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  1. Thanks for posting, YungCruzVet. This is exactly the information I was interested in. I appreciate you taking the time to reply. Tim
  2. Hi, YungCruzVet. Thanks for responding. We are considering a resort-for-a-day type visit here in early February. Just hoping to get some feedback on the public spaces (pool, beach, bars, etc.). How was the food and service when you were there? Thanks, Tim
  3. Check out this Wikipedia article on Rose Hall, Montego Bay. I see no mention of it being Cinnamon Hill. Apparently Cinnamon Hill is near Rose Hall. Hope that helps some. Tim
  4. We brought one of these (Ikea Storage organizer hanging 9 Compartments) to hang in the closet on Viking Sea and it worked well. Tim
  5. We’re cruising the Panama Canal & Central America itinerary early next year. I’m curious what ports Viking Ocean typically uses in Cozumel and Roatán? Thanks for the help. Tim
  6. Hi. We went to Upachaya a couple of years ago when our ship visited Roatan. We had a really good time. We and a few other guests met their driver across the street outside the Coxen Hole port area. The ride across the island didn’t take too long. We were met upon arrival and given a little tour of the property. After that we had an orientation talk and then got our gear. There is a place to stash the stuff you don’t want to take with you - but that may not be needed on the pontoon excursion. They were doing a pontoon snorkel and a kayak snorkel. We did the kayak one, so I can’t give much detail regarding the pontoon experience. But I can tell you that the snorkeling was very good. We kayaked through some mangroves and then out to the reef. Our guide took us all over and we did the longest snorkeling tour we’ve ever been on. The water was clear and currents were very mild. We saw lots of sea life and underwater features. As I recall the folks on the pontoon enjoyed themselves as well. After returning to their dock we had a nice vegetarian lunch. Beer and other drinks were available for purchase. The staff was very nice and the owner (Barbra?) was very nice and welcoming. I would highly recommend Upachaya. Hope that helps some, Tim
  7. Yes, there are a number of tasty wines in the $12/bottle retail range, like the Noble Vines 667 Pinot Noir we had on our last Viking cruise. But there are also plenty of nice wines in the $20/bottle range. But I haven't seen any offered by the glass on VO.
  8. This illustrates my issue with the wines by the glass offered on Viking Ocean ships. There are virtually no selections between the $6/glass wines and the $16+ wines (I’ve never seen one). The $6/glass wines that I have seen on the ships are typically in the $12/bottle range at retails shops where I live. The Silver Spirits beverage package covers wines by the glass up to $15, but nothing is offered over $6 and below $16. There are plenty of “better” wines that could be offered in the $7-15/glass range. It would please me if VO would make some available.
  9. My travel Agent checked with Viking regarding my concern... "The date of the excursion is correct. The time of the excursion is correct. You do not miss the Viking Sky going through the locks in addition to this excursion. Still not sure of the logistics, but the Viking agent contacted the shore excursion department." The timing doesn't make much sense to me either. I guess I'll find out in a few months. Tim
  10. You're probably right. Thanks, Bill.
  11. Yes, they do a few of these a year, but not tons. I just don't want to be off doing an excursion to experience the Pacific transit and miss my own ship going through the Caribbean side. Thanks. Tim
  12. Yes, on the Viking Ocean site it shows the excursions on Day 9 (Colon), but the Viking site where we manage our cruise, buy excursions, etc. has them on day 10 (Scenic Cruising: Panama Canal). So I'm not really sure. Perhaps they did list them on the wrong day. I don't want to do an excursion to experience the Pacific transit and miss my own ship going through the Caribbean side. I think I'll have my travel agent check with Viking. Thanks for your help. Tim
  13. Bill, The Panama excursions for our Viking Ocean partial-transit cruise have been posted and they are all on Day 10. It seems odd to me that no excursions are listed for Day 9. The Panama Canal excursions are on Day 10. I think this is the day we do the partial transit. Day 8 - San José (Puerto Limón), Costa Rica -- 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Day 9 - Colón, Panama from -- 9:00 AM - 11:59 PM (no excursions listed on this day) Day 10 - Cruising the Panama Canal -- 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Day 11 - Sea Day (on our way to Jamaica) One excursion that I am interested in (Panama Canal by Ferry) has a start time of 6:30 AM on Day 10. From what I have read here, most of the Panama Canal excursions on partial transits depart from Gatun Lake before the ship heads back out to the Caribbean. But the 6:30 AM start time seemed odd. I’m concerned that the excursion may depart before the ship transits the canals up to Gatun Lake from the Caribbean. I may want to do this excursion, but don't really want to miss the transit from the Caribbean to the lake. With your experience, do you have any insight on this? Thanks, Tim
  14. Yes, on the VO site it shows the excursions on the Colon day, but MVJ has them on the "Scenic Cruising: Panama Canal" day. So I'm not really sure. Most of the Panama Canal excursions on partial transits depart from Gatun Lake before the ship heads back to the Caribbean, I have been told. But the 6:30 AM start date seemed odd.
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