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  1. Only those who had early flights. Our luggage tag was supposed to be called at 9:15, was called at 9:45. The only annoying thing was the a broadcast announcement around 7 am that they are working on clearance. The ship came from NZ with no cases of coronavirus and the only problem we had was a mild norovirus outbreak( less than 2% - so will not show up on the CDC website).
  2. That’s an interesting question. Who has the burden of proof? Let’s suppose the guest is a Chinese citizen and has no foreign country residence card. Will NCL assume he is coming from China?
  3. Looks so. My cruise is leaving Auckland, NZ.
  4. Got the following mail regarding my upcoming cruise: Dear Valued Guest,Due to the growing concern regarding coronavirus infections in China, we will be denying boarding to any guest who has visited mainland China in the last 30 days. These guests will receive a refund for their cruise provided they provide proof of travel in the form of airline tickets or similar. Please note that mainland China does not include Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan.In addition, we are implementing non-touch temperature screenings for all passengers embarking in Hong Kong. Any guest who registers a body temperature
  5. May be the gratuity is already included in the price. Will try to compare the price tomorrow.
  6. NYC looks to be pretty special market: not much competition, high demand bc a lot of high income people living in the area.
  7. I did this with other cruise company, not with NCL. Most likely the answer is yes for NCL as well. Once you have the card you can enter the ship any time but have to be onboard 2 hours before leaving.
  8. There is no set date for that. As soon as the cruise sells good they will not add sailaway rates. Couple of years ago we booked an OV on Rome R/T. No sailaway was offered at the booking time. I was monitoring the rates hoping to get a balcony but balcony rates didn't go down and the sailaway rates never showed up.
  9. Well, I did an extensive research before bidding myself (and finally getting an BX and then upgrading to BA through regular upgrade). If you check the deck plans , there are obstructed oceanviews (and you can see the boats in front of the stateroom windows) , but there are no such category as obstructed balconies. The BX are sailaway meaning that they can give you any balcony (and FAS is not included). Also I searched for NCL Jewel obstructed balcony and there are no reports other than pointing to topics like : https://boards.cruisecritic.com.au/topic/255273-jewel-obstructed-balcon
  10. "Sail away" is not a specific set of cabins, but rather a rate that doesn't include the Free at Sea perks. There are no obstructed balconies on Jewel, but it has something called "Privasea" or enclosed balcony. There are several pictures and videos of them. Some people like them some not. If you look the NCL Jewel photo (for example on the Wikipedia) you may notice them on the decks 8,9 and 10 on the fwd part of the ship.
  11. I usually don't drink spirits, mostly wine and sometimes beer. Would it be possible to downgrade the Premium Beverage Package to the Corks and Caps Wine and Beer package and save $7 pp per day gratuity ? If yes, anybody did that ?
  12. Thanks! I ended up getting a B3. However, I was monitoring the inventory for the last 2 weeks and that particular cabin disappeared some time ago.
  13. You were right! Checked today morning and it was not assigned. Re-checked about 9am central and saw the room is assigned. Got a B3 on the starboard side.
  14. The problem is that many wines are not available per cup. Most of the over $15 wines that are available per cup are around $16-19 meaning just $1.20- $5 over regular PBP.
  15. Here is a technical explanation. When you originally booked NCL ran a "Free Air" promotion on your cruise and now it's gone. When you do a "pay the difference" upgrade (as opposed to "bid upgrade") you forfeit all offers you originally got and get the current offers that come with your new fare. For example, if you had an oceanview with Free at sea (FAS) and upgraded to a sail away balcony (BX), you lose the FAS, but if upgrade to a non sail away balcony (BA, BB, BC, B1, etc) from whatever category you get the current Free at Sea. Notice that technically you don't keep the
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