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  1. Thanks everyone! We bought a pass for upcoming trip, but will cancel if they require masks in sauna, etc.
  2. Anyone been to spa lately? Wondering if masks are required when in sauna, thermal suites etc? TIA
  3. How does the spa staff know you belong? Do you get a wristband or something? TIA
  4. Yes, shareholder can be added with discounted rates. Need to send proof of ownership of shares to them.
  5. Thanks everyone, I was just asking because of all these COVID changes. That's a lot of people in one place.
  6. Anyone heard if this will still be offered? TIA
  7. Anyone heard if platinum/diamond party will still happen?
  8. So, just to be sure, you can use pools and chairs for free?
  9. We have been visiting a seafood buffet near us, they provide gloves and sanitizer and have been open successfully for several months. Of course, not everyone has been vaccinated so I am happy with Carnival's plans.
  10. Thanks, I just sent an email :) Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. Anyone know how to reach casino? I have a booking that is under a casino offer but price is wrong. Every time I call for assistance, I am transferred to casino, but after holding forever the call drops :(
  12. We are just off the Sunshine and we’re on our first platinum cruise. We got a VIFP lanyard. Don’t know if it is different because it was our first one.
  13. That $20 will get you 50mb of data only. Calls when out to sea are approx $2.99 a min. Texts are .50 to send and .05 to receive. Now when you are off the ship or in port, you can get a global plan or use travel pass for the day.
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