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  1. Thank you so much Notamermaid for your research and experience. I'm so happy to hear your analysis of the current and predicted situation. Your help on the this topic has been so very, very helpful to all of us cruising on the Danube this year. - Johnette
  2. Hi - wondering about the current Danube water levels and predictions for the near future. We have a 14 day, round trip Passau to the Black Sea cruise coming up on July 2nd. We are excited about our third river cruise but nervous about possible disruptions. Thanks for any input, knowing that by asking for “predictions” opens me to “no one can predict…….” criticism! -Johnette
  3. Any clues about the ship(s) and dates for Norwegian cruises, especially the 11 night Arctic Circle itinerary for 2020? The Serenade, out of Copenhagen, has been doing the longer Norwegian cruises, but only two times a summer. I see that the Serenade will now be doing Alaska out of Vancouver. Also, I’m interested in the 12-13 night British Isles itinerary for 2020. The Brilliance, out of Amsterdam, has been doing 2 or 3 of those a summer. Thanks for your help - Johnette
  4. Hello River Cruisers, This seems like a good place to ask about 2019 river cruises. Knowing that no one can predict what will happen next year, what month is most likely to have adequate river water levels? I’m guessing after the arrival of the springtime snow melt and before late summer or fall. Perhaps June or July? I’m looking at 2019 cruises on the Danube that leave from Passau and go all the way to the Danube Delta and the Black Sea. Thank you for your input. This thread has been so interesting to follow but very sad for those who have had their plans disrupted! Johnette
  5. Hey turnip eater! We know we have to stayed prepared for a really great villain to return! But it was fun seeing him fall into the cold, cold water. That was a fun episode to watch. Sorry to those of you who don't care a toss about Coronation Street!
  6. Thank you so very much John Bull and Globaliser! The "switch at least 2 hours before the scheduled flight time” was what got me thinking about the later reservation. I know we may not have the means to contact the airline if we think we will be late. A 3-4 hour wait at the airport doesn’t concern me. As someone who LOVES British TV, I can always find a Brit to talk to :) For those of you who know what I’m talking about - it looks like Pat Phelan is dead!!! Our destination in Germany is the island of Sylt which we have visited many times. We like riding the German trains and are very familiar with the routing. Thank you again - Johnette
  7. Thanks Bob++ for your input. I was wondering if we should make the later reservation and then if we arrive in time for the earlier flight see about changing to it. Also, I checked "what's in port" and see we are one of 4 ships in Southampton that day. That seems to me to indicate a very busy place, although perhaps it is not unusual. Thank you again - Johnette
  8. WOW! A reply from the famous John Bull! And I see that if he replies just once more I will have helped him to 12,000 posts!!! Thank you so much Mr Bull. I plan to buy the "Get More" package which includes the cost of checked luggage and something called "on the day flexibility". Would this help if we arrive late into Southampton? Thanks again and congrats on 12,000 posts!
  9. Hello - we will return to Southampton on Sunday, September 16 on the Navigator of the Seas at the expected arrival time of 5:30am. We need to get to northern Germany to continue our travels and I think leaving from the Southampton Airport makes sense. It looks like Flybe Airlines is our only choice with flights to Amsterdam at 10:55am or 14:10pm. From Amsterdam we can take the train to our destination in Germany. We’d prefer the earlier flight but don’t want to worry about a late ship arrival, slow time through customs or trouble finding a taxi to the airport. Having never flown from Southampton or with Flybe, I’m hoping someone will share advice. I have seen mixed reviews about the airport and airline but nothing that has scared me too much! Thank you for your help - Johnette
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