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  1. Does anyone know how often this link is updated? We sail on the Sunrise on Jan 20 and Chris Williams will be departing that day...and the schedule is not up beyond that. We had Michael "Mikey" Gibson on the Sunshine this past March and he was a hoot!
  2. Also, when does FTTF usually become available? We are booked and have 161 days, and I have not seen it since we booked about a month ago.
  3. Finally figured it out...obviously I am new to AARP. For anyone else wondering, you click on "redeem my points" from the home screen, then gift cards on the top menu bar. Sorry to hijack the original posters thread, but that question seemed answered.
  4. Okay, I found it in the digital gift card section, but still listed at full price.
  5. Can anyone walk me through how to get the discounted $500 card through AARP? I must be dense because when I go on it takes me to another site and I don't see them, and the ones from the ones I do see very few are discounted. What am I missing?
  6. Hi, I'm wondering if you can elaborate on this a little bit? I have a $500 onboard credit, and I'm trying to get the best value out of it. I was just going to charge our Cheers package once we boarding, but it costs about 10% more than prepaying. If I can get cash on my card in the casino that seems like the best way to go.
  7. Thanks for the feedback....I'm not sure what is available on the Splendor, but no therapy pool on the Sunrise.
  8. Exactly...the Sunrise does not.
  9. Thanks...I'm not feeling the benefits of this...at least for us.
  10. Thanks for the reply's so far. I guess my question about the spa rooms is what are the perks? We won't be booking spa appointments either. We would possible use whirlpools, sauna, and/or upgraded showers.
  11. Hello All! We are ready to book are next cruise, but I have a couple of questions that I would like some help with. First, room type is not typically important to me. We are very seldom in our room and I would rather save the money spent on a room for other activities. However, in looking at options for us, an interior room is only a few dollars less than either of these two options: Interior Spa Room Interior With Picture Window - These rooms are located on the Upper Deck at the very front of the ship. The windows look out the front rather than the sides. One of the room options includes a "corner room" that is oddly shaped, but it also looks like it could be a bit larger??? It's room 6206 for reference. I would appreciate any opinions, likes or dislikes, advantages or disadvantages...I can say, that being at the very front of the ship isn't all that appealing because most of the activities are at the rear...other than the spa. Thanks and Happy Sailing!
  12. The pics are about $10 per pic. I think you could get a CD though with all of them for approximately $100...but not totally sure. They take a ton of pictures but many of them don't turn out because they are action shots, and/or you aren't really posing. They just snap off dozens and dozens of them. We opted to just buy one pic of each of us.
  13. Yes! We did the Ocean World Excursion with the dolphin swim in deep water and I would recommend it. You spend about 30 minutes in the water with the dolphins (2). Each group has 10 people but you get to pet, kiss, hug, do dorsal pull and feet push. Everyone had a great time. In the park there is also a place to snorkel, a separate pool area and shows to see birds, sharks, sea lions....and of course a dolphin show. You won't be able to get it all in. Definitely do the dolphin show as well. Don't do the buffet though. It was not worth it. Order off the lunch menu, it was a little pricey...$10 for a burger, but that food looked like much better than what we got on the buffet which I would rate a poor.
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