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  1. I don't believe that a one-year-old is toilet-trained. And neither does anyone else.
  2. If your 15-month-old is potty trained, you need to sell that secret and buy a ship for yourself. Your baby shouldn't be in any pool at all on board any ship, only the splash zones and the like. Those are ONLY for non-trained kids in swim diapers, so if you have two kids it will be hard to supervise both at once.
  3. If by Amber Cove you mean the beach...your non-trained child can go in the ocean water. But not in any cruise ship pool, not even the "family" pool. As far as I know, Carnival doesn't have the splash zones -- those are not pools, just wet areas with sprayers and sprinklers and so forth -- for non-trained children; they must wear swim diapers in these splash zones and children who ARE trained aren't allowed in them, making it difficult if not impossible for one parent to supervise two children at once. And yes, the rule is enforced, and if it isn't it should be, for the sake of your own children and everyone else. And if it isn't, other folks will see that it is, I promise.
  4. Are you saying you had a one year old son who was toilet trained and entered the cruise ship pool?
  5. Anybody here, including cruise line employees, who can talk about the rules of cruising pregnant?
  6. Are you aware that babies/children in diapers of any kind (including "swim diapers") are by law forbidden to enter cruise ship pools and hot tubs, even "family" pools and hot tubs? No one in a diaper, and no one needing a diaper of any kind, no one not completely toilet-trained, is allowed in.
  7. Will your non-toilet-trained child be in a pool or hot tub with a swim diaper? Because that is against the established rules designed to protect your child and everyone else. I don't think anyone here has been "rude or downright mean." I think folks who announce their intentions to violate health and safety policies are worse than "rude or downright mean."
  8. The rules come from the Centers for Disease Control's Vessel Sanitation Program (CDC/VSP). All the cruise lines must adhere. The rule is, no diapers of any kind (including "swimmers," cloth diapers, Depends, "pull-ups," etc.). NO DIAPERS. The other part of the rule is, no one who NEEDS diapers of any kind. If your kid isn't COMPLETELY toilet-trained, they can't get in the pool. Period. It doesn't matter if you disagree with it, doesn't matter if you don't like it, doesn't matter if your tot cries about it, doesn't matter how much you paid for your child to cruise, doesn't matter if you have a doctorate in microbiology or if you are absolutely convinced that your child doesn't poop and even if he or she does, it is the crystalline pure poop of the gods. Follow the rule. Everyone knows that a child who can neither walk nor talk isn't toilet-trained and many aren't even after they acquire these preliminary skills. Just. Obey. The. Rule. If you don't want to obey the rule, stick to land-based vacations with different rules until you can. I for one will rat you out if I see you violating this rule because it is a health and safety rule.
  9. It's not just the diapers that are forbidden. Non-toilet-trained people are forbidden.
  10. I hope VERY. Many of us are happy to rat you out when we see you.
  11. You mean “plan ahead on how to break the rules and ignore the knowledge others have gathered.”
  12. It’s not just diapers — including “swim” diapers — that are forbidden. Those not completely toilet-trained are not allowed in any pool or hot tub, including family facilities. The rule applies to you and your child. Doesn’t matter if the diaper doesn’t show. She isn’t trained and shouldn’t go there. Period.
  13. Disney does indeed restrict diapered and non-toilet trained children from many water features on their ships. Your 15mo child is not by any stretch completely toilet-trained and everyone knows this. There are fellow cruisers who WILL call this to the attention of security/medical/pool staff; I’m one of them.
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