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  1. Travelitis

    I don't understand!

    We're taking our family of 5 on CCL, but we had booked RCI LOS originally. School vacation dates changed, and the rates went way up. We were willing to pay more for RCI Voyager class, but there is a limit, and they have priced themselves way beyond our limit during school vacations. Now, when it's just the 2 of us and we can look for a better deal, we'll pay a little extra for RCI Voyager class (only). CCL offers an excellent value for the dollar, but we liked ice skating, mini golf, rock climbing, etc. plus the overall look of the Mariner much better. We cruise for the ship, ports being secondary. On RCI Voyager class, we don't need anything other than an inside, and we were staunch balcony snobs. The cabin was laid out better on RCI. On the Triumph the insides are smaller than the outsides, so it really felt like a sacrifice, plus there was no bridge cam on the TV to substitute for a window. That being said, we were pleasantly surprised with the Triumph and would sail her again, especially since we paid so much less. We like CCL enough to continue booking cruises, but we prefer RCI.
  2. A TA tried to persuade me to let him book us an HC cabin to get a bigger stateroom, and I not only declined, I took my business elsewhere. I felt it was unethical. Now I'm trying to get a cabin for my 16 yr. old son who is disabled from severe arthritis and who will have to travel with his scooter and a wc. We're booked for 11/09, and do you think we could get a HC cabin? Nope. None were available. Even if they are taken by HC passengers, that just shows an appalling lack of inventory and yet one more reason there is no way an AB should ever consider taking HC accomodations.
  3. Travelitis

    Autism anyone?

    LHP - My teen has Asperger's (high functioning). Do you tell the staff once you're on board so they can offer extra social assistance?
  4. Travelitis

    Never been on Carnival...

    The decor is much different on Carnival than on HAL and RCI, but you can google pics of the ships and see that. Keep in mind that CCL ships just don't look as good in pics as in person. HAL and RCI ships fare much better in pics. HAL's crowd is older because they don't cater to kids at all. RCI has the same kind of mix as CCL. It really depends on what RCI ship you've sailed as to how the CCL ship will compare. If you've been on Voyager Class ships, well, they are spectacular in comparison, but CCL is very comfortable and your cruise is FREE. It's hard to complain about that price. We prefer RCI Voyager Class ships - no competition, but the price/value of CCL can't be ignored. We can have fun on either line.
  5. Travelitis

    Who likes the singing waiters?

    No more tacky singing waiters, please! It's like really bad karaoke night in the dining room, only there's no hope that someone else will step up to the mic and rescue the audience. Our whole table on the Triumph didn't like it. The poor waiters have to act like they enjoy their musical humiliation which they get to reprise for early and late diners. The diners get to act like they've just been treated to top-notch entertainment. Well, at least it's an easy act for the real singers and dancers to follow. If we must have singing waiters, I move for it being cut back to 1 night.
  6. Travelitis

    Will buffets become a thing of the past

    There are many women who would throw a fit at the idea. I used to work check-in, and I can't imagine having to enforce that.
  7. Travelitis

    Handicapped Rooms Again...

    [quote name='briarjumper']My DW has had three heart attacks and suffers from COPD. She doesn't look disabled from just looking but she has trouble breathing when she has to do a lot of walking. You would not know that just from looking at her. She uses Oxygen at night and a CPAP machine. so you just can't tell by looking at a person.[/quote] Yes, she has hidden disabilities, but those disabilities don't require an HC cabin. I have a hidden disability, but I don't need HC facilities. There are plenty of disabilities that don't [I]need[/I] HC cabins. I'm very disappointed with CCL's HC cabins, and they do NOT relocate AB passengers if HC need the cabin. Go to the Disability boards, and you'll find that they talk the talk but don't walk the walk. RCI offers better HC cabins and is easier to work with. I have a disabled son who requires we travel with both a scooter and WC. RCI HC cabins have extra space to accomodate mobility devices, but CCL HC cabins are the same size with wider doors. We couldn't book an inside cabin, because the scooter just won't fit, not to mention the WC. I'd be happy to fill out medical forms to prove he needs an HC cabin IF the HC cabin were actually well-designed enough to be worthwhile. As it is, CCL HC cabins are a joke.
  8. Travelitis

