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  1. Thank you AtlantaCruiser72 - that's exactly what I wanted to know about the Grand.
  2. Do both ships have free, same sex saunas? The deck plan of the Ruby looks like it does but I can't tell on the Grand. Thanks!
  3. Hello - If I can’t get my preferred corner aft on a Grand Class ship, what other aft balcony staterooms would you recommend? I’ve studied the pictures showing the location of the beams and vents and read discussions of possible problems they can cause. With that in mind, I would so appreciate knowing whether there is much difference between Baja 752/753 and Baja 754/755 on the Crown? And, are the Dolphin balconies D734/735 deeper than those on Baja? Any problems on the Dolphin deck? What is the big “white space” between D734 & D735? I so appreciate
  4. Yes - Southport was my error. I should have typed Southampton. Sorry!
  5. Thanks so much everyone! I think the Southampton port will be easier and quicker from the airport. Now we need to take care of Covid 19 so we can all start cruising again! Stay safe - Johnette/2travelcats
  6. Since we have spent quite a bit of time in both London and Paris, I'd like to travel to the port on the day we arrive from the USA and stay there a few days before the cruise. Does Princess offer transfer prior to the day of embarkation? Thanks again - 2travelcats
  7. Hello - I’m looking at Princess British Isles cruises and see we can board at either Southampton or Le Havre. Just wondering the pros and cons of getting to these ports from the airport as we will fly in from the USA. Looks like Le Havre is much farther from Paris than Southport from London. We want to stay a couple days in the port city before the cruise so I don’t think a Princess transfer will work. Thanks for your help and suggestions - 2travelcats
  8. Hello and thank you all for your input. When might I expect Princess to release the Pacific Coast cruises for Fall of 2022? I found the April cruises because, I believe, they were just released. Thanks again - 2travelcats
  9. Hello - we have never cruised along the Pacific Coast. I see some nice itineraries offered by Princess in April. This seems early in the year and I wonder what the weather will be like. It looks like in May the ships doing the coast all head to Alaska. For those of you who have cruised along the Pacific Coast in April, what kind of weather did you have? I know no one can predict the weather, but generally, can I expect several rainy days and rough seas? Thanks for your help - 2travelcats
  10. Yes! The question has been answered! Thanks for the help and clarification of the PVSA rule - I'm good to go on both Back2Backs - OP
  11. Thanks so much everyone! LHT28 - 2 cruises, with the first one going from Quebec to New York and the second going from New York to Quebec
  12. Hello - I am confused by the PVSA law and how it affects back to back cruises. For those of you who understand the law, please tell me if I can take: 2 cruises, back2back, with both starting and ending in San Francisco? One has a stop in Mexico and the other in Victoria, BC. And, 2 cruises, back2back, with the first one going from Quebec to New York and the second going from New York to Quebec? I’m hoping both of these are okay because they are essentially closed-loop itineraries, which seem to be within the law as long as “any” foreign
  13. Thank you MADflyer and CntPAcruiser for keeping the conversation going. It would be great to have a list of all the RC ships that currently have free, same-sex saunas. - 2travelcats
  14. Thank you TiiiSailor - I think there have been changes, including removing some saunas, as ships have been up-dated. Hoping for current information on Brilliance, Enchantment & Freedom. - 2travelcats
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