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  1. Just to make a final update: my insurance had some small print stating that it doesn't cover stolen electronics and a few other things from luggage...

  2. I don't say it's MSC fault. It was my fault for leaving it there. I just think it would be nice to hear a simple and nice word from them. Nothing else.

  3. I don't expect MSC to do nothing. They simply don't care. It could have been stolen onboard and it would just be nice if they just had a simple word before the end of the cruise. It was my fault I forgot it in the suitcase but I am forced to trust them with my luggage. If I missplace a pool towel or a table tennis gear they say they will charge me... If they missplace somehing from my luggage I cannot charge them.


    I always have my valuables including electronics on me, in my handbag which I never let out of my sight. Putting theft aside, wit all the scuffs, sharpest and dents I've accumulated on my cases, I'm more worried things will get broken.


    I share your thoughts.

    First time I forgot taking any electronic, valuable or important document with me...

    Broken stuff is more likely with the treatment luggage gets.

  5. That's horrible. Not a great start to a vacation. Surely MSC have come back to you in some fashion?

    Sadly no. Never heard a word from them after my complaint.


    Luckly that was the only really downside of the Cruise.

  6. Hi all.


    Onboard MSC Preziosa I was for the first time robbed on a Cruise. We boarded last Friday in Marseille and ckecked in our luggage. When it got to our cabin our tablet, that I forgot to take out before sending the luggage, was missing.

    I talked in Guest Service but I think nothing was even tried.

  7. We are sailing out in April. May just bite the bullet and get a taxi. I know it is more expensive, but don't fancy 20 mins walk with cases. Do you now if the taxi takes you to the checkin hall or just to the port gates?


    3 years ago they took us right next to the check-in hall

  8. I know from past experience that they do not make e-tickets available until close to sailing date.



    MSC is a very strange company.


    My first MSC Cruise was booked through a Portuguese online agent and even though I had already paid my reservation months before sailing I was never able to get into my online account on the MSC website but got the e-tickets 2 months before sailing.


    My second MSC Cruise was booked through a British online agent and even before I made final payment I was able to get on my account on MSC UK and check everything but only got e-tickets 1 week before sailing and after a couple of e-mails exchange with the agent... everything went fine but it was a little worrying.


    This next cruise with MSC was booked again with our Portuguese online agent. Never could get into MSC account and a month away from our sailing there are still no e-tickets. On the onlilne agent everything checks, even a last week tour booking through MSC. Let's see how it goes...


    At least we love their cruises ;)

  9. One of our options, if MSC doesn't provide auch excursions is to arrange aprivate one that could take us to Aix-En-Provence and then leave us at the airpor. We will have aroun 5 hours to do that? Do you think it's possible? Do you recommnend any operator?


    Thank you.

  10. Hi all,


    Is Valencia doable by ourselves?

    We've 2 adults + 1 child (4y).

    We want to get a glimpse of the Town and somehing more if someone recommends. We don't want to visit the Aquarium as we will already be visiting Genoa's previously on our cruise.


    Thank you all!

  11. Hi all.


    Before our next cruise we will a couple of days around Marseille with a rented car. Is there any rent-a-car near the português where we can leave the car or is better to leave it in the city center and get a táxi afterwards?


    Thank you all.

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