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  1. We've done one cruise with family, our mom, hubby and me, brother and his wife and daughter. One cruise with 4 other couples. Both those were a week. We also did a 2 week Hawaiian cruise with another couple. Best advice I'd second is talk it out beforehand like you did. We did the "we'll meet for dinner" as a minimum. We had planned excursions we all wanted to take, not everyone went on all of them. It was surprising how often we run into each other throughout the day.
  2. We did this cruise in 2018, are planning it again in 2023. I love sea days, were I can really just relax and unwind. I didn't get bored in the least. Hubby was OK, we were travelling with another couple and that helped. I think he could have gotten bored otherwise. There are lots of activities and I enjoyed them, he wasn't big on most of them. Just not his interests. If you like sea days, I think you'll be fine. I will second the reminder to have some warm clothes. We left out of Vancouver, and it was rainy and could those first few days out and then the last few back. I packed for Hawaii, had to buy a few warmer things onboard, and it wasn't a great selection.
  3. Or maybe people think they are good enough to keep around. Old isn't always bad, new isn't always better. We love Hawaii. We've done land vacations 5 times now, including our honeymoon, and one cruise RT from Vancouver. Planning another one in 2023 for our 30th anniversary. There is something about the scenery and just the feeling being there, it's hard to put into words. When we do another land trip someday, we'll probably skip Oahu since we've been there enough and seen the main sights. It's crowded and I think it's the most touristy island. My favorite thing there was doing ATV rides. I'm not a big beach person, I do like to snorkel. And just enjoy a more laid-back time.
  4. I had Chicken Pox twice. It's possible. I also know two people who have had COVID twice. They work at the coffee stand we go to. They thought they were immune, went to a party where someone was sick, and got it again. Both times they had symptoms.
  5. I haven't done a package yet, I might on my next cruise. That way, I can have a drink when I want without thinking about what it costs and what our final bill will be. I probably won't come out ahead on the deal, but that's OK.
  6. My husband and I both have co-workers who have come to work sick. They insist they feel fine, and that it's just allergies. One found out later they had strep throat and had been at work. Even when we had other co-workers who were undergoing medical treatments that lowered their immunity, one came in sick. The odd thing is that these are generally nice people in other ways.
  7. We did the cruise that leaves out of Vancouver BC in April a few years ago. It is a lot of sea days, which I love, it was a nice way to unwind before hitting the islands, and before getting back home as well. I agree with the comments that it's more about the cruise and less about Hawaii. We've been there on land vacations before, so that was fine with us. I would do it again.
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