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  1. I guess it depends on where. Alaska is probably at least late fall if not Spring 2022. Everyone should be able to have the vaccine by end of June so I would feel comfortable booking an ex-US August cruise other than Alaska. We have an Iceland/Europe Cruise booked for end of August that I think is probably 50/50.
  2. It is still confusing, in hotel-speak a "club" room implies access to a special lounge area.
  3. Use Alla tours for your St Petersburg excursions. You will get a better tour at half the price (see my review in my .sig). We loved the Getaway for that cruise.
  4. Maybe it is just me, but I would be proactive and call NCL.
  5. I meant the dueling Pianos and not the solo Piano bar guy. I disagree that Piano Man is one of the worst songs ever written though...my daughter is into K-Pop.
  6. Piano Bar trio last fall on the Getaway was far and away my favorite. I don't remember their names though 😞 .
  7. COVID 19 is now so out of control in the US that it probably doesn't matter since no country is going to allow ships full of American passengers without pre-quarantine until a vaccine is found. I suppose Pride of America could sail except there is no way Hawaii allows mainlanders either.
  8. $50K Pyramid or something similar like Catch Phrase.
  9. As long as they all do it, I guarantee their revenue will go up.
  10. So if every Casino was non-smoking you would quit gambling?
  11. I am not making blanket assumptions I am giving you a real world example where revenues went up because non-smokers started returning to bars and restaurants. Everyone had to comply so there wasn't an alternative. If you had a choice between not gambling or gambling while not smoking which would you do?
  12. Serious question? How would they know. The virus has entered the body of millions of people...is there some marker that shows how it was contracted?
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