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  1. Stop! All this bickering is making my head spin. We won't know what the final protocols will be for another month or so. By August, things will settle down so we can all make a rational decision.
  2. Let's all have another lawsuit followed by endless appeals. By 2030, maybe, we can all sail again. This is all getting tiresome and the lawyers are getting rich.
  3. I apologize. I was just trying to see if anyone heard anything. I wasn't trying to stir up anything. I was reading some of the CDC info that just didn't seem to make sense. Again, I apologize if I offended anyone.
  4. Confused. I read that the CDC is now putting the mask mandate back on cruise passengers. Any info on that?
  5. Another thing that I forgot to mention in my original post. If Royal cancels you a week before the cruise, what the heck is Royal going to do about airfare reservation costs that people have made?
  6. Just wondering if anyone has received a cancellation notice from Royal due to a limited capacity restriction on their cruise.
  7. Question.....Everyone is talking about a CDC card for vaccination. When we got vaccinated in GA, all we got was a 8 1/2 x 11 inch piece of paper signed by the nurse giving the shot. Two shots. Two pieces of paper. We put phots of them on our cell phones and had the originals laminated. There are no sections on the paper to show any additional shots. Is that enough to satisfy the cruise line requirements for vaccinations?
  8. After two close calls, we always fly in the day before the cruise. From experience: Our flight to Baltimore was cancelled due FAA computer glitch. The second flight was cancelled. We got a third flight and arrive at the ship 45 minutes before sailing. The next instance was a flight to LA. The airline changed the flight departure time to 11/2 hours earlier than originally published (we had our boarding passes with the original departure time on them). We were travelling in our car and did not get the very late announcement from Delta. We got to the airport and the sky cap said we had to hurry.
  9. We live in Georgia. We have a so-so rate of vaccinations. A few people I know that do not want the vaccine are either 'I'll tough it out.', 'The government can't tell me what to do.', or 'If I die, I'll just meet Jesus sooner.' The distrust of the vaccine is above normal down here.
  10. One or two alcoholic drinks for me each day.....but, Diet Coke will use up my quota if it is on the voucher.
  11. We sailed on a cruise with 'cougars and pups'. My wife and I were in a whirlpool across from each other when a young 'pup' started making a play for her. I just sat back and watched her brush him aside. Funny thing, it took about two days for my shin to feel better from the wallop she gave me. I suppose I deserved it, but at the time it was a very funny moment.
  12. Tried to view shore excursions on our Jan cruise and the site just kept bouncing all over the place. I would bring up a port. It would stay for a moment and then revert back to the whole list. I'll just wait a couple of days to see if it gets fixed.
  13. All Florida sailings are 'probable' since the state of Florida has that no vaccine passport law.
  14. What about the Constellation? She is overdue for a drydock and upgrade. Sailing January 24th....I hope.
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