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  1. We have completed 2 trans Atlantic passages with the Wind Surf and one trans Pacific with the Wind Spirit when it transitioned to Tahiti. We love them. We love the perspective of the world when we wake each day and see no land, we love the quiet, we appreciate the feeling of time, sort of like the pandemic, only much nicer obviously, with no agenda ( we are retired ). We love the slowness of a sailing ship, yes the engines are cut once in a while and we love that silence. We love the freshness of the air and the colors of the blues. We love looking out on the ocean for hours and the pensiveness forces us into. We find people who have been on trans ocean cruising to be different and interesting, it is a different array of people. What we really love is the smallness of the ships. Obviously we would highly recommend the experience. Happy Sailing ( I have great traveling weather karma, we have never encountered storms I live in the NE where my weather karma is not so great)
  2. Petoonya, Why thank you. Well, my Malta cruise was cancelled but WS is doing the same cruise next year, same days only a day later. I reserved but may wait it out because WS would not honor my deposit perk and want $1500 ( my perk was $100 ), not sure I want to give them that right now. I did write to all my drivers, guides, hotels etc and told them to reschedule us for next year with the new dates and to simply keep the deposits for next year. I also reserved Caribbean for 14 days in January. NE, miserable winter no snow or ice cold, damp, rainy, windy and March and April coldest since 1883. The cruise was a very good price. I always need January to disappear. Enjoy Tahiti, we crossed the Pacific on the Spirit and did their first cruise there a few years back. Loved every second. I wish Tahiti was closer, but we adore the Caribbean too. My passions are food culture, art and Italian opera. I know Europe very well, used to live there, so any questions would love to help. sstlulu@gmail.com. Let's hope this miserable illness ends soon, with folks following the science. Happy Sailing to you. Stay Well.
  3. I so hope they survive as well. For us the experience on the ships whether vacationing or traveling simply perfect. Learned this am that WS cancelled January Panama Canal my sister was on. I thought they were to begin in January. A mystery. Happy Sailing.
  4. Our much anticipated cruise to Malta was cancelled, I understand that. Gratefully is was rescheduled next year in same time sequence. I wanted to re-reserve and I too had a special $100 deposit but WS now wants $1500 deposit. I am 25 cruises and 226 days with WS one would think they would let the special deposit stay in good faith and thanks for re-reserving within minutes of receiving the email that the original cruise was cancelled. At that very same time I reserved the Caribbean in January. I will do the Malta cruise in 2021 but I really do not want to give up all that money in these uncertain times. Good will is good will. Happy Sailing we all hope.
  5. Thank you Texasstar for your kind words.I do hope that we can safely go on this cruise, I have researched and read, reserved and dreamed. Some days hopeful some days not so. I get if if we can not. Nevertheless, if we can't I will be disappointed. Fingers crossed. I am a compulsive reader, I love to investigate and learn why. My point in the new normal is; in all generations the world goes forward, from my readings what got us here I believe scientifically, has to due with the loss of species, pollution, global warming, deforestation, water and air pollution etc. Going back will continue to create more of what we have now in different ways. We need a new normal. Macron, in his recent interview with the London Financial Times, stated, I believe this from my readings, that there is a strong wire connecting this virus, global warming and education. Going forward we need to connect this and go forward to make changes for the better. That is what I meant. No date, simply an attitude. I do believe the cruise industry is going to have to look deeply inside themselves and make changes to survive. Happy sailing as soon as possible.
  6. Have a great time. I would take out travel insurance! I admire you great hope. Have a great time.
  7. I have not book a new trip with WS. I have 9/28 scheduled to Malta and Sicily do not have a clue if it will go, I will not cancel until they do, now with the 30 day prior full pay, that is fine for me. I have 11/12/21 hope the world will return to a new normal, I won't use the word back, back is where we came from who wants to do that again. For you in October I would hope all will be fine, fingers crossed. Hoping we all gave happy sailing soon. PS I do not think many people are reserving cruising I imagine the world us on wait and see. Wait, you have the time. Call every once in a while to see how booked it is. I am sure there will be cabins and on the Spirit they are the same with the exception of 3. Good Luck. Let us know how you enjoyed yourself.
  8. We did the Spirit in Tahiti and it was magical, 149 passengers, sails, lagoon sailing and all its majesty. You will happy that you are in a small sailing ship. We have cruised with WS a lot and Tahiti was by far on the top five. You are in for treat. Happy Sailing.
