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  1. I think I have the same question -- we're sailing in August in a Sky Suite (S2), and from what I can tell so far nothing was done to those rooms -- no new carpet, drapes, or bed -- or am I missing something? Are you saying Celebrity is doing something for those folks? mmeg29, can you comment further?
  2. I'm Elite on Celebrity, but for some reason I never receive ANY emails from them (marketing--sales, etc., OR post-cruise surveys). I've checked my spam filters, and many months ago I called the Captains Club (they told me I was "opted out", so they opted me back in for emails.....still haven't received one), I regularly go on their website to do online check-in and other pre-cruise purchases and I have confirmed I'm opted in there, and I even tried changing my email address to a different account (just in case that was the issue). I book all of our cruises in my name, with my email address (through an online TA), but only my husband receives emails from Celebrity. I've pretty much given up at this point, but I noticed from the Fine Cooking Magazine thread that there may be others in the same boat, so to speak. Just wondering....
  3. Interesting -- the Fleet Guide shows the Summit getting its next refurbishment in November 2020, which I hope is not accurate!
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