    promotion code for military discount

    We just booked 3 cabins on the friends and family rate in May, and all they needed was the copy of the ID card faxed. That was all they needed the other 2 times we were on CCL. There is a site that has the military rates, so you can check them. I called CCL and had the rates within a dollar by using that site. If you google "military cruise", you'll find it, and it's probably the first site listed. I haven't used them to book, just to check rates, so I'm not recommending them. All I know is that their site gives accurate CCL military rates.
  9. Well count me in the vast minority I guess. I'll take my MP3 play list over the live band any day of the week. That's not saying I want to get rid of the live deck band, but I'd like less of it. I like the live band for sail away parties and in small doses, and then I hunt down some deck space where I don't have to be bombarded by their sounds and can either enjoy the sound of the wind and the ship plying the ocean or music I'd rather hear. I like it as an option, but I like some music-free pool zones too.
  10. Travelitis

    Inputs on TVs for portable DVD player?

    Can't say about the Elation, but we took our portable DVD on the Triumph, and we couldn't hook it up to the TV. I'm assuming that's what you meant - hook it up to the big TV to use as a DVD player.
  11. Travelitis

    How do you honestly feel about this...

    I think it's fabulous that you're assisting these ladies enjoy this vacation, and I was very taken aback that anyone, especially those in healthcare, would insinuate that perhaps they shouldn't take this vacation because of their disabilities. I have a disabled teenage son, and I assure you he can enjoy a cruise every bit as much as someone who can rock climb or dance all night. I would be happy to be on the same sailing with your party. However, I have just about no tolerance for poor table manners and regret I must confess I would not want to sit with or next to your party at dinner. There are disabilities that certainly limit one's ability to eat neatly, but I simply cannot stomach mouths open, smacking, and food dribbling. Although I sympathize and understand there is truly a reason for it, that doesn't change that I would not be able to be able to enjoy more than 2 bites of my own food. Therefore, I would suggest you request your own table by a window. Explain 2 members of your party have disabilities and have to wear bibs. That will say it all. I don't think an astute Maitre' D will need more info than bibs to understand he wants these folks on the perimeter, and you will get a coveted table with a view (a better perk at early dining).
  12. Travelitis

    CPAP (sleep apnea) machine???

    We took my dh's. Can't imagine how the folks in the cabins next to us could sleep through the snoring if we didn't. We forgot to pack distilled water so had to go to the infirmary, and they gave us some. I don't suggest this option, because they had to give us a whole gallon. We asked if they couldn't just open it there and pour out a little for us and keep the rest there, but they couldn't. I hate being wasteful.
  13. Travelitis

    Elation Questions

    You might want to check out www.cruiseclues.com. We went on the Elation and had alot of fun. I don't know that there is anything specific I have to say about this ship, though. I'm at the point that a cruise, is a cruise, is a cruise. The differences are minor. I love all cruises. I suggest you Google the ports and try looking at lonelyplanet.com and the ports section of cruisecritic. Have a wonderful cruise!
  14. I think grab bars for more but not all of the rooms. I'd like to see accessible cabins in more categories with triples and quads included. Even though my son has to travel with a scooter, I have mixed emotions about the scooter area. It could be great and would certainly be nice for my family. However, it could have drawbacks. I think you'd have to have a key card so only scooter owners would have access. Then they'd have to post they (the cruiselines) have no liability. It would take up space that is otherwise used as cabins, which means losing revenue. The space has to come from somewhere. This also might have the effect of encouraging more people to bring them, thus creating more demand for the scooter storage. Methinks the cruiselines might want to charge for this, especially as the demand grew. I don't like the idea of paying more the [I]priviledge :( [/I] of my son being disabled.
  15. Travelitis


    Having lupus, I wanted to reiterate there is no need to get the accessible cabin. Save that for someone who really must have it to cruise. They are too hard to come by. Being tired, stiff and sore from lupus is not the same as someone who is unable to walk 10 steps from their bed to the bathroom. Will you be taking a chair with you just in case? They could probably store this for you at the purser's desk. In any event, chairs fold easily to fit through doorways, and she'd be able to stand up and walk enough for the chair to be folded and taken inside the cabin, right? The bigger issue really sounds like the sun exposure, and an inside cabin might be the better choice for her.