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  1. I hope they dip down further in the gene pool with this offer. Currently, I am only getting the drinks free while in the casino. I generally buy the cheers package so it's not much of a benefit. This would be enough for me to book in October. We've been waiting because I just have my doubts that they are going to actually sail.
  2. If I got this it might entice me enough to go ahead and book.
  3. No. In fact we have gotten around by cheers for two adults by splitting the adults and kids in each room, i.e. 1 adult and 1 child in each room. Therefore, if one adult is not a big drinker you aren't forced to buy two Cheers packages
  4. I find this hard to believe, but if it is correct it dispels the whole notion about only being able to get 15 drinks.
  5. You can't buy beers by the bucket either with Cheers. You have to buy them individually, one at a time...5 minutes in between purchases.
  6. Cool...just do it then! Here's a good overview -
  7. I'm boarding next Monday! Perhaps I can contribute more then, but I did sail on her sister ship the sunshine last year and it was fine. My opinion is that there is way to much made of the particular ship. If you intend on having a good time, you will! There are always going to be things that maybe you don't care for, but I focus on what I do like and always have fun!
  8. http://www.datameteo.com/meteo/16days_weather_forecast_outlook_Caribbean Here's one I found, but I remember seeing a much better one a year or two ago.
  9. I know this may not be the exact proper place for this post, but we are sailing on Carnival Sunrise in 11 days! From Fort Lauderdale to Grand Turk and Amber Cove. Somewhere here in the past there have been links to weather sites with temps, winds and sea levels. Hoping someone can help as the waters and winds can be rough this time of year. Thanks and Happy Sailing everyone!
  10. Been there...you are cut off. When you start drinking at 10am on a sea day it is very doable especially if you are a beer drinker. They generally tell you once you get to 12, 13 or 14 that you are getting close. There are always ways around the rules. In this case I have given the money to someone else to buy the drink for me.
  11. Yes, you have to download the Carnival Hub app before boarding.
  12. You can also download free apps to your phone that provide white noise. I use mine every night whether I'm at home, in a hotel or on a cruise ship. I use mine simply because I'm a light sleeper and it drowns out all the other little sounds that would otherwise wake me up. The one I use is simply called the bed time fan...its a simple fan noise, but there are dozens of them with all kinds of different sounds.
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