surf fan as well, all in the family. I told her to wait it out. Air in the late fall really goes down. Good question, I do not know about the welcome back. Someone told me when you change prices you cancel pay $50 pp and reserve again. Never have done that. We got both welcome back alumni 5%. Pricing is a mystery. I know for the Caribbean in the winter from Boston we reserve early because airfares are out of this world the closer one gets. Happy Sailing.
  11. Strenz


    I also think for the most part the prices for Caribbean Cruises are fair. I just got a very fair price for 1/18/20 14 days and signed up, good thing now it is 300 more per person. We have cruised with far too much OBC ( we hardly drink more than 2 glasses of alcohol a day ) and we are not tour people in the Caribbean and we are not shoppers. Also, We have sailed with none. We are looking at the Surf going to Malta in 9/20, $5199 pp 10 days I think that is a lot. I did see the same one in 2019 go down, going to wait it out. It really is a game this pricing. Similar to airline miles and upgrades. Way of the world. Ugh! Happy Sailing
  12. Strenz


    I do not remember which had cookies but I remember most had water and ice tea. Happy Sailing.
  13. Strenz


    Hi Milepig, I did mean in the water on a beach the man was dressed in a tux with shoes in an ad. I saw many ads on this very up scale cruise line which I can not mention here. I thought it was riduculous and deeming enough to put on my “ never go on “ list. I know what you mean cost cutting measures. What I do not understand that there is still a disconnect between Seattle and the onboard experience. It is getting better. Still needs lots of improvements. I warn friends when they call, inevitably they say I know what you mean. For example they had a very nice lady selling cruises from Seattle on my most recent cruise and she told me without doubt, positive etc. etc. The Surf would not be going to Malta in 2020, I was seriously disappointed then yesterday voila there it was 9/28 /20 Malta. Seriously happy now but for 10 days the price is out of this world. I am now on watch duty. Agree Tahiti was magnificient. I would not call the Motu experience lavish but simply wonderful. Well Happy Sailing to you.
  14. Strenz


    Hi, We were on the Surf for two weeks in the Caribbean in January. I wrote a review. Admittedly we really like WS and depending how one counts this was either our 23 or 25. I have noticed cost cutting measures the ones I don’t care about are: luggage tags, no more little pouches, drink prices /packages ( We do not drink enough for a package ) the price of drinks and wines are very fair, we like the choices. I do think it is too bad they do not do the special events any more in Europe. We experienced some splendid ones. We still received the WS tote bags. We still received twice a week new bath products more than ample plus they are of high quality, the laundry service is great and continues to be reasonable. I agree the canapes are sparse my question is why serve them when there is not enough to go around and nibbles while in the lounge cocktail hour is a nice touch. OBC has also become harder to get, that is annoying. If you asked for a price reduction as advertised you lose that. Seattle office is still not consistent with first line service and information. But,we continue to love the onboard exoerience. As mentioned in my review the food we had is the best we have ever had, I think the food gets better with time. I would also be annoyed with plactic inferior jams but we had them in the little jars, the English brand. I always feel badly about waste with those. Last year in Kotor they put out bowels of the luscious honey at breakfast that the chef bought there. I do not know if they can buy high quality jams and put them out in bowels. I do feel the cruise prices have really risen. As time goes by the prices can really drop because I watch them like a hawk. By that time too late due to the crazyness of air prices. On some trips I think they are asking far too much because WS is not like some of the very pricer lines with bulters etc. For that I am grateful. We do not need some poor guy serving us drinks in the water in a tux. We remain very happy with WS obviously. Our only annoyance is smoking for the most part people are very polite but those who are not it is sometimes very hard for the crew to engage with them. Rude is rude. Great food, wonderful ports, great service, we love the sails, very informal, very civilized. So Traval don’t worry you should have a great time. Life is not perfect but we feel onboard the Surf it remains terrific. We think the Surf is made for the Caribbean and the Med. Happy Sailing.
  15. Bonjour Bleu Azur, If you stay the night before at the Holland House and you do not want to get to the ship early and want to spend much of the day on the beach, just check out, they will safely hold you bags and spend the day at their beach no cost. I wrote a review of my recent Wind Surf trip 1/5-1/19. It was great. The review is under Strenz, Wind Surf the best way to experience the Caribbean. We had a fabulous trip: weather, food, beaches, sails ( we are not excursion folks ) Bon Voyage, Susanne Mon époux es un Montréalais.
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