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  1. Merci Dandee, Trés intêressant, Bravo WS. Bon Voyage, Bonne Santé.
  2. Hi, We were on the Wind Surf in Amsterdam in 2015 for Tall Ships, we anchored in the harbor it was an easy walk to the main train station. We also went to Rotterdam and we docked at the main shipping dock area, a small taxi away from the center of the city. Rotterdam fascinating city great art museum, fabulous architecture, a huge market with trompe l'oeil tiled ceilings where you thought the fruit was falling on you, of course Delfshaven where the Puritans from Leiden left from on the Speedwell and eventually boarded the Mayflower and sailed to the new world amazing history, the church where they slept in before the journey, plus Delfshaven ( the original part of Rotterdam ) is charming. The church is a wonderful museum. Terrific city. Happy Sailing.
  3. Hi, I have not been to Japan, S. Korea, China, Malaysia or Thailand. I have been and lived in Europe, almost in every country, traveled to South America, French Polynesia, and Central American, Canada, US. I have a friend that has lived in Tahiti for 40 years. Before I visit a country I research the tipping policies, yes gratuities are welcome in French Polynesian. I believe a fair gratuity is simply fair and correct in acknowledging an experience well done or good service well appreciated. It is simply how I live. Happy Sailing.
  4. Hi, Since we were on the first WS trip in Tahiti 2014, we took all WS excursions. We are tippers, we tipped, we have lived in France, we have traveled, I do not know of any place where a gratuity is not appreciated or not customary. My belief is that if you can not afford to at least show some appreciation in the form of a gratuity you should not go. We are not at all wealthy, gratuities are part of my travel expenses like the care for my cat or travel insurance. In this day and age with all the inequality it is simply about good will and politeness. Glorious Sailing in Tahiti.
  5. Petoonya, April lucky indeed. I truly think it is the only way to go, is on the Spirit. Absolutely magnificent. I wish you both a glorious sail. Susanne
  6. We love the laundry service of WS and we travel only with carry on luggage. We never bought the laundry package because we always came out ahead have it done as needed. Now with our alumni status it is free, great service another reason to love WS. Happy Sailing
  7. Milepig, I am dreaming of being able to do that again. Fond memories, I hired a guide, went to Picasso museum, lunch on board, afternoon exploring and an ice cream cone, back on board to read a sentence on deck followed by a great snooze in the salt air. The good life! Happy Return to Sailing for you.
  8. Hi again, We really enjoyed Dr. Poole's spinning dolphin tour. There was no more than 8-10 of us in a boat and he was so kind, passionate, and interesting. This was out of Moorea. On Bora Borea our excursion was canceled due to weather. We took an island tour which I thought was a waste, it is me, I am simply not interested in tourist sites that the world goes to as in that restaurant/gift shop. No history, art, nothing simply driving around. We did swim with the rays and sharks off another island which we loved because I love to be in salt water. What I truly loved the most was the beauty of sailing in the lagoon on the Spirit. Glorious views, glorious reflections in waters, I think if I had been on any other ship there and had seen the Spirit I would been so angry with myself because for us it was the allure of the sails in the gorgeous lagoon. Great memories. Enjoy.
  9. Hi, Have a great trip. We were on Windstar's first trip back to Tahiti and we also crossed the Pacific with them, then took the cruise. We loved every second. We like art and culture so we did the Sacred Sites and Legendary Places and it was fantastic learning more about the Moais and the differences of the Moais in Tahiti compared to Easter Island ( we had been to Easter Island ). You visit a great little museum, see the blue eyed eels, walk to the a Moai site, learn about the Polynesian triangle very educational and fascinating. We are firm believers in small, local museums and wherever we travel we try to visit them. This museum was very special. Great, great trip.Enjoy. Happy Sailing.
  10. We were told by a WS Captain when I asked which was the calmest direction and he said in the late fall, Europe to the Caribbean. We did that direction on our first trans Atlantic, he was correct it was warm and nicely calm with a bit of wave action to make sleeping wonderful. Have a great Sail.
