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  1. He was really visible on our cruise, always talking to guests and helping when he could.
  2. If you go to the District and the Piano guy is playing (Jacob, he is quite good), please request Modern Love by David Bowie 🙂 . Back in August he said he would learn it before the next Cruise.
  3. We had a Spa Club Balcony on the Encore and it did not have a tub. We had a Haven Spa Suite on the Getaway and it had a nice tub very separate from the shower 🙂
  4. We got a 7 day out of LA in the Haven on the Bliss for less than $6K for two people.
  5. 3pm when there was too much fog in Venice to get to the port.
  6. It might be worth spending a little more for a Haven room, I am sure the restaurant would have been more accommodating.
  7. It was never crowded which was nice, I only saw one fight over a heated lounger.
  8. I seriously doubt it, last cruise they barely had Pai Gow (no side bets and was only open in the evenings).
  9. I have never seen one that didn't have the location on it but I have only seen local ones, so fine, just ask them where they were vaccinated. If they refuse to tell you then refer them to the feds because it is probably fake, if they tell you then verify. Again, I can't believe anyone would be dumb enough to use a fake vaccine card to go on a cruise but they already refuse to be vaccinated so I guess you never know.
  10. There is a sticker on the Vax card that shows where you got the shot, it would be very easy to verify. As for making example, speculation. People won't be going to jail but can probably expect a hefty fine and and be flagged for what they did which, among other things, would make them ineligible for things like TSA pre and global entry and should expect the third degree when crossing a border. I can't imagine why anyone would risk that although I can't imagine why someone wouldn't get the vaccine at this point anyway.
  11. If someone tests positive on the cruise you can be sure NCL will verify that they have been vaccinated, and yes if someone is caught the feds will try to make examples of them.
  12. The Marriott Waterfront is more than a half a mile from King Street Station, I wouldn't walk that far with luggage.
  13. Go to the Edgewater or Marriott and tip the bellman to call you a cab?
  14. It is Orange now (which is maybe what you meant 🙂 ).
  15. I have always had a good experience at Purple so your mileage may vary.
  16. My wife and I sail next week but we are going to the Edgewater tomorrow for happy hour to watch your cruise sail away.
  17. The CDC status of the Encore has been moved to Orange which is supposed to mean someone has COVID, have you heard anything on the ship?
  18. Yeah I noticed it was orange and edited my post, you replied too quickly 🙂
  19. It has been Yellow prior to sailing but it has been moved to orange.
  20. From reading the Dailies I am going to assume there is no Howling At The Moon on the Encore?
  21. Because NCL chose this dock (probably because it was somehow cheaper).
  22. That was my question as well, the excursion we booked says we get picked up at the pier.
  23. It looks like every ship sailing with pax is at least Yellow.
  24. I read somewhere that the weight limit is around 275. I would just try, worst case they will tell you to grab a drink and watch.
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