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  1. Remember, your baby can’t enter pools or hot tubs, not even the family pools. Must be toilet-trained.
  2. Silver lining? Maybe cruise lines will now empower staff to enforce rules about diapers and those who need them not getting in pools and hot tubs.
  3. No diapers, and no one who needs them, allowed.
  4. I don't believe that a one-year-old is toilet-trained. And neither does anyone else.
  5. If your 15-month-old is potty trained, you need to sell that secret and buy a ship for yourself. Your baby shouldn't be in any pool at all on board any ship, only the splash zones and the like. Those are ONLY for non-trained kids in swim diapers, so if you have two kids it will be hard to supervise both at once.
  6. If by Amber Cove you mean the beach...your non-trained child can go in the ocean water. But not in any cruise ship pool, not even the "family" pool. As far as I know, Carnival doesn't have the splash zones -- those are not pools, just wet areas with sprayers and sprinklers and so forth -- for non-trained children; they must wear swim diapers in these splash zones and children who ARE trained aren't allowed in them, making it difficult if not impossible for one parent to supervise two children at once. And yes, the rule is enforced, and if it isn't it should be, for the sake of your own childre
  7. Are you saying you had a one year old son who was toilet trained and entered the cruise ship pool?
  8. Anybody here, including cruise line employees, who can talk about the rules of cruising pregnant?
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