  11. We loved the excursion with Dr. Poole, he was knowledgeable, a true scientist, had a great sense of humor, the lagoon is so beautiful drifting around, it was one of our favorites. Happy Sailing
  12. We have done 2 trans Atlantic's and one trans Pacific with WS. Atlantic you never know we have had flat as ice, and nice seas, wavy, never a storm. There is motion most of the time especially when are midway. We are fortunate we do not get sea sick, most likely due to a life spent sailing. We love the trans ocean crossings. The Pacific was beyond calm because we were close to the equator " the doldrums ". All I can say is all three heavenly. Enjoy. Happy Sailing
  13. I heard the new brochure is out but I have not received it yet but my friend in Florida did last week. Happy Sailing
  14. I cancelled WS in Italy this September because of the excursions because in Europe I need to meet my site seeing needs. I am looking forward to the Caribbean over Christmas on the Surf, I have booked beach excursions with WS. I really do not care which island I love them all, I assume lots of changes etc. For us two different types of voyages vacation in the Caribbean, trip in Europe and elsewhere. My experience with WS they always try to do the right thing. Wish everyone safe, fun cruising.
  15. RomeCabs ( company name ) have an excellent reputation. We have taken them a number of times. Extremely reliable and nice. They might be worth looking into. Happy Sailing If you are on 9/29 this was our second cancelation, trying again next year 10/6 to Rome to Malta. We did not like the excursion policy, we understand but it was not for us, too expensive a trip to not be able to do what we wanted. If you are on that trip have a lovely time and report back.
  16. This has been a very helpful forum. Thank you all. Does anyone know if I order the Abbott at home test now is it still good in 4 weeks or do I need to order it last minute. Thanks in advance. Susanne
  17. I do believe you have to be vaccinated to get into Tahiti. I think the Covid test which you can buy on the Breeze will get you back into the US. Have a great trip, truly an exceptional travel experience.
  18. Thanks so much LTCOP. I guess like everything in these times it is a wait and see. Glad you had a great trip. Happy Sailing
  19. Does anyone know if at the Beach Day in Virgin Gorda the ships have returned to Prickly Pair Island where the beach day always was before the Hurricane? I know across the tiny straits, Bitter End is rebuilding. The replacement for Prickly Pair beach day was not that great on Virgin Gorda and if it still there I might venture of on the Anegada excursion. Thanks for your help in advance. Susanne
  20. To RMS Olympic, How lovely and thank you. I do not understand rudeness and sorry you had to experience it. I always feel badly for those people how small, undignified and sad they are. We have had 26/WS cruises we have seen rudeness but rarely. We have never had the expectation of perfect, it is a simple concept, it does not exist. Like you simply grateful that we can do what we do in a complicated, topsy, turvy world. Happy Sailing to you and all the best for more imperfect but wonderful cruising experiences. Be safe and have good health.
  21. 26 cruises with WS since 1999, they have taken us to wonderful places and we have had wonderful vacations. All cruises on the sailing ships one on the motor. We love the sail aways and the original 1492, makes us acknowledge to ourselves how fortunate we are, we think the music goes with the sails opening. For our terrific cruise on the motor yacht we do not think the music is necessary. Each to our own. Happy Sailing
  22. We heard the new " sail away song " in January 2020 " on the Surf, the old CEO of WS was onboard. I think the entire ship was shocked and doubly shocked on how bad it was. Horrid. It was a rendition of 1492 by the Seattle Symphony and a male voice. I love 1492, I know the human voice, this was grim. I wrote a letter to the CEO, he thought it was wonderful! He also hid on the ship probably due to rendition. Everyone knew he was onboard for a few days, he did not even say a welcome at the lounge especially after first hearing this song. Truly not the WS way, the song is certainly not WS. Happy Sailing
  23. Good for Venice. I love Venice and the ecological issues it encounters is tragic given that it is one of the world's jewels that is sinking. We have to look at the bigger picture and that is not, in my opinion, these huge cruise ships putting Venice more in harms way. I love WS but for the greater good if it does not fit it does not fit however the Venetian authorities measure , if it fits happy passengers. Happy Sailing
  24. Thank you caymancouple, Great to hear, can not wait 12/18, but do not want to wish away summer on Cape Cod despite the fact our weather has been the worst. Happy Sailing
  25. Bravo, Happy Sailing. Have a great time.
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