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  1. The thrust of the French article was about design. The French government is trying to encourage the building of fuel efficient, sailing vessels. The sizes are up to 180 cabins. They are looking at 3 designs the largest is 180 cabins, 4,400 sq meters of sail, masts 90 meters high. The goal is to keep their industry alive and to improve the environment. The article was mostly about design and not cost. Of course it would be costly but dreaming is good. I hope WS keeps the sailing ships in good order, we are great fans of them and really like them better than the motor yachts. For us the motor yachts while lovely, they are all similar to other small ship companies and do not offer the uniqueness that the sailing ships do for us.
  2. We had rep on with us on the early January cruise I asked about a cruise going to Malta on the Surf in 2020. She said she did not know of any but would call Seattle and they said there was none and they were not going in 2020. I was heart broken because I could not go this year. Voila after the 60 day reservation deadline for my cruise, the cruise appeared. I reserved it but did not get the extra 5% off. Aggravated but I really want to go on this cruise and have for years and I wanted the sailing ship. Over the years typical of Seattle wrong info. Happy we are going would have appreciated the extra 5% off because it is expensive.
  3. We shopped there and it was a sour experience: we thought very expensive, he would not educate us on quality, he was arrogant, we felt that he viewed us as not wanting to spend a lot of money and we were ready and wanting, he was dismissive. Really rude. We walked out. We are not shoppers so we buy quickly we were ready and waiting. We are truly easy,friendly people, we speak French. We loved Tahiti with WS truly the only way to go. Our WS experience was thrilling. Happy Sailing.
  4. We are not fans of Aruba but that is us. We dislike beaches where there are hotels on top of hotels, the downtown is far too commercial for us. We are not shoppers unless it is an outdoor food market. We are more Gertrudes at Jost Van Dyke. We need authentic to place. This trip sounds Windsurf magical for us. Look forward to meeting folks onboard. I can not find the Roll Call. Ski Mon 2 so looking forward to meet you and new-cruiser too. Happy Sailing to us and everyone stay in good health.
  5. That must have been some crossing. For someone who lives with terrible weather, New England, I have great weather and sea karma when traveling. Hope you do not get sea sick. Happy Sailing.
  6. Poor people that missed their flights. I have never heard of that with WS. Must have had trouble at sea or something. My experience they really keep to their schedule. You never know! Happy Sailing
  7. I must be crazy our only time on the motor yachts we were offered an upgrade to a balcony for $200 per person we grabbed it. Granted we had a great initial rate for the cruise but we thought $200 pp was a bargain and we enjoyed every second. Happy Sailing.
  8. Hi, If the ship docks at 7 after the ship goes through customs. Around 7:30 you can start to leave. Generally speaking they like all people off by 9. I have been on 25 cruises with WS and have never experienced anything different. Happy Sailing.
  9. You have time, small airport, ship not far away from airport, you can get off at 7:30. Tell reception you need to get off ship first. There will be plenty of taxis waiting for you. I have horrendous time anxiety this would not bother me at all. Happy Sailing.
  10. Been sailing my entire life. Sea sickness is misery. I tell people to do this. Cabins: mid ship, and on the lowest level, it is there you feel the less movement. Drinking not a lot of liquids, eat salty snacks if do drink Stay outside in the middle of the ship look towards the horizon Drugs I bring them all for my friends wrist bands, behind the ear patches, ginger, Dramamine, what works is individual. Good Luck and Happy Sailing ( I think the Sailing ships have less movement )
  11. We have only done the trans ocean cruises under sail and we crossed the Pacific on the Spirit. We love it. You need to like being with yourself and you need to be able yo keep yourself entertained. We loved the tranquility, we love gazing out over the water. There are some games during the day. My husband loves to watch movies I love reading. Crossing the Pacific ( 19 days ) we created some art work. We too love the noon announcement. Totally peaceful, cut off from the world, quiet, relaxing. People are very nice, nice conversations etc. Very different experience not for everyone. Happy Sailing.
  12. Mine went up in the sale! I reserved two cruises in 2020 the minute I got off the ship in January. Both have gone up since then and have not gone down. It has to be capacity controlled. Right now I am thrilled with our costs. The cruise in late 2020 I am watching like a hawk ready to jump on a lower price for it is a costly one. Happy Sailing.
  13. I have really only seen well behaved children on WS. Not many but the ones I have seen the parents have spent a lot of time with them and they appeared happy not bored. I agree with Ski Mom 2 those fortunate children. The children would love the Caribbean with all the water activity. I hope they have a great time. I would never discourage children on a WS cruise. Just make sure they know what the ship offers and what it does not offer. Happy Sailing
  14. I understand the ugliness of giant cruise ships in Venice. These people come to Venice for a day on a huge ship or they have overnighted in Mestre and they go where they are told: St.Marks, a gondola ride and perhaps the Guggenheim or thr Academia. I agree these giant cruise ships should not be in the Laguna because they are disturbing the foundations of the buildings and the environment. But never dismiss Venice for in my humble opinion, it is one of the greatest and most beautiful places on earth and if you have done your research it is easy to discover how incredible it is along with the influence that it has had on civilization from the beginnings of a democratic government to the art. Venice is all about the little things as Claude Lanzman wrote it is the little things together that makes for big, for the good and for the bad. Venice is Vivaldi, you can almost hear his music as you walk the neighborhoods, the great art is still in the churches the Bellini and the Giorgione. Giorgione died in his 30’s similar to Caravaggio having completed few paintings that are attributed to him. In those few painting are some of the best western art and the paintings continue to grace many of the churches where they were painted for. They need to be discovered. Go in one as you walk along, ask who did the paintings you will be amazed. Tourists go to Burano, yes, Milepig to buy the fake glass with little knowledge that one of Bellini’s greatest painting is on the island steps away. I have never been on a gondola, I go every morning to the Rialto at 6 am when the Venetians are there shouting in their dialect, have my espresso and once I saw an ad being made with ballet dancers dancing among the fish stalls, glorious. I imagine Singer Sargent, Hawthorne and Caleb Arnold Slade painting there. Great American artists. I imagine them talking about painting that undulating light, there is nothing in art like it. Torcello, the first island of Venice with the first church and the golden mosaics, no one goes there, the island of Mozzorbo with the rare grape connected to Burano by a bridge, no one goes there. I could go on. Venice takes effort and hard work but the rewards are rich. Coming out of Venice, passing the Salute, seeing the bell tower and the roof tops, crystal clear light was truly one of the great visuals of my life. Yes, take the Surf out or in simply glorious. What better ship. Remember to work at visiting Venice you will not be sorry. Happy Sailing
  15. Yes for the pools but small in size because the ships are small. Everyone is different but we did Barcelona to Lisbon and loved it. Where the ship docks in Venice is convenient and a very pretty neighborhood. The sail out of Venice was so incredibly beautiful, through the Laguna, I adore Venice. We appreciate being able to eat alone, not unfriendly, simply on the shy side. The sailing is beautiful. We explore on our own most of the time because for us it is art, food and history in Europe. In the Caribbean it is vacation beaching, reading relaxing. I get the feeling you will love it. Happy Sailing.
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