  9. Welcome fingers crossed very tightly that WS will be fine after all this. I still have hope, perhaps ridiculous wishing, that my Rome-Malta-Sicily-Rome cruise will go 9/28. We adore WS, started with them 1999, then again 2004, something as little as work got in the way. 25 cruises with WS, plus took my father , at the time 81 beginning of Alzheimers and his sister , youthful 89 , on a Viking down the Rhine both immigrated to the US from Germany in 1927. My husband is a Quebecois and we have completed 2 St. Lawrence supply, ferry, passenger trips up the N. Coast. My father's last trip ( he was a world sailor ) was with Windstar with full blown Alzheimers and his every immediate ( that is all he had left ) minute was glorious. Our hearts are with WS. So, fingers crossed, welcome and happy sailing.
  10. Dear Ducklite, Unfortunately I do know know his name.He was lovely, wanted to help, good listener , asset to the company. Good Luck with your cruise. He told me about the payment being 30 days out now as well. I am sure that will be easier for WS because it looks like the world does not what it can do or will do beyond 30 days. Here's hoping that we can all cruise with WS again. If you get to go hope it is grand.
  11. Not in any way blaming employees. As stated the gentleman was extremely nice. I have been sailing with WS since 1999 and Seattle is always behind with information. I knew the Surf was in Panama to get out of the hurricane areas because the season starts 6/1 in the Caribbean. The Surf can not go under the Bridge of the Americas. In addition to being safer, Panama is probably less expensive. I have my fingers tightly crossed with good thoughts that this company survives. We have loved each trip. since we love the water WS is simply perfect for us, always has been. I hope WS does its best for its survival. Since planning is hard now but dreaming is more healthy than ever. Happy Sailing
  12. I called WS today to find out about my 9/28 cruise on the Surf to Malta and was told that they were beginning the Europe season with the Surf at the beginning of July. I asked a couple of questions and gave them information. I said that at that very moment the Surf was going in the opposite direction, it was going West to Panama, Amsterdam cancelled the Tall Ships they have every five years and it is still listed on the WS schedule, Spain plans on closing all ports to cruise ships until 9/1, Italy is planning the same and France is thinking about no international travel in or out in July and August. The very nice man told me he did not know those things. He told me my cruise was 60% full, I thought it was 60% full back at the end of February when WS Wizard was up. I felt badly for him because he was nice. I am sure it is a nightmare but WS should be keeping their sales staff at least semi informed. Perhaps the Breeze will take over the Greek runs because Greece has not had the virus as badly as most of Europe. The Breeze is in Europe now. My heart goes out to WS and I hope they survive. I am going with the flow and will re-evaluate 8/28 when my full payment it due. Eternal hope. Good Health and Happy Sailing to all.
  13. I still have hope: Surf, 9/28, Malta, Sicily. I am going to wait it out. My deposit is $ 100, most of my air is miles, tours I can basically cancel anytime and get my money back. I think with my travel savvy I can use good judgement to go or not to go. Some days full of hope others despair. Then I think I am selfish worrying about a trip when so many people are suffering. I have put so much research and work into this trip I call it my food, art, music trip. I truly hope WS can weather this pandemic, I certainly believe in the scientists so hope, wait, try to keep healthy and do good. What I can not do and I wish I could plan for 2021. Stay well all, hope for Happy Sailing in the future.
  14. I was only concerned with language. We do not have to load language in these times. Dandee: Twice we have cruised the North Coast of Quebec once on the Nordic Express and the other time with Bella de Gaganees. It is an incredible beautiful coast line full if fascinating culture, marvelous people, exquisite food culture, extraordinary nature and scenic geography. They are the only non WS cruises we have taken. We loved every second. Amazing to us how many Eastern Americans do not venture north because Quebec is so fabulous. My husband is French Canadian and I so love it up there but winters sadly too cold. I think WS could easily go beyond and to the smaller unique places, Natashquan comes to mind. Hope all is well up north, future Happy Sailing and stay well.
  15. I think using " criminal records " is a loaded expression, the FBI states that expression also that includes traffic tickets as well other misdemeanors. Be careful in this day and age with loaded language. It is " Criminal conviction " with the Canadians and it does not happen all the time. Happy Sailing when we get back to it and stay well.
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