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  1. Baarrff !!! I did it for you. Today we went to Trader Joe's in Athens, GA (UGA area). The store requires masks and limits the number of customers at a time. They sanitize the carts after each use. I waited outside in the car while my wife shopped. I noticed a number of young people arrive with no masks in place. Just before they got in line, the mask popped out of their pockets. When some came out of the store, the mask went back into their pocket. Gee....that's nice...what about the people around you after you leave the store you dummies.
  2. Well, we in GA have been 'banned' from the NE for now (or you need to quarantine for 14 days). We live in a county with a low rate of infection - 300+ cases, 30+ hospitalized, 9 deaths - for a county of 69,000. But all around us other counties are blowing up with COVID. Two counties over is the biggest hot spot in GA. Next to us is Athens-Clarke county which is going way up due to the big parties with the under 35 group. Who knows whether or not UGA will have a football season with the new increasing infection rate. People have been very dumb about social distancing and masks...especially the under 35 group. They just seem not to care. In the news, there was a big family gathering in Atlanta two weeks ago. Thirty family members attended. Twenty-eight of them got COVID.
  3. We finally got the last refund from a March cancellation for a shore excursion. Now...if we can only cruise in November on the Harmony.
  4. IF you read what I wrote it says 'if an employee is missing pay', not that an employee is missing pay'.
  5. I disagree. Wirecard was contracted by RCI to pay its employees. If an employee is missing pay, Royal will be on the hook. I'm sure if the money is not found, the lawyers will have field day with all involved. We just don't know what is in the contract between Royal and Wirecard.
  6. The Miami Herald has just published an article that Royal's contracted employee payment company, Wirecard, has $2.1 billion dollars unaccounted for. Employees use Wirecard accounts to get paid and save. RCI could be on the hook for a lot of dollars if this gets nasty. It could have the potential to push Royal into Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Hope the auditors find the money and that everything will be OK.
  7. I forgot to list the source for the above Wirecard post: The Miami Herald, June19
  8. A new wrinkle in RCI finances. Information has just been released that the German company Wirecard cannot explain why $2.1 billion dollars is missing from their accounts. Wirecard is the company that RCI uses to pay their employees. Almost all the employees have Wirecard accounts, including savings accounts. I'm sure that if this gets nasty, RCI is going to be on the hook for some dollar amount as they are the ones that hired Wirecard. Note: Carnival does not use Wirecard.
  9. The virus hot points in FL include departure / arrival cruise ports.
  10. I hope so, but if this thing gets into 2021, I doubt it without Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
  11. I hope you are right. Since I own RCI stock, I keep an eye on it. Right now, the stock has the lowest rating...very bearish...that I have even seen for a stock.
  12. That is what Chapter 11 bankruptcy does...it restructures.
  13. I think this whole thing is going to lead the cruise lines into bankruptcy. How we will get our money back will be up to the judge. It will take years to get everything worked out. Newly formed cruise lines will appear. Maybe the same names with the same , but limited number of ships. We have only three cruises booked....thank goodness....November 2020, February 2021 and January 2022. The last two are with Celebrity. I just don't see how cruise lines are going to meet the CDC requirements and yet let the passengers have an enjoyable time on the cruise. If this all falls apart, we will be out about $4K. Many of you on this board might fare worse. Sorry for the downer post.
  14. Well, some good and bad news from my original post. We finally got our RCI refund...after 3 months. The bad news. My wife's favorite cat died suddenly of liver failure. Then she got clipped by a hit and run driver turning into the subdivision. Only the car was damaged, the wife is fine. The other driver crossed over a double yellow line at a high rate of speed. We do know the other vehicle was blue from the paint left behind. I think we will buy 10 lottery tickets and hope for the best. We need a cruise!
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