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  1. Hello everyone. We are arriving to Miami 2 days before our cruise. We are 2 adults + 1 child (4 years). Where do you think we should look for an hotel? We've never been to Miami and would like to take a look around before embarking.


    Thank you all.

  2. Hello everyone.


    Me my wife and my 4 years old daughter just had a very nice cruise on Divina but, to be honest, we got a little disappointed (probably due to too high expectations from our previous Preziosa cruise).


    The ship is beautiful, always clean, and some places are just shinning.

    The shows were very good though they either "acrobatics"/"dancing" or "singing"/"dancing" but with very good performers specially the singers Samantha and Rodrigo and the strength acrobatic duo (I can't recall their name's now).

    The animation team was great and their performance pre-nightshow was very entertaining and really funny.

    The Kid's Club team was also great and this was the first time are daughter stayed with this sort of group being her only portuguese speaker which makes things a little bit more challenging.

    Food was typical mediterranean was I would rate them median except for the Pizza's that were very good. We didn't starve but I would acknowledge that some people could get a little disappointed specially because the buffet got a little bit repetitive during these 10 days (the MDR had always different dishes on the other hand).

    We had a balcony on the 10th with a sofa bed and we found it quite spacious comparing with the only balcony experience we had (Norwegian Epic) - maybe because of it's configuration.

    Unfortunately other things disappointed us:

    - we found the bar and restaurant quite slow even for a cruise ship (but always very nice everyone)

    - the photo team was a little bit annoying, always trying to get a picture when inside the ship

    - they have an inside pool but (I still can't figure it out today) they for the first 6 or 7 days of the cruise they insisted in having the rooftop open, so it created a draft with the doors also opened that made it quite chilly - they ended up closing it for the last 3 or 4 days and then it got much better.


    Finally 3 thing that I won't forget:

    1 - first night on board: we caught the worst weather ever on board a cruise ship; rough sea and wind made them cancel the night show and during the night we woke up thinking we're going to fall from the bed and with 2 water bottles falling from the table (we found out next day that some people slept near the reception fearing for the rough sea)


    2 - second night on board: had the pleasure of watching a thunder storm on sea; I love thunders and always dreamt of seeing them on sea - just beautiful


    3 - on disembarkation morning: we got the info the night before that they requested us to leave room at 8:30; we overslept a little and at 8:40 the attendant was knocking on our door; I answered it and I found out the most unpleasant and rude person I ever found on a cruise ship; while I apologized and said we would be out in 10' he kept screaming that it was already 8:40 and he wanted to clean - 10' isn't definitely reason for such a behaviour and for the first time I'll complaint about a particular employee .



    Measuring everything it was a very nice cruise and I would definitely recommend it.

  3. Hello all.

    Though we have cruised before a few times we are now planning our first cruise in the Caribbean. There will be two adults and a 5 years old.


    We will be arriving from Europe and hope to visit Miami for a couple of days before cruising.

    Do you recommend any particular cruise line? We have tried MSC, Costa and NCL and foynd all interesting in their own way.


    Thank you all.

  4. Our other ports are Lisbon, Vigo, La Coruna and Madeira. I know there is a big aquarium in Lisbon that we may visit but if anyone has any suggestions for here or the other ones that would be great!




    In Lisbon I can recommend you Oceanário (the large aquarium) in Parque das Nações or the Zoo (our 3 years old daughter loves to visit everytime we go to Lisbon). I think she might enjoy it more.

    In Vigo a visit the Cies Islands is very nice. You just need to check if the time allows it. In Madeira you can't miss the Fish Market.

    I hope you enjoy your cruise and my country.

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