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  1. What I would like to see: Temperature Check prior to boarding and through-out the cruise. (Full body infrared Scanners/Hand Held Device) if there is a problem-one goes for a further screening) Ditto for Airlines and other mass transportation Daily Temperature check of crew. Higher criteria for cleaning. (Is there an ultraviolet light/wand that crew could use to make sure surfaces are effectively cleaned?) Utilization of sanitation wipes. (I know flushing is a problem-aren't there wipes that disintegrate like toilet paper?) Update/Enhance Medical Facilities and Personnel on ship Have protocol in place in regard to large illness outbreak on cruise ship and which ports would accept these ill passengers.( No more floundering ghost ships that no country wanted) Honestly, I can't think of any restaurant on land that I have ever gone to that told me to wash my hands before I entered. Cruise ships personnel have constantly reminded cruisers to wash hands and use the sanitizers. Since, there has been such negative publicity in regard to cruising: Invite Youtube 'Influencers' to cruise, especially those with families. Let them highlight cruising. Forget doctor notes and age discrimination
  2. Thanks so much for the response. I am still having no luck with accessing online registration, let alone entertainment booking. Yes, we're on the Jan 4th cruise.
  3. Thanks for the quick response! Today, is 90 days out until we cruise. Will I be able to fill out the on-line check-in after today? Do you know if RCI is charging for the zipline?
  4. Today I paid off my January cruise on Symphony of the Seas. I've have tried numerous times to complete the online check-in information and to schedule activities but to no avail. 1. When will I be able to do so? (previously I've been able to do so way ahead of cruise) 2. How much does it cost to do the Zip line? Thanks!
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