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  1. Hi all.


    I find it a little bit strange that somrone gets upset because someone else got lucky with an invest/contract (buying a cruise holiday) they made and that didn't had nothing to do with someone' s else contract.


    I never got a free upgrade in any of my holidays but those I met who had one just made me happy for them.


    It's simply sad that one would stop buying something they loved (YC) just because someone else had it for a best price.


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  2. Hello Celeste.


    We sailed last year with MSC Preziosa with our 3 years old daughter.

    We found it great for all of us. Concerning our daughteer it had a nice children's playground and a grat water zone for her to fool around.

    During meal time almost everyone was very kind and tried to "please" her.

    We didn't find any particular dificulties moving around.

  3. Jusr found out yesterday that I can buy from vivavoyage.co.uk. There price for my cruise is almost 20% less than buyong here in Portugal. Do you recommend them? My wife is a little bit cautious because it might not be easy to handle any problem that might come up as we are a little bit far away from UK.


    Thank you all.

  4. Those cabins keep not showing here in Portugal. Maybe because they only have a few for the Barcelona departure...


    Can I ask you a favour: could you do a dummy booking for the Rome departure on the 26th September for 2 adults and a child (4yo) in a Fantastica Balcony to check the price and to see if I can call my TA so that he can try to pressure from here...


    Thank you again.

  5. The booking we are looking at for B2 cabins only shows us here in Portugal 5 cabins available, all in deck 10. Is this possible more than 9 months before sailing? Does anyone gey more choices in other countries? Our sailing is on 30th September from Barcelona (10 night roundtrip).

    Thank you.

  6. ppoints.jpg"]ppoints.jpg[/url]


    Sorry for interrupting your explanations but how does 93 night points plus 43 bonuses points add up to your 137 points? Shouldn't it be 136? They do end up getting things right but it's really not easy for them ;)

  7. They do have some 2-seater but even if you request you aren't guaranteed one. I was onboard Preziosa last June and the way they handled the seating requests is the only really disappointing thing I found.

  8. Thank you for your replies.


    We have to think well...

    We love the look of the ships and they have one or two itineraries that interest us.

    So far the only drawback is the German only language... Let's see if we can cope with it.

  9. Thank you steamboats.


    Concerning the language: do they give information in any other language? Do they have something like a daily brochure in anything besides German?


    When you say all the food is buffet style, do you mean they don't have the usual MDR with A La Carte menu?


    Thank you.

  10. Hello all.

    We are considering an AIDA cruise for next year and we are wondering how would we feel since we don't s speak German...

    Are their ships children-friendly? We will be travelling with our 3 years old daughter.


    Thank you all.

  11. We've always looked for a cruise in the fjords and next year we find one that might be for us.

    But we are wondering if it's possible to enjoy such trip with a 4 year old or should we wait a few more years and just stay in a more usual destination like the Mediterranean...


    Thank you all.

  12. Hi.

    I disembarked in Venice last Saturday.

    We requesteda change for the latest disembark time (10h15).At 9h55 we were at the meeting point onboard and at 10h25 we were near the taxi rank waiting for our previously booked airport transfer. Everything went smoothly. I don't know about those who had earlier times...

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