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  1. Spent 16 nights last month of the Preziosa from Italy to Brazil. A fantastic ship.

    Plenty of information to pass on if needed.




    Me, my wife and 3 years old daughter will be on board it next June.

    Can you tell me anything about the children's facilities? Pool?

    What do you think of the MDR and the buffet?


    Thank you.

  2. Hello everyone.


    Me and my wife rarely drink alchool. Do you know of any non alcholic drinks package for adults im Mediterranean cruises?

    Also, our daughter will be 2 years and 23 nonth old on our next cruise. If we buy Allegrissimo for us will she need to have the child one too?


    Thank you all.

  3. Hello everyone,


    I've just booked an inside cabin for me , my wife and our 2,5 years old daughter on MSC Preziosa.

    When I aws ckecking the cabin number they assigned us I realized it was an Handicapped cabin. It's great that it is a larger one but shouldn't these cabins be reserved for the really handicapped who can't managed around a smaller "regular" inside cabin?


    Do you think it's likely they will contact us to change cabin?


    Thank you.

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