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  1. Anyone on or just off Journey. Are there alarm clocks in stateroom. Am asking as on Transalantic and many time changes. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thank you. Just sent a email.
  3. scorpio123456


    Is it possible to request a low sodium diet on Journey. Ask this as always get swollen feet on a cruise and suspect it’s too much salt.
  4. Anyone know if you can have late checkout at Miami’?
  5. Just back from cruise on Edge had IV cabin. Enjoyed it. But would not pay the extra cost as it is a ocean view with a widow that opens. You don’t get the balcony experience, sound of waves wind in you hair sun on your face.
  6. I am on Meraviglia in January travelling solo. Think all MSC need to do is in program state a time venue and all solo, or people who want a chat can meet up..
  7. Looked at Rome2rio app seems to be just the thing to get you around in places you are not familiar with. Thanks for recommendation.
  8. Thank you sooo much for all your hard work posting your experiences, feel as if I am there with you. Will be sorry when it comes to end as look forward to seeing what you are up to. Must say Norway is wonderful whatever the weather. The rain and mist just add to the atmosphere. Did a walk halfway down the train ride, weather changed and ended up walking down in almost a river along the path. Still you get wet you get dry. Enjoy your last few days. D
  9. Am going on reverse TA in March 2019. Will be good to have preview on Tuesday.
  10. Does anyone have any info on where we can park At Southampton for ships visit 31st July All I can find is long term parking. Thanks
  11. scorpio123456


    is there a list of ports in which Azamara has shuttles?
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