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  1. Thank you earn for the info. Excellent news for us... I'm sure she will certainly prefer the pull down bed.


    GOLDENBONNY: our cabin is an interior one and apparently it doesn't have a sofa bed; that would be more than enough... we will get around with the pull down since it has the rail.


    Thank you both.

  2. Well... We called MSC requesting the extra single bed or the cot and were told that it was only possible to put a cot and only if it was available on at check in when we should request it again.

    Hope it will go the right way.

  3. Hi all.


    We booked an inside cabin for Preziosa for both of us and our almost 3 years old daughter.

    We got assigned a Wheelchair Accessible one that I found that has a Pullman bed for the 3 rd passenger... Do you know if MSC provides rail protections or if it is possible to request a cot bed for her?


    Just one other question: do you know if the soup the usually serve during meals is cream soup or is it one of those watery soups?



    Thank you all.

  4. Hello everyone.


    It is going to be our second time in Izmir and we have some doubts about what to do.

    We have been to Ephesus before.

    What do you recommend? Stay onboard and enjoy a less crowded ship or try out the city or something else? Last time we barely looked at Izmir as we got onboard in Kusadasi .


    Thank you all.

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