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  1. The "Have it All Event" worked great for us a couple weeks ago on our 2021 Voyage of the Vikings. Saved $3000 ! We had the promo "Europe All-Inclusive" and changed it to the current promo....super happy now! Still not sure why it is NOT on Hal's site but we booked thru the big box store and it IS available everywhere. Call your TA and ask...it was way worth it too us.
  2. Yes...I believe you just need to call HAL and ask for your money back on these. Easy Peasy. Think long and hard on it before you cancel as they are so useful! Times are hard right now but hopefully it will all turn around. Good Luck and hope you decide to stay in the game and see you onboard some time 🙂
  3. Really great to hear that people are able to finally get off the ships. I really hope everyone appreciates, now and in the future, how COOPERATIVE and HOSPITABLE San Diego has been. So many places turned ships away. Remember to bring your business back to San Diego and the fine people of this City once things go back to normal. We who live here have "welcomed" people onto our military bases, while quarantined as well, and port during a very contagious time. All other ports have turned people away. As a native San Diegian this is important to me that people realize this. Safe travels everyone and hope to be on a cruise sailing soon! We would of been visiting Hawaii today on the Hawaii/South Pacific cruise.
  4. In MY unprofessional opinion, YES she would get all of her money back anyway AS LONG AS SHE BOOKED A REFUNDABLE FARE. Nothing to do with the current CV-19 issues. Anyone, who doesn't have a non-refundable fare can cancel anytime UP TO final payment. Even though she paid early, it is still not final payment official time. Yes, she should confirm all this, when the phone lines calm down, with her travel agent or Holland America directly. Hope this helps.
  5. If I understand your post correctly.... YOU could actually CALL HAL yourself since the cruise is not published yet. We have done that before when we knew a certain cruise was going to come up. You end up putting a couple hundred down and they assign you part of a booking number. Am a little surprised that you say a cruise for 2020 has not been published yet...I would think they would be firm in place. Best of luck to you and give HAL a call to see about posting funds for a Future Dam Cruise. I do NOT think someone else could buy you certificates on board. Safe sailing
  6. WELCOME!! You two are going to have an awesome vacation! The one thing that I noticed from your post, and wanted to respond to, was I would NOT purchased ANY beverage card or package. They are usually expensive and are for people who partake more than once or twice a day. I would take the two bottles of wine onboard and then just purchase the drinks that you are interested in.....as you go along. You will see a bar menu at any bar so gives you a heads-up to the prices. You will then just use your room card to change it. Be sure to go to Happy Hours, which will be posted on your daily itineraries, and take advantage of the buy one and get the second EXACT SAME drink, for $2.00 more. It is great! Cheers and enjoy!
  7. Can't remember if they had taxi's or not. We walked to the City centre which is about a 20 minute walk, for the able bodied. It is along a very scenic path. Very enjoyable. Wheel chairs can do this as well. For us, avid walkers it was 20 minute walk. On our VOV cruise this past year we had on Holland America "Going Ashore in Reykjavik" Shuttle buses into town are available. Round trip ticket is $20 per person and is charged to your onboard account. Service will run from 8am and the last shuttle will be 7:30pm from the drop off location at Hallgrimskirkja church. Shuttle tickets can be purchased through Shore Excursions Desk". Needless to say people were not happy about HAL charging verses providing free shuttles to downtown. We also had a private shore excursion that picked us up at the dock, and we all met outside the visitor center.....no cost of course because we didn't need to be shuttled. Hopes this helps.
  8. When you say you are thinking of doing both,I think you are referring to going to Stavanger AND Bergen. IF you are going to both places I feel I would use Rodne in Stavanger and see the steep fjords and Pulpit Rock from below and the in Bergen go up the funicular if the weather is nice, walk around the town and farmers market etc. IF you are going to both places I would NOT spend the money on BOTH Rodne excursions. Bergen was terrific but I think Stavanger is even grander. Have fun!!
  9. You will not go wrong if you hire Yourdaytours.is !! They are the best and we used them to see the Golden Circle and next year we will hire them to see the South Coast. Tell them Charlene from San Diego says HELLO!!!! The waterfalls are gorgeous. We saw lots of Icelandic horses as well.
  10. We went to Bergen and enjoyed the Fjord excursion very much. Beautiful! We did not have time, and the weather wasn't on our side, to go up the Flobanen funicular. We had pre-bought tickets also for the funicular but were not able to use them. The other, Pulpit Rock, is in Stavanger and we have not been there unfortunately. Looks amazing! Have fun!
  11. I had arranged for a trip to see BOTH the Titanic Museum and Giants Causeway for about 30 people for August of 2019. We arrived on a cruise ship and I had arranged a private shore excursion. We used the AWESOME company McComb's Coach Travel and had a great time. If I were to do it again, I would go to the Titanic Museum (not far from town) as you can spend so much time there enjoying the exhibits and I would NOT GO to Giants Causeway again. Both my husband and myself were so disappointed in this UNESCO site that allowed people to crawl ALL OVER the rocks. It seemed very disrespectful and it looked ridiculous. We felt it had to be destroying the columns but maybe not? To answer your question about Paddywagon we have no knowledge of them but did want to pass along the feelings we had on both sites you mentioned. I also believe that if you did not have a shore excursion, whether a private or cruise line one, picking you up at the port....that they were charging $20 pp rt to get outside the port area to downtown. I am not 100% sure of this though. Hope you have a great time!
  12. USUALLY shore excursions booked on the ships, whichever company, is always higher in price and much more crowded. It is very easy to book yourself for a great fjord cruise using Rodne.... ENJOY!!
  13. We absolutely LOVED IT! It is a great three hour excursion and the fjord and areas are beautiful! We did it once and plan on using them again next July. The ship is very comfortable and easy to get to from the cruise port. ENJOY!! You will not be disappointed. Be sure to check out TripAdvisor's comments.
  14. I believe you are speaking about buying a bottle of liquor ON THE SHIP, IN THE DUTY-FREE STORE, and I don't think you can take it to your room. I think it will be given to you when you debark. Somewhat cheaper for sure for AFTER your cruise but..... Others are referring to pre-ordering liquor on HAL's webpage, for more money than the shop, and YES that will be delivered to your room and you can make your own drinks. Hope this helps and happy sailing everyone!
  15. For Reykjavik I HIGHLY recommend Your Day Tours !! I had booked, in July 2019, four 19 seater vehicles to see the Golden Circle and it was an amazing day with them and everyone loved them! They were at the port on time and took us to the best spots. Check them out for sure! We are going again to the Voyage of the Vikings in 2021 and will use them for Golden circle AND South Coast Tours. https://yourdaytours.is/ Tell them Charlene send love their way..... ALSO we used McCombs Coach Travel to see giants Causeway and Titanic Museum. Was awesome!! Was a great day Have an awesome time whomever you use. Safe travels! Charlene
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