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  1. Hello all.


    We are looking to a cruise on Voyager of the Seas departing Hong Kong and our friends who want to go with us just came with a question that we never thought: is the food served essentially asian our do restaurants have international menus?


    Thank you all.

  2. Hello all.


    After some cruises with Costa, MSC and NCL we will try Carnival Vista in August / September.


    We are looking for a balcony for 2 adults and a 7 years old girl.

    What 's a Cove Balcony? Do you recommend any particular balcony location?


    Thank you all.

  3. This was our first “American “ cruise, tough we had tried NCL before in the Mediterranean.


    It was a good cruise but there were a lot of little things that were also a first experience and not a so good one.



    First the good things :


    pretty ship


    great shows ( After Midnight, Company Men, Brat Pack,... )


    very good food with lots of variety


    nice staff


    nice itinerary


    freestyle dining should be the rule everywhere


    cold milk easily available all day - love it



    Now the not so good stuff:


    2 hours to get on board ( new record for us) and we got to pier 4h30m before sail and exactly on time with the chosen slot with NCL


    On check in they couldn't register my credit card ( had used it fine until that morning around Miami since we arrived in US 2 days before) but let me in anyway ( even after I told them I only had a couple hundred dollars cash with me) and they quickly registered it on Guest Services after I boarded


    On registering the credit card , I associated my wife’s key and ghosted my daughter's - signed some paper for that; next day we got a letter suspending my wife's signing rights as she was cashless in her account ; another trip to guest services to find out they hadn’t associated my wife’s key to my CC but did it with my daughter's and this one was fully functional - at least they were quick


    On 2nd sea day I went to mini-golf for about 20-30 minutes; when got back to my chair, though my backpack with book and sun blocker was there, someone just had taken my towel ( first ever anywhere in the world for me)


    Why is every entertainment activity almost done like it was intended to be heard on the other side of the planet?!


    last night of the cruise we found out the watch my wife bought the day before wasn't working; went to the shop and hence it was a dead battery ; as they hadn’t a replace the decided they would give us an extra $10 discount - so far so good; when I got up at 7 AM to disembark and got the final statement on the cabin door, instead of giving me the credit, they had just charged another $80… nothing like a last rush to guest services before the 8:15 disembarkation tour for waking up!



    Was it a good cruise? YES


    Did we have fun? YES


    Will I repeat NCL in a near future? Probably NOT

  4. It is interesting to see another "Slam NCL" based thread.


    We were on the Star going to visit India and the same thing was happening on board by people who had got the wrong visa.


    They had applied for and received an eVisa which was not going to allow them off the boat. WHY, you ask? Because the application for an eVisa CLEARLY states that an eVisa is for arrival by AIR.


    They wanted to blame NCL for that fact when they had not bothered to read the instructions before filling out the application form.

    Do you mean that the ESTA I'll get to go by plane to the USA isn't enough for my cruise on NCL afterwards?

  5. Going on Escape next May with my wife and daughter theses stories make me worry a little. Me and my wife have only been once before on US soil, 8 years ago for a professional co convention. It will be my daughter's first visit. We will be applying for ESTA and thought that was just enough.

    Now I will certainly print every single document I get.

    I would also like to see that site with our travel info.

  6. Nothing I said showed any ignorance what-so-ever about kickball or anything else. One, I never discussed football, but my team is horrible this year, the Eagles. Boring (non)sport where you have to 1) kick a round ball, and 2) run. Gee no wonder so many people 'enjoy' it. Can some of those guys do some neat tricks with the ball, yep. Does that mean the game is exciting, well I guess if you think watching a freshly painted wall dry just in case a drip forms and runs down the wall. I am NOT a fan of kickball. Lame (non)-sport.


    And you insist in showing ignorance about football in particular and sport in general.

  7. I know a lot about football, not so much about professional kickball other than you have to be able to ruin and kick a round ball. Then if you mes sup some guy waves a credit card in your face. 90% (maybe even 95%) of the game is running for kicking the ball the length of the field only to have some guy do the same thing the other way. So little goes on other than anticipation that maybe someone will actually do something exciting if I watch long enough. BTW your fighting comment should be made about baseball. There are far more bench clearing brawls in baseball every than there are in hockey. Besides you have to have several real skills to play hockey. Lets see if you can figure them out on your own. Professional kickball is the lamest game ever and is only "popular" because anyone who had a ball of any type can play it without need for any other equipment. I do not agree with others who say low scoring is part of the problem, some of the best sporting events I ever saw ended a 0-0 tie, but to end a game on penalty kicks is absurd. That is all just dumb luck of the goal keeper guessing right. Might as well draw straws, flip a coin, or have a round of scissor/rock/paper.


    So, you confirmed that you are, not only absolutely ignorant about football, but also unable to understand something that you have watched more than once.

    You do know that "to be a sports fan" you need something more than "just sit and look at the screen, don't you?

  8. Depends on how one defines #1. Of course more people are going to play it simply because of the ease and low cost of getting into the game. You need a ball of tape and a place to run around endlessly kicking the ball back and forth. It is teh #1 most boring game in the world. While it does have a VERY few exciting moments in a 1½ hour game (waaaaaaay too long), basically it is watching one guy kick a ball all the way down the field only to watch another guy kick it back ( or run it one way and back). The skill you have to have to play, 1) run, and 2) kick a round ball. Woo Hoo!

    So you really know almost zero about football.


    Almost like if I said ice hockey is a bunch of testosterone folks who use something that slides as an excuse to get in legal fights without cops showing up.

  9. Hello all.

    I'm an European Union citizen sailing from Miami next May.

    Me, wife and daughter are under the Visa Waiver Program.

    Do you think we might get those 2-3 hours when we arrive in Miami airport or after our Eastern Caribbean cruide in Miami port to go through Customs/Immigration?

    We are very excited with this cruise but there is still time to search another one if we are supposed to get stuck all that time just for Immigration.


    Thank you for your time.

  10. Though we have a few cruises on our backs we have never been offered upgrades/upsells.

    We booked through an online TA our next cruise (May 2017). When should we try contacting NCL for one of those? For the right price we might want to try Heaven... Can our contact be made by email? We live in Portugal and I'm not sure 1-800 numbers can be contacted from international calls.

  11. Looked in to and and decided to do it on ship much much cheaper and no risk thanks for the input



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    Did you call NCL for the info?

    Our cruise next year will be sort of a 10th anniversary honeymoon and I just thought it would be a nice surprise for the wife of we renewed ours on-board.

  12. Now I was planning on doing it in May so it wouldn't be during hurricane season would that make a difference?



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    I'm no expert but like someone said before, if you have to be somewhere in a specific date, cruise ship is not the most guaranteed option.


    Isn't it possible to get married on-board?

  13. Hello all.


    Me, my wife and almost 6 years old daughter will likely be in our first Caribbean cruise onboard the Escape.

    We are looking for a Balcony but at the moment there are several cabin choices. Is there any we should definitely look for or any we should run away from.


    Thank you for your help.

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