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  1. Hi, I totally agree and I totally believe in vaccinations, I too still mask up, it seems to me that herding is no safer or safer than going out on your own in an open air cab, on your own to a beach, to an open market, etc. I think herding into a souvenir shop is creepy, I still do not eat inside in restaurants for example. Also, my serious prejudice I can not stand shopping and I know I am in the minority here. Simply, Caribbean sun and sea, read, swim, so the herding does not bother me like Europe for that reason we are putting off our Italy until next year, fingers crossed, but looking forw
  2. I read that article. If WS will be 100% vaccinated I do not see the point in the herding bubble. I do think more creativity in the excursions is necessary. I have been on a few excursions with WS durning my 26 cruises with them and with the exception of one they have been good but I have chosen very carefully. I think $29 ( seriously it is not the $29 ) it is herding people off a tender, herd walking five minutes to a beach bar to go to a souvenir shop, same with St. Barts. My nightmare. The difference with Gertrude's is it is further away, no souvenir shop and people can enjoy the beach and
  3. Oh! I forgot yes the new places looked great. I would love the Holy Land, we love South America, all looked intriguing. Let's go Sailing!
  4. I received the same survey. I drink but very little, I wrote I would not sail if that were the case, same for excursions I have taken a few WS excursions but my interests and experiences when it especially comes to Europe are different that most folks. For Europe we use WS as a way to get around because we love sailing so we like to go off on our own, Caribbean we use WS as a perfect vacation sun and sea. The survey made me nervous thinking my days with WS after 26 cruises might be over. I do not see why it should be a one for all travel/vacation experience it makes no sense to me. I ce
  5. Jazzbeau, Thanks for that. My problem: I am going to Malta specifically to study the Caravaggio with an expert. I am going to Sicily, where I have been numerous times, to meet with a favorite author or mine and to go to a specific town for a specific food. We have been very fortunate to have done a lot of traveling over many years in addition to have lived in Europe. Our favorite way to get places is by sea, therefore WS. That is what I am weighing with this virus and excursion policy. I think/ hope it will be better next year. Enjoy your cruising. Susanne
  6. I am glad that WS is dropping the excursion provision in Greece and the vaccinated people can go with WS excursions or follow their own interests. I do not think it is customers speaking but Greece changing their policies in relationship to this virus despite their troubling vaccination rate as mentioned by Barrycat. I think WS is in the wait and see mode because no one really knows. It could all change on a dime. The countries all have different laws and systems. I am scheduled for Rome Malta 9/28. Like Barrycat no air/hotels or tours and further no excursions booked. I decided if the
  7. Pudgesmom: We totally agree absolutely fabulous service, I would say better than any dessert I know of. I never want Windstar Cruises to go all inclusive but I love the laundry. Happy Sailing soon to all.
  8. Msears 101, WS is an up front Cruise and for that I am grateful. We are not big drinkers for no reason other than we aren't, we are not soda drinkers, we are not gamblers either. We love either the solitude of WS or being with a small group of people we have met or friends who have come with us. I love the vacation aspect of WS in the Caribbean and where WS takes us in Europe. We really been fortunate to have traveled and lived in Europe that most excursion places we have been too. Passions are food culture and markets, art and museums and opera and choral music. We love getting off the ship a
  9. I have stated before that the excursion question really bothers me mostly due to my issues that my interests are so different , for good and bad, than most people and this pertains really towards Europe. I am on the Surf 12/18 and read today that Barbados requires ship excursions only right now. Who knew? Other islands I have no idea. I get it with overloading problematic health care systems. Also, imagine being a guest of an island, that is what tourists are, we are guests and giving the local people problems about their mask rules, the bad manners and ignorance that is simply rude and
  10. There is no way I would cruise without the vaccinations or no go. Sad to say with everything opening so quickly, we know one case and it is over. For us right now it truly is a wait and see. Ships are a petri dish and Royal may just prove that again by dropping the simple vaccine mandate. Could wreck it for all of us. Fingers Crossed for Happy Sailing.
  11. I am mystified! I just looked up CLIA and could not find anything on this topic. Now, I am sure there are many of you out there that perhaps can find where CLIA requires all cruise lines to allow their excursions only. I was of the opinion through my reading that Crystal, Oceania, Seabourn were not requiring this. If anyone out there knows/ found more about this through the CLIA please share. I can not find anything through different countries either. I find it odd that the crew does not have to be vaccinated but passengers are blocked front going out on their own. Thanks in advance. Happy Sa
  12. I totally agree and my husband and I have been beyond safe and we are vaccinated, we have not been to a restaurant since March 13 th 2020, still will not, I do not stuff shop anyway but food once a week, small local store the big stores once a month. Still mask up. Not overly happy with the US opening on an honor system. My concern is that I do not feel WS all for one excursions are all that safe. With my good sense, for the Caribbean at least getting in an open aired van, or a cab with windows open going to a beach is far safer that group activities mentioned on this post. Yes, have to fly
  13. The walking/shopping from the tender dock to Hermès and to a souvenir shop in St.Barts for $49, is about as ridiculous as one can get. Pathetic really and certainly not what WS represents in 180 Degrees From Ordinary. 180 Degrees to Ridiculous . Sad, makes me nervous about WS's future. I too will write a letter this week. I have been cruising with them since 1999, never have I thought that this is what WS would end up doing pandemic or not. Happy Sailing Hopefully.
  14. FLbeachbaby, $29 if it were $5 insane, pay $29 to go to a souvenir shop, listen to some steel drums....... my question what is happening to my beloved WS? I am not cheap, cost conscious, or wealthy it is the principle and it makes absolutely no sense what so ever. Buffets: I hate them and it is one reason I love WS. I can avoid them, actually my least favorite meal is the ship's barbecue. So the great sangria and a lovely crew member gets us food ( not the frozen lobster tails we are from lobster land) we sit away from the crowd. We love eating outside it works, WS makes it works so this
  15. I forgot to send my previous. Now, In reference to themuutis comment, I agree, we too are neurotically safe and vaccinated but that " foxy excursion " is ridiculous, really ridiculous. I wonder what the price of that is? To visit a closed off bar, a watered down drink and to visit a souvenir shop, that is a 5 minute tender away, that is all WS could think of? There is a beach there, no swimming???! water does not transmit the virus, we shop as a group, ( I do not shop so I have to go along ? ). They close off the souvenir shop to others so it is WS only. It is nuts and rather insulting. A
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