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  1. Having lived in downtown Vancouver, BC for many years, I can only say good riddance to the cruise ship industry. Flying in 10,000 people on some days and then boarding buses or cabs creates huge amounts of air pollution not to mention the stink of diesel fumes from the ships themselves. HAL at least can plug their ships in here if they choose. There were often 25-30 ships/week. Then there is the food and drink brought in by truck from locals, but more frequently Mexico/California for fruits and vegetables. Vancouver often has water shortages in the summer, but the city still had to supply
  2. The two problems are quite distinct. On the news here in Canada, a gastrointestinal problem involves usually severe vomiting and diarrhea with an elevated temperature. This could be food poisoning or Norwalk. Covid-19 is a respiratory infection with high fever, dry throat, dry coughing and an elevated temperature. I am quite sure that medical personnel on the ship can tell the difference.
  3. Read Prime Minister Trudeau's speech on CBC Newsworld and you will find out that flights coming into Canada from Europe will be funneled to certain airports only for better screening.
  4. What country did you come from that actually required a visa to a Schengen country? Don't need one from Canada
  5. We spent 40 days on her from Perth to Singapore to Sri Lanka return to Singapore. Had a wonderful time. We have only sailed on this class of ship or the Vista class from HAL and like the smaller ships a lot. No big problems. My favourite thing to do on the sea days is to sit on a lounge chair on the promenade deck, read, and watch the ocean go by.
  6. After reading this and another posting about how the costs are going up on cruise ships and people complaining about higher cruise costs, is the desire to take on as much water, soda, and wine just cheating the ship of income. If the ship can't sell these items, then they will have to increase prices. What's next, bringing on your own food to eat in the cabin.
  7. We had the exact same experience on our cruise on the Zaandam from Vancouver to Rio a couple of years ago.
  8. We have to agree with what you say. Our cabin temperature, 544, was up and down all day long. After awhile, it seemed that they actually turned off the A/C at night since it really warmed up night necessitating not sleeping with even a sheet on. This went on for the entire 40 day cruise from Perth to Singapore and Singapore to Colombo and return. On aboutt the sixth day of the cruise, I came down with the cruise crud and I still have it. I think it will be a long time before I cruise again.
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